The Wilderness Companion

Fifteen years ago, the Lord spoke to me to begin writing down everything He spoke to or showed me, saying I would “need it to tell the story.” I never asked what the story was, and until He spoke to me to write this book, I never knew.

I never expected my life would produce anything grand enough to write a book about. I was surprised when the Lord sent me a word through more than one person in one week in 2010, that He wanted me to start writing. For months I prayed and struggled to understand what the book was to be about. What is it You want me to write about, Lord? What can I possibly know enough about to put into a book for You?

Finally, late in 2011, the answer came.

I want you to tell others about The Wilderness. I want you to tell them about how I took care of you there.

This book is the story of my journeys through The Wilderness, through those desert places where everything is barren and dry. The desert places are not places of comfort. The heat is on, and nothing in your life is the same as it was before in the desert, but it is there that you will learn more than ever before about yourself, and about your God. The book is full of dialogues between the Lord and I, as He taught me during my wilderness seasons, and includes visions not released anywhere else.

In a wilderness walk, God is trying you, refining you, proving you. But He is also proving Himself to you. He is proving that He and His word are both true. He is taking more of your fleshly nature, the part of you that wants the things of this world - out of the equation and filling that empty space with His glorious spirit. The end result is a lot less of you and a whole lot more of Him as well as an increased understanding of Him, that ultimately results in a powerful testimony that has the power to reach others for His Name's Sake.

A wilderness experience is something that happens in the lives of those who are about to be promoted to a new level of anointing, but the greatest reward of walking through the wilderness is a closer intimacy with the Lord. When you walk through fiery trials with someone and survive them, you have a closer bond with that person, because you experience things in the fire that you don’t experience at other times of your life and only others who have also walked through that fiery place truly understand. Like the brave men and women of the armed forces who have fought on the battlefields will tell you, intense battles tend to bring out both the best and the worst in each of us and when you battle side by side with someone, you share both fear and courage. You weep tears of sorrow as well as tears of joy, but you weep together.

I pray my story will inspire you to reach a little higher, risk a little more, believe a little bit deeper than ever before. 

The purpose of this book is to share with you what I have learned through my wilderness experiences. In sharing them, it is my prayer that your walks there will be a little less dark and terrifying, that you will walk with a little more faith than I did, that you will have the assurance of knowing even the desert places don't last forever. This too shall pass. It is my hope that by telling you my experiences in the wilderness, you will be encouraged in your own.

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“And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.” (Mat 11:12) Have you ever wondered what this “violent force” looks like? The Wilderness Companion is the living example of such violence lived out. This book is about the violent seizure of the Kingdom of God, and the events that surround refusing to let go at any cost.

The winds of change are blowing across America and the world. Right now the Spirit of God is readying the people of God, because a storm is coming.  -   Brian D. McClafferty,

Every Christian must pass through the desert on the way to their Promised Land. Wilderness experiences are often times of great uncertainty and change. Our faith in Christ is refined in the intense heat of the desert experience and our intimacy with Him increases.

Find out how to go from surviving to thriving by partnering with God as He leads you in the path that will strengthen your faith and prepare you to step into your destiny.

The Wilderness Companion will help you:
  • Find out why you have been led into the wilderness
  • Find out the biggest hindrance to receiving the provision you need in the wilderness
  • Find out what the Seven Temptations of the Wilderness are
  • Drastically cut the time you spend in the wilderness by teaching you how to partner with God in His purposes for you in the desert seasons


Glynda Lomax said...

My friend Heather received a copy of the book. This is her video review of what she got from it:

SunnyinAZ said...

I could not find your email address to send a message and would like to offer some help regarding the Wilderness Companion. I loved your book and know it will be a great blessing an help to many!

I was surprised your life and mine had many similarities including the death of our younger brothers. I too am from Dallas. I found you thru my good friend Pat Christensen. I spent several days with her and Eric in NW Arkansas last week. Pls tell me how to contact you... it's probably my inept navigation on your sight :)). Blessings, Susan

Glynda Lomax said...

SunnyinAZ - Susan, that is so kind of you - you can email me at - my other website is God bless you - I'm so glad you enjoyed the book so much!

Glynda Lomax said...

Oh sorry - I thought I was on the Wilderness Companion Blog, this IS wings of prophecy - LOL

johnmcf2 said...

Just finished your book The Wilderness Companion. I would not have believed it had I not been there myself. I guess hindsight is 20/20. I almost new what was coming next. However I was wondering if you had found that mate that was promised? I have been in that same spot for a long time and was wondering how you faired on that one. I guess we are both still waiting. Or are we...

Russell Gray said...

