Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What Is the Enemy Attacking In Your Life?

The Lord reminded me this morning that the enemy always attacks what he fears most in us, and He said this is what has been happening in this most recent wave of attacks.

If you are suffering in this wave of attacks, you can defeat them by discerning what he is attacking.

For Examples – Find Your Gifts Below

Gift: Witnessing/Your Testimony - If you are anointed to witness for Christ, he will attack your credibility – by getting you into sin.

Gift: Intercession - If you are anointed to pray and intercede for others, he might try to distract you from prayer, cause strife with family members so you can’t focus on praying, or attack your faith in God to answer.

Gift: Teaching &/or Prophesying - If you are anointed to teach His Word or prophesy, he might distract you with financial difficulties, strife with family members, or family members getting into trouble or going through crisis. He might try to distract you from studying the Word and praying, or try to make you doubt what you hear from Him. He will attack your faith for sure.

Gift: Helps - If you are anointed to help others (the anointing of Helps), he might try to distract you by highlighting the ways you yourself are in need, or place thoughts in your mind that the people you are helping are somehow “unworthy” or helping. He might attack the sources you receive funding or other helping resources from.

Healing - He will attack your body, again and again. He will attack your faith, because faith is the very basis of this gift, and he will attack your credibility, by luring you into sin.

Gift: Pastor - If you are a Pastor, he will definitely attack your credibility by trying to entice you to sin. He will try to distract you from prayer, study, and ministering to your congregants. He will attack your funding sources and try to make you look bad to your congregants by planting judgmental thoughts in their minds.

There are many ways he can attack us, but Jesus has already defeated every single one of them. We need to find out the reasons behind his attacks so we can cancel them. Example: Is he attacking your gifts or your ministry? Is he attacking you personally, or attacking your family? You need to determine what is being attacked so you can cancel the attack itself and render it powerless by the mighty Name of Jesus. 

1 Peter 5:8  Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:


  1. That's why we must watch our lives and pray. Your worst enemy is yourself and he is just the one poking any of YOUR flesh that's alive. If we crucify the flesh and the lusts thereof, nothing can hurt us and it gives him no place. If we are drawn in by temptation or offended or anything negative, it's our own fault.

  2. I believe my gift is Intercession.I pray all the time for family members who are lost and never think of God,Jesus,Heaven and Hell and the consequnce of sin.These last couple of days have been very difficult when it comes to my prayer life.I keep having thoughts of -why should I bother praying for them when they don't pray for me and God knows I need prayers too.My life is falling apart in so many ways.I know I can't beg God all the time for his help,I need to just trust in him.I fight ever day with bipolar depression and anxiety but these past couple of days the battle seems overwhelming and I wonder how much longer can I do this?Please Pray for me.Thanks.

  3. Here is how you cancel an attack. For this example, I will use the gift of intercession:

    In the Name of Jesus, I cancel every assignment sent against my intercession. I throw the attacks to the ground and stomp them out, in Jesus mighty Name. I bind every demon assigned under this assignment and I command you to go immediately into the Abyss and to never return to me, in Jesus Name! Go NOW!

    That's all you do - do it out loud, with authority, because you HAVE the authority by virtue of believing in the work of Jesus on the Cross.

  4. Thank you Glynda! This has been sooo helpful. I'm intercessor and have been having a lot of attacks. God bless!

  5. Glynda, PRICELESS ADVICE!!! I now have a new weapon in my arsenal to fight the evil one.Gob Bless you always!

  6. Sorry about my grammar -I meant- God Bless you always!

  7. Shallom Sister Linkous,

    Thank God and thank you for this revelation. I just translate it into bahasa Indonesia, so we can bless more people. Greetings from Indonesia.

    God bless you.

