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America Has Become the Harlot of the World

Angelic Encounter

Are We Doing Our Part?  -  Something incredible God did in answer to one woman's intercessory prayers. 

Are you proud or humble? How to tell

Are You Psychic  - Do you have psychic ability or something else?

Are You Tired of Your Sin?  - Tired of falling and having to repent?

Beauty for Ashes

Can Unbelievers Receive Prophetic Dreams and Visions

Dating as a Christian - Some ways to tell if he/she is the "one."

Death, Life and Rebellion

Demon Spirit of Injustice 

Demons Express Their Nature Through People

Reports of Demons Raping People in Their Sleep


Do You Love Someone Who is an alcoholic or addict?- 

Do You See Demons  - What does it mean if you can see them?

Do You Want to Kill Yourself?

Emotionalism   - The vision God gave me about worship

Enemies of the Cross   - Are there enemies of the cross in your life?

Fear Not Abram   - Tithing makes us afraid we won't have enough. 

Curse of Fornication  -

God Grants the Desires of the Righteous  -

God Understands Your Sin but He still won't excuse it  -

Have you missed your destiny - pt 1  - Can we lose the destiny God has planned for us?

Have you Missed your destiny - pt 2  - Can you really miss your destiny?

He That Regardeth the Wind  - What God told me about coming out of financial lack.

Honor Them  - About honoring our parents regardless of whether they were good parents or bad parents. 

how satan tempts us The enemy fought me on making this video!

How to Break Curses

How to Know Who Your Mentor Is

Huge End Time Battle is coming - get ready

I Got Them Saved, Isn't That Enough?

Inquire of the Lord - Often

Judgment is Falling on America - visions of nuclear attacks on america

Just Wanna Party, Don't Need Jesus - My Testimony

Obey if You Want to be Blessed

Prophetic Word for 2011

Speaking in Tongues - Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Spirit of Isolation

Spirit of Seduction

The Accuser - About how Satan tries to accuse God to us and what the Lord said to me about it.

Update on the Faith Walk and Question for Believers - What God showed me when I was walking through the fire in a faith walk.

Vision About Garment of Praise

Why Can I Sin and Not Feel God's Conviction? Does that mean He doesn't care?

Why Isn't God Talking to Me? - What the Lord showed me about when I couldn't hear Him.

Worship as Warfare

8+ Earthquake in U.S.?