Thursday, November 10, 2011

Change Is Coming

I  had a really restless last evening and woke up in the wee hours of the morning and could not go back to sleep, even after praying. I found out today that many others also felt it, so I began to seek the Lord about what we were sensing. This is what He said.

This land has known a time of ease and prosperity and prosperity made fools of many who found the world too alluring to resist. I shall begin to tear down the false gods My people have chosen over Me and reveal their powerlessness one by one.

Some of you will weep as you see your false gods destroyed but this must be done, that you may know Me as the one true living God. Your false gods are only illusions the enemy has devised to steal your worship away from Me.

Many of you have felt a stirring in the spirit of late. You have felt weeping in your soul for the lost, those who do not know Me. You have felt My grief at those who will be lost in the end.

The time has come for My judgments to be rendered in the earth. Many lives shall be lost in what is coming. Many souls will be lost to the enemy if My people do not obey Me in this time. I desire My people would pray focused prayers - for the lost, for their cities, for their nations, that I may show mercy. If My people do not obey Me, some of the lost will be among their own families and loved ones. They shall suffer greatly for their lack of obedience in this time.

Tell them. Tell them I am coming. Tell them to be ready to hear My commands. Tell them to start praying and not cease until it is over. Tell them I am coming.

You shall see fearful sights. Men's hearts truly will fail them in what they see. A change is coming. Things will not ever go back the way they were after this change. This change will not appear the way you think it will. It will come softly, but it is a big change, behind the scenes, and the impact will be high. The change will not be evident immediately, but over time. Once it has taken place, however, it will not revert. You will not be able to miss this change once it has taken place, and you will know what it is.

You must tell My people how to prepare for this change. Tell them I love them (I heard such incredible sadness and grief in His voice when He said that He loves us!) Tell them My judgments are righteous and those who are judged now have time to repent. (There are people in whose lives God's hand of judgment is already beginning to fall - I saw in my spirit that these were the ones He meant here).
Those who are judged later will not.

Tell My people to pass before Me (I saw His throne in my spirit and felt He meant to pass before His throne by praying) and repent of every sin they know of they have and let Me help them. The time to turn from your sins is now - do not wait, My children! Do not wait, for time is much shorter than you think. Come before Me and confess your sins now for My judgments are coming to your land and many of you will not have time later. (I felt a really terrible heaviness in my spirit when He said that.) You must not neglect to do this. Even sins you think of as small must be confessed that I may forgive you now and you must turn from them. What is coming in this next year will create a rocky path for many of you to walk on, your times will not be easy. Difficulties shall abound all around you.

The changes you see happening now are only the very beginning. Some of you believe everything will return as it was and that it will be (what we call) "business as usual," but it shall not be so. Change is here to stay.

In coming months, you shall feel as if you are standing on shifting sands for there will be constant change. Some of these changes you may suspect are coming, others will be complete surprises to many of you.

It is time to move forward, My people, for time is short.

Psalm 96:5: For all the gods of the nations are idols: but the LORD made the heavens.

Psalm 106:36: And they served their idols: which were a snare unto them.

Luke 21:25-26: And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; (26) Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

Joel 2:13: nd rend your heart, and not your garments, and turn unto the LORD your God: for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness, and repenteth him of the evil.

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  1. Your radio broadcast tonight has confirmed some things (the crazy ones) and clarified others. Had this grief come over me on Sunday. It was like the grief of someone passing away and you know they never came to the Lord. I knew this for certain as an unsaved family member passed recently, their heart was so hardened against the Lord. I didn't understand it at first, and kept asking the Lord why was this feeling there. The answer had came at church when the Pastor had asked everyone to pray over our towns and families for lost souls to be saved. Many of us too are also feeling this holding of breath as well as an urgency to be ready here in southern Virginia.

  2. Michelle - Everyone I'm talking to almost without exception has been feeling this. Whatever is coming, there are many souls involved. I am so glad to know your Pastor is having the church pray for the lost - we should be devoting part of every service to lifting up those who do not know the Lord so they can also be saved. The Lord's grief over those who will be lost is almost unbearable. You are so right, it feels just like when someone dies and you know they are lost. He is pleading with us to intercede so He can save more while there is still time.

    Thank you for posting and sharing this with us all. I hope you have a very blessed week-end!


  3. I felt the *shift* today, after not having good sleep the last few nights.

    Today has been one of those day's when you feel like you're waiting for a call, or someone to stop by, or *something* to happen.

    Keep everything and everyone covered in your prayers.
    Pray Gods mercy and grace...and also just talk with The Lord every moment that you are able.

    God Bless you and yours

  4. Thank you, Glynda, for everything you do. Though I have not commented in a few months, I continue to lift you up in prayer daily. I myself experienced the restlessness you and the others describe this week, for me it began on Sunday and persisted through Wednesday. Somewhat like the feeling of having consumed too much caffeine, or having an adrenaline rush persist for a couple of days. The sense of an engine within me running at high speed. Tossing and turning and praying through the nights. This began after an intense and tearful session in the presence of God on Sunday.

