Saturday, January 5, 2013


My people, the time has come that so many of you have awaited, that I have foretold in your lives. Many of you have I called to special tasks and you have waited, being prepared, and now those of you who are prepared shall be set into position to  minister to My people.

There are many layers of deception and sin being promoted by the Evil One at this time. You must be very diligent to avoid his deceptions at this time. You will know them if you abide in My Word. He has set a trap for  each of you, to prevent your work for My Kingdom. He desires to entrap you with sin and keep you focused on this world and its pleasures, forgetting what lies beyond, but I desire you would walk free from earthly bondages. If you will seek Me and My ways, I will deliver you from sin that you may walk with Me.

Your time is at hand, My children. Free yourselves quickly that you may do the  work of My Kingdom and receive a great reward.

2 Tim. 3:13:  But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

James 4:4:  Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.

Rev.22:12:  And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.


Lisa Ann said...

This was helpful to see in my email inbox first thing this morning! In the early hours of the morning I had a dream and I wasn't sure what it meant and why it was bothering me so much.

I was in a house with other people; it felt like I was at college or work--but "out in the world." Every few days it seemed that a strange group would come through the door and take people "for fun," putting them into some kind of bonds. There were chains, cuffs and collars and seemingly made of plastic yet toward the end of the dream these people looked like they were in REAL discomfort. They were African-American--I am too and I think I know why this was used symbolically.

Anyway, this group kept coming back acting as if this were some recreation of slavery, meant to prove some point. However, I couldn't help but see that they were actually whipping people "for fun" and yet it truly hurt. I had this feeling that something was very wrong with the situation. Before I could leave, the group showed up again with these "fake slaves" in tow and kind of said to me, "Tag you're it! It's your turn!" I said, "No way!" And knew that if they wanted to enslave me, they would have to actually force me; I would not come of my own free will. That must have been the key, and somehow I got away, leaving the house and trying to dial 911. I had a feeling this wouldn't be "pretend" for long. Unfortunately, I had a problem with the operator on the other end. Later, I ended up at the hospital desperately trying to call my family and warn them about this group. Meanwhile, I found myself questioning even if I should trust the doctors.

I say all of this because I feel like God was trying to warn me about being pulled into the bondage of sin through something that looked harmless to others but that He was showing me to be the real thing. I'm not great at dream interpretation yet, but I can't help but see that African-Americans were used because they had already been enslaved as a people in the past but are now free. Was that to show me that I (and others) would be tempted with the same sins we were trapped in during the past that God has already freed us from?

I'm constantly praying for the Lord to give us all eyes to see and ears to hear what is TRULY happening in these times. The enemy is crafty and may try to pull us in through things that seem harmless. (i.e. He might convince some that cyber-sex isn't really sex and therefore not a sin. Perhaps the same with virtual murder, etc.) In the end, it may act as a "gateway sin" leading to bigger sins.

stephen said...

Hi Glynda. So glad your back. When i first heard you were ill it felt like it had happened to a member of my family. which of course it had, my Christian family. Iv been praying for you and it seems like so many people have that it wouldnt have surprised me if you had died that god would have brought you back from the dead. I just want to add that iv just got back from holiday, during that time i noticed i started slipping back into the world I had so expected something big to happen the end of last year and all this waiting i could hardly believe we had got through 2012 with the big event not happening, i started to let my guard down. I noticed i started to miss my old life, nice clothes material things, old friends id pulled away from. I was even getting bombarded with dreams from my old life. A couple of excellent articles on Christian blogs snapped me out of it once i realized what Satan was doing. Im pressing in to God more than ever now. Nows not the time to let our guard down or become complacent.
Love Steve

godsfingers said...

Praise God for your faithfulness, Glynda, and pushing through. How timely. Sue and just prayed last night for a Word. We've been in the "be still and wait" mode for seemingly so long we hoped for a Word, nudge, shove, lift to encourage our track. God never leaves us and wants us to look to Him at all times, equipped ( like a Swiss Army knife )for anything. And, now, the time has come.

Praise God,


lufmyLORD said...

Hi Glynda,

Thank you for the Lord's word. I have to agree with you as I received a similar word which I have now published onto YT
I'm looking forward to hearing of your complete recovery and am praying & believing it will happen.

Your sister in Christ

Jacklyn Robles said...

This is the time Glynda everything is leading up to now and there is a definate shift for me going on and the Lord is helping me fight gluttony i got some deliverance and i am believing because He called me to fight this that now is the time..i am binding all over eating,gluttony and seeing results and i found out you can bind things at the roots from Rosalind so i am doing that..either way it is time and glory is coming and growing as we are more intimate with Him and nothing else matters but Him and holiness and the task we have been sent to do and grow from to release to others in love & hope!

DeuxBuckChuck said...

well if attachment to this world keeps us in bondage than thank GodAlmighty I am FREE indeed.......

Like the saying goes, if you got nuthin, you got nuthin to lose............

the only thing I'm certain of Glynda, is that I'm not sure about anything anymore. EveryTHING I used to believe in, including this country, has been turned on its head.