Friday, August 28, 2015

So Many Lost

My children are far too concerned with the timing of My Son’s return. I desire you would be about My business, not concerning yourself with other matters.

There are many lost souls who know nothing of the salvation I offer them, and I desire you would use every available means to tell them. (I sensed very strongly that those words, every available means, is a word or confirmation to someone who has been inquiring of Him)

It is not My will that any should perish, and I have asked My people to accept this work for Me. Will you go? Will you spread My gospel to those who do not know Me?

(I felt Go here did not mean everyone needs to go overseas to minister unless He has specifically lead you to do that, but that each of us are to start reaching out in our immediate areas with His love and His truth, and spreading the gospel. What would you do if you knew that a great judgment was about to fall where you live and thousands of lost souls would be taken into eternity? Do that.)

2 Peter 3:9  The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

Mark 16:15-16
15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.
16 He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.


  1. You know , I'm always trying to bring friends and family and anyone that comes across my path to salvation , especially in theese times , so so much bible prophescy is unfolding , i constantly point out earthly events that are unfolding , I give them bible verses to back it up , so so much is unfolding , it should be easy to bring people to salvation , but alas , very few are interested , myself and a good christian friend of mine Trevor give so much of our free time to the poor and homeless in our home town , using our own financies to feed and to help shelter them , ( not bragging , please don't think this ) but many of theese good souls now come to our church , we both do runs in our cars , theese guys have nothing , yet they recieve Jesus quite easily , they've had tough lives , but when they are shown some love and a helping hand , they want to know what the driving force is behind that hand and why we do it , and of course we do it for the king , not all come at first , but most do and some are still work in progress what's life has damaged that much that they don't believe in a God , but my point is , theese guys have had nothing , yet in Jesus , they now have everything , " and let the poor say I am rich " ! Yet those with the most , who have the most to be thankful for , do not want to know , unfortunately , if salvation was to be found it a TV or Facebook , then winning a soul would be easy , all of us can only keep trying , but it seems to be getting harder to bring the average person to Jesus , my heart sinks for them when they pass this world and realise that eternal damnation is a real thing they have chosen by rejecting the blood sacrifice for sin , so many have chosen to believe in their version of the gospel , when there only one version , GODS ! It's his planet , his rules ! If sin wasn't such a terrible thing , he would not of asked Jesus to of done what he had to do , satan and his gang have NO redeemer for thier sin be rebellion , WE DO , Jesus paid the price for our sin and rebellion , we either accept gods offer of salvation and spend eternity with him , or reject it and spend eternity with satan , I wish for a leanency for the lost when they pass from this world, but why take the chance , follow Jesus

  2. @ Glynda --- you said, "(I sensed very strongly that those words, every available means, is a word or confirmation to someone who has been inquiring of Him)."

    I feel very strongly that God wishes us to draw our families close and warn them that the time is near and we must do everything to keep our souls spotless for this great spiritual event that will determine where each of us will spend eternity. Our Heavenly Father does not want to see us confused and scattered and lost. He especially wants us to reach out to those in our own families who are away from their Christian faith, who are wallowing in sin as entertainment, or who are wasting their lives on materialism, or who are practicing new age occultism, or those who are simply thinking they're good enough, they don't need a church or the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ...

    Like Mark Pierce (above), my people don't want to hear it. How do I reach them? Does anyone know? Won't we be called to account for any who are lost because we personally didn't reach out to them and offer them Christ's peace and salvation?

    When He visited His hometown, Jesus found people hostile to His message and offended by Him. Jesus said in Mark 6:4 "A prophet is not without honor, but in his own country and among his own kin, and in his own house." That's what I feel like right now. I've been praying for my people, but I feel called to action too. I try to tell people close to me this Great News and they act like I'm loony-tunes.

  3. CC - It is usually that way at first, and my family tried to witness to me as well, for decades, but God had to send someone else that I would listen to. i think the biggest reason our families will not listen is they do not see real change in our lives (i.e., we watch the same wicked television programs, drink, carouse, or otherwise do not represent Jesus as we should), or they just remember too well the person we were before we were saved.

    The best way to witness is to live the life in peace and joy before them. If I had seen that, I would have been interested in Jesus sooner. I thought I had happiness partying and carousing, but when you live a worldly life, you are always looking for peace, but never finding it.

    Good seed has to fall on good ground to take root. The ground is their heart, but it is also affected by the environment it is sown in. What is the environment? If it is filled with strife, the seed won't take root. If your life looks sinful to them, the seed is not good. The Word is always good, but where it is sown, and how (our character and witness when sowing it) also affect the process.