  8. Amen to this , I used to get great demonic attacks , this has stopped as I have broken curses off me and lined up with the word of God , I spent many months studying curses and generational curses , if anyone is struggling in a certain area of your life , maybe its something you can't see , glynda does a you tube video about how to break curses , you find this teaching in many churches , but they are VERY REAL , if you , or your ancestors have dabbled into the occult , the curse WILL BE THERE , it's often what we can't see that holds us back . But the attacks I get are sadly from within , this is why in a comment a while ago , i stated I was studying leviathan , this spirit comes at you through family and friends , especially if the enemy knows you have a specific annointing and job to do , I'm finding lots of attacks in this area , it will try to use people to get you to doubt your purpose of who you are in God , and it will come from godly people at times , I've noticed this greatly in the last 6 months , people coming against you for no reason , even when your just trying to do good , it's a very slippery spirit , and the important thing is , not to REACT AND COME INTO AGREEMENT WITH IT ! I think we could all choose one item off this list ! As rightly stated , just apply the blood , discern , and do not react , I'm getting much better at this , but it has taken practice ,

  9. This may sound weird but I've been recommitted to Jesus since about August of 2014. What if I'm still not sure what my gifts are? I've prayed for God's will and calling but every time I think of His gifts, I come up blank. I just want what He wants but I'm unsure still what that is. I just want Him though, I know that much.

  10. concerned Christian... in regards to intercession, look at it this way, you must be making some progress spiritually in the lives of those you have been interceding for if the enemy is trying to get you to stop ;) You should rather, rejoice that the Lord is indeed working in the lives of these people to draw them to Himself for salvation.

    I'd like to share a dream I had... before I went to sleep that night I had been praying for my loved ones as well as people that I knew growing up... I came under attack, a great feeling of discouragement came over me, wanting to give up...
    I fell asleep... in the dream, I was at an old fashioned building, like you see in the western movies, where they had decks but that were elevated above the street... so I was standing on the deck and there were some people from my childhoood there but they were down below beside the building, and all of a sudden a flood came, and the people were in great danger of being swept away and drowning... I said something strange, "come hell or high water" I don't recall the context, but it has to do with NOT GIVING UP no matter what, as well as that we never know when a flood could come... I called out to them, cry out to the Lord... they didn't know how to, so I climbed down with them into the water, and I showed them how to cry out to the Lord, and they all began to cry out to God for help, like I was. Then the flood subsided and I helped everyone to the shore, one girl I had grown up with said, Thank you so much for praying for us. I knew that it was because I had prayed for them that they were not destroyed in the attack. When the enemy comes in like a flood the Lord raises up a standard. Sometimes we are the standards that the Lord raises up to stand in the gap for those who don't know Him, and have no idea how to cry out to God. We have no idea how much we are actually doing in the lives of others through prayer and intercession. I hope that this encourages me, I knew that after that dream the Lord was showing me that the enemy wanted me to give up praying for the lost, because satan's plan is to kill to steal and to destroy, and if no one stands in the gap for them, many will be destroyed.

  11. Kelly Ward, my mom maiden name is ward...anyways pray for others. We all need someone to pray for us. Pray for family, friends and people and children of the world. Pray for peace and those who are suffering, hurt, hungry and abused. Pray that those who do not know God will find him.

  12. Glynda, thank you for all your words of wisdom. This past Lent season many people in my church have been under spiritual attacks. We are a praying church and have deliverance and healings regularly. Praise be to God who sends people like you to help us in this time of trouble. We have a saying in my church, "Satan's a dirt bag. Ask me how I know." It's true, his attacks will only get worse from here on out, but We Are Overcomers!

  13. Dear Glynda, I thank God for the gifts He has placed in you. This is so spot on. Among my gifts are teaching, prophesying and healing.

    That old serpent has gone for the jugular of my job and finances; and is attempting to attack an area of health.

    However, glory to God the Great Physician has stemmed the flow, and decreed a clean bill of health for me.

    I belong to an intercessory group too, and the individual attacks and group fragmentation has been evident. It's down to two of us now praying for the groups restoration and protection; and persevering ahead with the vision God has given us.

    We will overcome the enemy by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony, in the Name of Yeshua Hamashiach! Amen