Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Special Anointing

On November 6, 2012, the night of our presidential election, I felt a shift in the spiritual realm, as if something had locked into place, as if something very important had changed. I began to inquire of the Lord as to what the feeling meant, but until today, He has been silent. As I went before Him today and inquired again, He spoke the following message.

There has indeed been a shift in the realm of the spirit, My Daughter, and many of My people have felt it. The time upon you all is a grievous one, full of perils and dangers and you must be ever aware as days pass, for the danger increases as you go. The Evil One roams about, seeking whom he may devour and My people are his target.

There remains a little time yet before My Son's return to the earth, and many may yet repent and be saved. I desire My people would be about the business of saving the lost. Yes, it is My spirit that saves them, but it is My people who tell them of Me, of My Son's work on the Cross. To My people have I given the work of evangelizing the world with the glorious gospel and at no time is it more imperative than the time you live in, My children.

You will now see an increase in My Word coming to pass in the earth. You will see more and more of the signs of My Son's return around you. Look up and know your redemption draweth nigh as you observe these signs, My children, and know there is now no time for play. You must be about your Father's business in the earth. The time is very short now when the lost may still be saved.

(In my spirit I saw large earthquakes, people dying of terrible diseases, huge  storms that kill many)

The signs of My Son's return abound around you, but the lost do not know how to recognize them. I now release a special anointing on My people to go forth and spread the gospel like never before. Now as this anointing spreads throughout the earth, you will see thousands saved where before you saw tens. You will see masses come to know Me in a short time where before there were none. You will see My anointing at work, making your task of evangelizing easier and more effective than ever before. Do not waste this precious gift, My children, but go forth and use it while it is available to you.

There is no task more important than telling the lost of My Son's work at the Cross and seeing souls saved. There is no labor more precious to Me. There is no cause more dear to My heart. Why do you waste precious time on useless projects I have not assigned to you? You know the work you are to be about. Do it.

I reward those whose hearts are for the lost.

1 Peter 5:8: Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

Mark 16:15: And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

Matthew 16:27: For the Son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with his angels; and then he shall reward every man according to his works.


Bonnie said...

Thank you for posting this word, Glynda. The Lord has been telling me for a while now to pray for the lost and that is the task He has appointed me. Praise the Lord for His special anointing for evangelism! We have much to look forward to with many coming into His Kingdom before times runs out.

Brandy said...

Although I didn't feel the shift like you, I did know that something significant had changed. There has even been a shift in my focus in ministry. Not so much a change, instead it's a return to what it was and should have remained.

Although I'm growing in this area, I've not yet learned to hear God as clearly as you, so I've been watching your blog closely each day, waiting to see what He's shared with you about what shifted. Thank you for being faithful to share. said...

Thanks, Glynda,

yesterday , I began to have a sore,scratchy throat and cold,,,,,,,,,I took authority over it, by quoting the WORD OF GOD,,,,,BY HIS STRIPES I AM HEALED,,,,,,,I rebuked, healed, trampled, and cast it out,,,,I PRAISED CHRIST FOR ALL HE HAS DONE FOR US!,,,,,,,,and it's much better now, PRAISE CHRIST!........PRAISE JEHOVAH-JIREH! (THE LORD WILL PROVIDE),,,,,,,,PRAISE EL SHADDAI! (GOD ALMIGHTY)........THANK CHRIST FOR THE KEYS TO THE KINGDOM!.......MATTHEW 16;19........18;18............

godsfingers said...

Good morning Glynda,

Yes, I,too,felt the silence and the enemy, again, tried to kill me with an illness, but God's Grace and purpose prevails.

The Lord spoke a number of times, quite clearly, that the Nov6 elections were to be a measure of the heart of America. God had already chosen the person, appointed to carry out His judgements, but each man and woman was to measure their hearts and vote God's Word and heart, not the "lesser of two evils". God had already said that the die was cast, search your hearts.

Yet, as proven out, there were/are those that were more than willing to compromise God's Word, who were willing to accept and embrace that which is clearly against God to try to overthrow that which God had already ordained. And to that effect cast their faith to the wind, giving themselves over to the enemy of God.

When the Graham ministries removed their warnings that Mormonism is a dangerous cult, and embraced it as "christian", they moved into the realm of the lawless, compromising the Word of God for the world. If I recall correctly, over 6 million so called "evengelical christians" voted for Barack Obama. While those that heard God and remained steadfast voting God's Word are now being castigated as trouble makers and somehow being obama supporters.

God spoke clearly and succinctly before the election not to worry about "stuff", don't worry about what you will eat or what you will wear. He will provide. He has been preparing us for such a time as this and He is not slack about it.

Weep not for America. A brief respite is coming, a great flood of lost people, needing guidance and direction is coming. The time you have been prepared for is coming and is here, to minister to the lost and hurting. A cataclysm is coming such as no man has ever seen and the needy will be many. There is no time left for seeking the future, focus your eyes on the present, who and what I put before you. I will reward you, I will bless you abundantly, I will provide what you need when you need it. Weep not for America, you are citizens of heaven. She has walked away and now will serve my purpose, to my ends. Though she thinks she is her own, I have a greater plan.

Serve me, look to me, embrace me and I will surround you with my presence to the very end.

RuthY said...

Yes Glynda, I felt the shift the next morning in the spirit realm. Even told friends of this happening. It began with a depression over the results of the election. But I finally broke through that. A few day's later went out to do my shopping and everywhere I went I felt resistance, opposition and darkness. I knew right from the start what it was. I felt like I was surrounded by darkness. All I wanted to do was get home where the light was. Thank you for being obedient to that word you received as it confirmed what I was experiencing.

Stephen peter said...

I believe ) John 5;43 was fulfilled on 6th of Nov
I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.
75% of Jews and 6 million Christians voted for Obama. Tribulation is at the door youd have to be spiritually blind not to see that. Persecution soon

greenvalleyhsers said...

My husband is a pastor and we are really struggling financially, down to not knowing how to feed and clothe the kiddos. We've been praying about what to do, if he gets another job, he won't have nearly as much time to do ministry. And he and an elder have developed a whole gospel/discipleship presentation and are being asked to go and present it. People are getting saved and returning to the Lord through it. I've been feeling like the ministry is important, because time is so short, but it's hard as a mom not to know how to take care of my family. Your post confirms what my soul is telling me, that sharing the gospel is more important than material things. But it is hard when everyone around us still has what they need. Praying for the strength to keep doing what I think God is calling us to do. Thank you so much for sharing what God is telling you.

kdc, that's me said...

How can I get in touch with you, I can and will help. I can give you no assurance of my legitimacy other than my word.

Apostle Melinda Williams said...

I am in uk based in the physical but I am fully aware that this shift has increased in the spiritual realm and I feel that we need to sound alarms wherever we sent.... No more diluted gospel and truth must prevail out our mouths..... Yes we struggle to out clothes on children and food on table but this is a sacrifice we are living sacrifices ....I gave up my job as a full time nurse to go back to the word and hearing from God with my two children and I am only going to be working in the vineyard not held back by worlds ways and doctrine.... Just like the fisher men we go out to cathch sould in ready for that marriage supper ...... See you thre remnants continue to press and support one another with sharing what we have like the acts of the true apostles you will see who are your body parts in this great separation of wheat and tare