    Live what you believe with strong conviction if you want your family to see Jesus. When my husband gave his life to Christ, after spending half of his life in prison, and his family began to see the conviction in his heart, and how strongly he believed, and how much he changed - he no longer uses bad language, he doesn't laugh at perverse jokes, they really took note. Of course he witnessed to everyone he knew, he was (and still IS) so excited about finding Jesus and the transformation in his life, as they watched the changes in him, several of them gave their lives to Christ as well. No one had ever been able to effect any change in Jerry until Jesus.

    Live the Christian life. Live your convictions. Don't be like the world and don't be afraid of ridicule or rejection because you're not.

    Yes, we should all be witnessing and ministering to our family, but also praying that if they will not receive our witness that the Lord will send someone to lead them that they WILL receive.


    1. Amen.God bless you. That is the truth!

  4. Glynda Linkous 8/28/15:
    "What would you do if you knew that a great judgment was about to fall where you live and thousands of lost souls would be taken into eternity? Do that."

    Thank you for the messages you receive Glynda, they are brief and still so full of God and His love and help.

    Your words above, I have said the same in a private mail explaining why I shout, repeat so often, the Remnant IS Roman Catholic. This is the exact opposite of what many, especially our fellow non-Catholic Christian brothers and sisters believe is ahead.

    What is the unity of belief God keeps speaking of in your messages? You can know. Why are watchers hearing "eat of Me" in the Protestant prophetic? Jesus is speaking of His presence in the holy Eucharist for it is the pinnacle. Come believe, get ready for "the great day" of Revelation 6:17. God is going to awaken all peoples to the Faith. Then it will be everyone's choice. Remember people, if you do not believe now.

    I pray my comment gets posted.

    Love and blessings,


  5. I feel like I've hit "walls" with everyone close to me. I've tried "witnessing" to them and nothing happens. I've prayed for years for some of them. So, I'm ready for whatever the "next stage" of the Lord is whether its the Rapture, Tribulation times where hopefully the Remnant will be witnessing to the Lost, Spaceships appearing (Enemy's kingdom manifesting), etc. My Facebook and Youtube channel are my only "witnessing tools," because it's very hard for me to witness "face to face."
    Anyway, those are my thoughts. Be blessed Family in Christ, Sharine.

  6. May I ask for a prayer , for my brother Roy pierce , he is a missionary Catholic priest , we rarely see each other , but I have had a few chats with him , they really do have an " we all saved attitude " ! And I nearly said this in a comment a while ago , but choose not to , but I will now , and I certisnly dont to offend , but if sometimes that's the outcome that comes from exposing the truth , then so be it , as we are God pleasers , not man pleasers , I know in my spirit this is true , I've been given this , that so many good men and women around the globe will be decieved by this coming anti Christ , especially the Catholics , sorry if that offends , but it's the truth and God wants us to try to reach theese people in truth and prayer , I know for sure that the last Pope resignation was by design , the pope they have now is an illuminati pope , he is trying to bring all the worlds religions under one banner , and is meeting kings of he earth the help usher in this new world order , he is fulfilling REVELATIONS to a tee ! and because so many around the world follow a religion rather than Christ and the bible , I know in my spirit , theese are the ones that are going to de decieved in what's to come , so can all the saints pray for my brother please , I've tried softly mentioning things in the past when ever I get chance , but always falls on stony ground , and he is such a good man , but that's the thing , they believe you can be saved by good works , that Jesus paid the price for all , so we are all ok , everyone on the planet is saved , and we know this simply is not true , I can't reach him ( religious pride ) , so please please , big prayers for my bro , so sad that I can see the deception so clearly , and this false prophet illuminati pope will lead so so many into accepting this coming anti Christ , if you believe in a some sort of Jesus , but do not know your bible or anything about the end times and the book of revelation , then you are ripe for this last great end time deception from the enemy , in theese last days , he's going after the Luke warm believers , God bless

  7. Rory Girl (Mary) - I am not Catholic, but Protestant. What you call the Holy Eucharist, we also take, but we call it communion. What is important is that we all believe that Jesus is the only begotten Son of God, who died for our sins, and rose again from the dead, and that we put all our trust in Him, and Him alone, to save us. God bless you, Mary.

  8. Well said Glynda! Christ didn't call us to be Catholic, Protestant, or any other denomination. He called us to follow Him, to love Him above all else, and to love others as ourselves. That's where our focus should be.