My biggest lesson from my time in the wilderness (still ongoing):


harold said...

Hi,I am going to get this book and read it.I am going through the wilderness now going on six years.

harold said...

Hello, I am going to get this book.I believe I am in the wilderness now. Thank you for writing this book so others like me can understand.

rosemary holzhaus said...

Glenda, i have just recently been reading your video's and am grateful for your very simple instructions. Thank You. I suffered thru the wilderness for 12 years and have just come to realize why I did not die there, I am walking around in PURE Bliss and Awe. Dude, God has something Very amazing for me and others who are around me. This experience is Blowing my Mind and I love it. Everyday is a wonderful surprise, presented from God and always delivered. I am amazed and on cloud 9 every moment...I use to be sooo fearful of every little thing. I use to feel not worth a Glance, I felt all the terrible and lonely, hopeless, worthless feelings,Just someone put on earth for others to laugh at . Thank GOD for it all. You can never guess what is on the otherside it is something no-one can ever explain.
I do remember one thing, when i was going thru all of this wilderness (Phenomena) is that I was hanging on Jesus's ankles for dear life and Begging for his mercy. Love You All!

rosemary holzhaus said...

WOW, People You all are going to be so darn Shocked and you will not have anymore fear and all of those other nightmarish doubts and insecurities. God Bless You all on Your Journey, It will all be worth the HELLISH pain.

rosemary holzhaus said...

Thank You Glynda for Your Clarity and simple instructions.
after my 12 long years in the wilderness, I am now just experiencing the reward(S),ItIs not what i expected. My Mind is Blown on a daily basis. I Can Now graduate from hanging onto(with fear and trembling) Jesus's ankles to Holding his Hand !!!! People You Are All going to Be BLOWN AWAY :) sooo hang in there. I could have never gotten to Here and Now without Being In that Hellish Design God made just for me...

Talisa Garbo said...

Hello, are you still offering copies? In desperately in need of one but can't afford it and I'm not from the u.s either. I'm 24 yrs old & 2 years after giving my lifE to Christ, I am in a wilderness experience but it is worse, within my church and my church members constantly coming against me. I really need all the help I can get. Please pray for me. My email is

Gwen Miller said...

Hello glynda, I would like to request a copy of your book via "postal mail" where do I send you my address. My email address is
Thank you in advance. God bless you!!

Jaco Venter said...


A while ago a friend on FB mentioned that your book was free on Amazon and grabbed it immediately but I did not read it. I got very discouraged, because the Lord kept reminding about Luke 18 and that I should be asking night and day, because He said he would help me speedily. But eight years went by without any help coming. Then yesterday he said that must read your book. I kept on reading till I finished right now.

I am in the wilderness for the past sixteen years, without it ceasing at all. Except that I am out of financial wilderness since April 2014. Since March 2009 the Lord stopped to answer any of my questions. Like you I have been trusting God for a godly mate, but unlike you He introduced her to me November 2007. I gave the Lord several prerequisites of what I wanted in a wife, all of it characteristics of the heart. He then said that I must join her congregation. At the end of 2008 they literally fired me from their church. And then in 2009 he asked me to choose between her and someone that worked for me previously. When I made the choice , from then on everything I asked from the Lord came as a lie. And when I asked him he said I was answered according to my heart. I was really heartbroken and ask Him over and over again, why why, why? All he said that he will answer in his good time.Well it took 63 months and lots of suffering before he finally answered on the 8th June 2014. He said he wanted see I would follow Jesus regardless of my situation. In my wilderness experience so far I was for about halve the time without a job. So I had to trust him fully. I was never without food, or petrol for my car or without electricity (except in 2013). He wanted me to move to my parents but I did not want to go because I thought it meant giving up on his promises, which is for the city I used live. Since the time of my choice the lady have barely spoken to me and the Lord never allowed me to date anyone else.

But your book made me laugh a lot, because I went through almost everything you went through. I experimented sometimes if God would provide for me without asking Him. And he came through every time. Sometimes I have been in so much trouble that I could not think that anything could save me, but he did every time My only question is why did you take authority over your back in the same way that you did with your tooth. But you have given me new hope. And then God said i must do something that I am not comfortable with, but I did any way. In Isa 45:11 in the King James he says the following

Thus saith the LORD, the Holy One of Israel, and his Maker, Ask me of things to come concerning my sons, and concerning the work of my hands command ye me.

He said I must command Him to release my promises to me. I did it without complaining. And it seems like he saved me from one of my sins that I was desperate to get rid of but couldn't. i am sorry for this long letter, but it is the only way to tell. I command the best of blessings over you and your marriage.
I am praying that your husband will be released soon. Jaco