Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Time of Great Sorrow

My people are in a state of waiting. You wait and watch for you know My judgments are coming and will be upon you. Some of you have prepared as I have led you and others have not.  You will fare well as long as you have prepared your hearts.

A time of great sorrow approaches, My people. A time when none of you will be sure where to turn or what to do. You must keep  your mind and your eyes fixed on Me as it approaches and encompasses you, for this is what is truly necessary.

My people will grieve as never before in this time, for the things that will be done to you and the things you will see.  Remember the joy of your salvation and it will succor you in these times, for truly there will be little around you that will bring you joy.

I instruct you in these things now that you may tell  your  brothers and  sisters, and that you may remember them in the times coming, and survive them.

Endure until the end, My precious children, for I  long to share eternity and all the glory of heaven with you!

1 Peter 4:7:  But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.

Isaiah 26:3: Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

Matthew 24:7-8:  For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. 8 All these are the beginning of sorrows.

Psalm 35:9:  And my soul shall be joyful in the Lord: it shall rejoice in his salvation.

Matthew 24:13:  But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.


kisskissbang91 said...

I have recently felt that terrible things are about to take place... but im wondering just what kind of things will we have to endure, and for how long before the rapture?

Daniel said...

Has God revealed to you whether the beast is about to receive the fatal head wound that's going to be healed?

Ariel said...

I have been feeling this for awhile now. My challenge - from a biblical point w/love is to study out the Prophetic Significane of Johnathan Kahns Key Note Address at the Inaugural Prayer Breakfast. Today is the 22nd anniv of Gulf War 1. Feb 12th will be the (lunar) 9year 11 mos anniv of Gulf War 2. Obamas inauguration is 22 days before his State of the Union Speech. He is using the MLK and Lincoln Bible. Its a time to pray for our nation. These are not just random numbers or events. God is trying to get our attention as a Nation.

Much Love, Ariel

Ariel said...

God is trying to get our attention as a nation...consider the following - Today is the 22nd anniv of Gulf War 1. Jan 22nd is the 40th Anniv of Roe vs Wade. The Inauguration will include the MLK and Lincoln Bibles. Johnathan Kahn who wrote the 9 Harbingers will be the KEYNOTE speaker at the Inauguration Prayer Brkfst.
Feb 12th State of the Union will be 9yrs llmos after Gulf War 2. These numbers and events are not coincidences. Pray for our nation.

jasonswofford said...

I have another friend who also posts when God gives him a word for us, and whenever I wake up and there is an email from both of you in my inbox, especially when it has been quiet for a week or so, the messages always have a common theme-God is speaking through you all trying to tell us something. This morning his started this way:

"This is a season of waiting. For very soon those things that I have mentioned about, will be within view. For...the words have been spoken. The warnings have been given..."

It's beautiful/amazing how God speaks to different people on the same day about the same thing so that we hear his message - but I also love how you each are given a different part of it - because you each go on to explain something different about the waiting. Thank you for sharing with us! Though I am trying not to be fearful about what is coming - it is hard to wait and wonder how it will play out.

Deirdre said...

Amen. Many have had this word spoken to them for quite some time. But the message continues and the important part of it is; You individual, hear the voice of the LORD. HE does speak to all HIS children, so it is important you listen for HIS voice concerning your life. HE may want you to prep. HE may want you to sell all and wait for HIS provision. Not every word is for all. But yes, a great time of sorrows is already here, because the verdict has been given. YAHWEY have mercy on us all and please even though we don't deserver it, please give us grace to endure now and in the days to come. Amen.
Glynda, YAHWEYS blessings to you. Praying you have a continuous recover!

anita ivette ferrer said...

Dear Sister, is this message for lukewarm Christians and the ones who are Not walking with Him? It seems a bit harsh for those who have been supping and worshiping Him. There are a few prophetic sisters On FACEBOOK who tell us Abba said they will be communing in one of the Apostolic Hubs, (Places of refuge) for when the catastrophe's hit, the anarchy/rioting starts & the martial law. Many of us are packing & waiting for Abba to lead us where to go. The leaders who are given Abba's vision are very excited and joyful about being in such a wonderful place full of His Holiness & love.

I pray that this word is not for the faithful. We DO know that great sorrow is coming. We can only pray that Abba would be merciful that we should be counted worthy not to suffer such atrocities. Bless you, my dear sister & I will pass this on my FACEBOOK page. Bless you for your faithfulness to him. Amen! Maranatha, come quickly Lord Jesus.

Theron Worden said...