  9. I see a new reply, I am saddened again. What did the message of August 28th, 2015 say? Speak up, God wants us to, to save souls. The two responses to my post both read like a correction. Why? Obvious, to believe in Our Lord and live the two greatest Commandments. Reason we can't be silent about the unity coming that prophecy speaks of daily.

    John 17:21, Our Lord said "That they all may be one, as thou, Father, in me, and I in thee." God is going to bring the Orthodox, Protestantism and Catholicism together to one belief. And, non-Christians who in His "awakening" (Rev 6:15-17, 1 Cor 3:13) choose to give God their yes.

    Glynda and Eric, truly, "important is that we all believe", for it takes 100% belief to accept the consecrated host (and consecrated wine) are now Our Lord Jesus Christ because you do not see a physical change in the host or wine. God can do anything, the Eucharist is supernatural, not as some of the first disciples thought was cannibalism. Believe in the supernatural, Our Lord explained, come higher, using the words "spirit and life", do not think in a human way.

    Protestant communion remains bread, it is NOT the holy Eucharist. I ask you, which would you prefer?



  10. Do this in rememberence of me not do this because it becomes me big difference. There will be a unity in the Holy Spirit but also a false unity under a false prophet. Seriously? Revelation 6 15-17 is totally not talking about a unified body under some Eucherist it's talking about the kings of the Earth and the peoples hiding themselves from the wrath of the Lamb. Queen of Heaven worship and worshiping wafers and wine are totally mystery religious practices. I'm not coming against you or anyone in particular but against false teachings and paganism. I believe there are people in all denominations even Chatholic who are saved and following Jesus but soon one will have to make a choice to serve man and there religious system or follow Jesus and His word. There is a gathering of wheat and tares, both are being gathered some to be burnt and some to be brought into the storehouse. Time to choose is running out as to who you will serve.

  11. Rory Girl,
    I say this with much love. I used to be a Catholic, so I understand where you are coming from. But I left the Catholic Church years ago, because the Lord gradually began to show me how so many of the traditions that the Catholic church teaches just don't line up with the holy scriptures. One of those doctrines is transubstatiation, where the priest says a prayer and it is believed that the bread and wine miraculously turn into the body and blood of Christ. I used to believe this teaching to be true until I started reading God's Word, and I also took a couple of courses on the history of antisemitism. To state it simply, the doctrine of transubstatiation was first introduced into the church by Pope Innocent the third in 1215. This pope was far from being innocent, and many people died when he was in power. The ritual murder charge, where the Jews were blamed for killing Jesus, also had its roots in this teaching. You might want to investigate this topic further online to gain a broader understanding.

    In John 6, the Lord clearly explains what he meant by saying "I am the bread of life." THE WORD OF GOD IS THE BREAD OF LIFE.

    John 6:63
    "It is the Spirit who gives live; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life."

    John 4:48
    "Unless you people see signs and wonders, you will by no means believe."

  12. Rory girl , please listen to what Michael and Amanda are saying , if you follow a religion rather than Jesus and gods word , your going to leave yourself open to deception , poppet , if I was ever in the wrong , or it looked liked I was being decieved , I would want one of you to tell me , I wouldn't want you to worry about my feelings as such , thou I know people would , but we are God pleasers not man pleasers , and sometimes tough things have to be said , Michael and Amanda have been very gentil here , but VERY TRUTHFUL , the enemy , thru certain organisations which I'm not going to go into , fully intends to infiltrate all organised religions in these end times , in fact the bible says that the churches will be preaching doctrine of demons in the last days , I'm trying to be as gentil as Michael and Amanda , however , I do know a little more about the end times , what the enemy is up too , etc etc and this IS NOT THE TIME TO BE FOLLOWING THE POPE / Catholic Church , I'm sorry , but it's the truth , biblical truth , he is fulfilling revelation scripture to a tee , the resignation of the last Pope was no accident , I don't say this too upset , but I see it so so clearly , I think most do , but are too timid to say , again , I'm a god pleaser not a man pleaser , but if you follow the Catholic Church and what the papacy are trying to do , which is clearly shown in revelation scripture , then there's a good chance your accept this coming deception , and I've tried to be as gentil as I can with that , if the shoe was on the other foot , I HONESTLY WOULD WANT SOMEONE TO SET ME STRAIGHT , and God would want it too , we are not to stand by and say nothing and see a brother or sister be led to deception because we were worried about their feelings , though OF COURSE WE ARE ! The Emmy is doing his dirtiest works in the religions RIGHT NOW !! Which is why it's so important to stick to biblical truth and not what a religion has taught , meant with love , as I said , if shoe was on other foot , ID WANT TELLING STRAIGHT !