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  1. Hi Glynda. Im subscribed to your blog but am no longer getting emails from you daily. Checked my junk folder-not there. something changed about a week ago.


    1. Fred, Check your spam folder. Usually that indicates there has been a change in filters with your email provider.

  2. Meeee too! Last one I received was 9-16 I think!

  3. Hi Glynda
    I am so enjoying your Blog and YouTube messages. Count me among those under attack- it's really gotten ugly. Personal life as well as the jezebel and ahab spirits in church. Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. Hi Glynda,
    I really enjoy your messages, I just signed up. I can confirm what you said about Christmas, last Christmas of 2015 I had about the best one I have had and I felt God telling me that that one would be the last one as we know it. It was such a feeling of trying to squeeze out every drop of Christmas joy as I knew it even from childhood into one. The latest thing I have been hearing is 'Brace for Impact', and 'Expect the Unexpected'. Had a spiritual experience yesterday about that. God is indeed speeding things up and we don't have much time. We really need to be enjoying every day of peace and soaking up God's word right now because we don't know exactly 'when'. But I think we all know it is very very close.

  5. Please subscribe me to your blog. Thank you!

  6. . You can delete it if you want. Just thought it might be important,, if it will change our DNA

  7. I have been following your messages, however you have now lost me. The Catholic Church clearly teaches there is NO RAPTURE!!! This concept is totally a recent Protestant theology that is entirely false. Assuming you are receiving any valid messages from Heaven, this particular message is from Satan disguised as an angel of light. You need to recant this message immediately!!!

  8. Hi Glenda, it looks like your prophecy about winter is coming to pass. Could you repost it? I'd like to share it with others. Thanks.

  9. .. Is this new lockdown from the new Covid strains related to the coming disaster ?

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