This is the time to pray & watch for our Salvation to come. We need to beware of satan's lie's. He will use his rule over God's people. But we will overcome his lie's if we stay in Christ. We will be victorius. Be watchfull alway's. In Jesus name Amen!!

godsfingers said...

I've come under some grief for posting my suspicions that Sandy Hook was a hoax or the very least perpetrated by the central government to achieve what they want. These are evil times we are in and the evil continues to grow. These times are fast upon us.

Anita, these times will be around us, possibly immerse us, but will not touch us, we who have prepared our hearts and minds as He has directed. If you can envision yourself walking in the midst of a growing mound of bodies broken and torn, sirens blaring, other's sitting destitute and broken and you are powerless to help them because you, yourself have nothing in hand. But God has provided your nourishment and sustenance. The sorrows are all around you, but your joy still comes from and is within Him. You were prepared for such a time as this.

kisskissbang91 said...

But how does one properly prepare?

kisskissbang91 said...

But how does one properly prepare? Is it going to be years of sorrows or just a short time?

Daniel said...

@kisskissbang91, I don't think the Bible specifies. It just says in 2 Thessalonians 2 that the man of sin will be revealed before we're gathered together unto Jesus. That could be a week, months or years. But, Jesus in Matthew 24, Matthew 10, Mark 13, and also Revelation 13 does say that Believers will suffer at the hands of the antiChrist.

Daniel also says it repeatedly in his prophecies about the beast. Check Daniel chapters 7, 8, 11:31-45 and also chapter 12.

Even so, come Lord Jesus. Cover us with Your Blood until then.

sarge said...

in hebrews chptr 10 and 11 and 10:34 they had joy, lost their rights, businesses and homes etc during persecutions and followed the same path as ever the path to follow was, they remained with eyes upon the Lord and things above. The path never changes although the outward circumstances may. Walk by faith, not external circumstances. Preparing is beyond a duration of time, but prepared to remain fixed on the Lord and finish the race. And sorrow or no sorrow or why sorrow but maybe for those gone astray etc. Rejoice, joy, and love, and works of the gospel, things to do and uses in the kingdom and bought with a price we're not our own but His own possession and He has all things about us all the way.

We can also stop and rethink, why am I preparing, to save my life? then we have to be very careful as that can replace eyes on the Lord and lead to acting from fear and other snares of not trusting and relying on the strength and means and reasonings of ourselves etc. Just things to consider but prepare physically as led, or not, but always and firstly spiritually and the things eternal, which last forever!

Jesus Christ is the way, the path, and the path is always the same no matter what's going on. Prepare to remain on Him and growing further, prepare to finish the race, go all the way til the end, whenever eachs end might be, have joy, His love doesn't fade in the times, doesn't grow cold, His strength remains, so can ours in Him because of Him.

rev 6:9, rev 20:4 speak about souls of those who died... Rev 7:9:16 speak of a group but not as souls, goes on to say they came out of the great trib, then explains their living conditions, hunger thirst, hot sun(outdoors or ?) I always figured we'd see much so prepare to go til He removes any or all, until the end. And we're not appointed to wrath, but persecution isn't God's wrath, it's satans and mans wrath and many are persecuted today. Pray for them and each other and help as able and abide in the Lord and rejoice also.

..rev 15:2 shows another group, not said their souls either, wonder if that's the same group from 7:9-16, mentions they overcame the beast. unlike the rev 20:4 group, as their beheaded and described as souls. the rev 6:9 group/souls might be those who are persecuted since Christ walked here and persecuted today..anyway it's something that 2 groups are said to be souls and died for the faith, and 2 groups aren't but say's they came out of the "great" trib(last 42 months) and overcame the beast(last 42 months as he seats himself up as God, is revealed as the beast at that time, 2nd thess 2, rev 13:5-8, and none can overcome the beast until the beast is revealed). Pre trib or not wrath, prepare to endure until the end, heart and mind fixed firmly and growing(remember the example of the Christ as the vine)on Christ is the prep.

mark said...

to godfingers, i too believe sandy hook was a government act, that is why they refuse to release the video, becuase it will show that there was no assault rifle used. it is a demonic psyop to disarm people in order to make it easier for them to persecute, murder and take us into the Anti Chirst period. your suspicions are correct.

flyfisher49 said...

Much of what we blame on "gov conspiracy" is really very dark spiritual activity...the demons only need to find a mentally deranged person to perform these acts and they have acomplished their agenda...when homes and communities are not covered with a great prayer covering they are vulnerable. there is lots of teaching on Blessing our homes, properties and redeeming our land..look at Arthur Burk's material and Gwen Shaw..We need to decree and Declare a thing and it shall be done...