    This expectant, restless feeling began in January and was so present into mid-February that I would sometimes stand looking expectantly into the sky of our rural area, as though the coming event was to happen any moment. It happened periodically through the spring, then tapered off until this past Sunday.

    My intercession generally focuses on a particular people group that God placed within my heart 20 years ago, and among whom I was blessed to live and minister for years. I have experienced an extra burden of sorrow, grief and weeping while praying for these people, especially their orphans, over the last week. I believe we are all partnering with God in laboring to bring in the harvest while there is still time--some literally in the mission fields, others through prayer.

    Yesterday afternoon during prayer, I asked God if he had anything He wished to say. Instantly into my mind came a song from childhood I have not heard in at least 35 years: "SOON, and VERY SOON, we are going to see the King". Praise God!

    One last comment. I felt led to memorize the whole chapters of Psalm 91 and Psalm 46, to be ready with these scriptures even if a Bible is not handy. I did so and now quote them from memory each day as part of my devotional time. These chapters really fit these times and may be good for others to commit to memory also.

    Much love and blessings you and all of the "Wings" family.

  5. Laurie, Thank you so much for your kind comment. I agree about memorizing scripture especially. I truly believe the days are coming when bibles will be outlawed. I believe the one world religion will be "love and peace" and no preaching about sin, or right from wrong. When that day comes, anything that talks about sin will be done away with, and we will need to know every bit of scripture possible to survive it. God bless you, Laurie - thank you for posting. ~ Glynda

  6. A while back, I was doing some research and was reacquainted with the story of "The Trail of Tears", one of the most tragic times in our country's history. During this time, President Andrew Jackson signed the "Indian Removal Act" and forced approximately 15,000 Cherokee Indians off of their land in North Georgia. They were treated terribly and forced to move to Oklahoma. During the trip, the Cherokees lost 4,000 members due to harsh conditions and illness.

    Our country has had a long history of mistreatment of people, whether through mistreatment of the Native Indians, slavery, prisoners of wars, etc. Much of the mistreatment over the years was in the name of money, land, gold, oil, control and plain old-fashioned greed.

    We serve an omniscient God Who doesn't forget evil deeds. The Bible says that we reap what we sow. Let us not forget Hurricane Katrina and 9/11/2001. How many people did we lose in both of those events?

    Our nation did not have pure beginnings. The government would have us to substitute the truth for fantasy. Historians don't paint the picture of a fairytale. Are we currently witnessing the American Dream or the American Nightmare?

    Many people have substituted patriotism for the Word of God. They look to the government for something that only God can provide. I have felt in my heart that this country may not be finished reaping the evil seeds that she has sown. God help us all to be cognizant of how we treat others and how our actions can result in positive or negative reactions in our own lives.

  7. lightkeepersjournal - Wow, your comment is so eloquently written and I could not agree with you more. I have some Native American blood in my ancestry and what happened to all Native Americans when this country was taken over breaks my heart. There is much blood on American soil and it cries out to God daily. It will be avenged, of that I have no doubt. I think that is when we will truly see the American nightmare unfold. God knows we have caused enough nightmares in the countries of others. ~ Glynda

  8. Glenda, I am eternally grateful to have just found you and your Blog/Website/YouTube videos last week. I listened to you live last night and want to thank you so much for your boldness in proclaiming God's messages. I have been asking God what He wants me to do, and these messages are helping me focus on what I need to do. Thursday morning, I awoke with a heightened sense of anticipation in my spirit, like something was going to happen. It was a urging in my spirit to do something, but I didn't know exactly what. We live on the coast of Virginia and are used to losing power due to storms. The strong feeling I had was similar to the anticipation of a storm coming. I spoke with a fellow Christian friend yesterday who said that she was also feeling a spiritual “sense of urgency.” After hearing your message last night, I feel calmer, like I now know where to focus this prayer as relayed in your message. May God continue to bless you. Thank you for what you do, and Bless you, in Jesus' Holy name. April

  9. April, Thank you for your comment. I feel that same urgency, like there is something important that needs to be done NOW. I spent quite a lot of extra time this morning interceding for the lost and plan to continue doing that, and am also spending some time examining myself for sins. I don't want Him to have to judge me :-) Blessings to you and thank you for posting! Glynda

  10. Thank you, Glynda. I really enjoy reading your blog. Many times I have tried to talk to people about the crime, corruption and ungodliness that goes on behind the scenes on the political and business landscape.

    In today's world, if you submit the fact that "things aren't as they seem", you're sometimes herded into the same camp as those who speak of alien abductions.

    Of course, what the government deems as "conspiracy theory" is actually business as usual. It's their cost of doing business.

    Unfortunately, many well-meaning Christians refuse to see the truth. The Bible says that the "truth will set us free"; however, a person must have a desire to be free. God will show us the truth, we must be willing to recognize it.

  11. lightkeepersjournal - You would make a really good writer or blogger, if you aren't one already. Your insights I believe are right on the money. The only thing is you might disappear like many of the truthtellers have, and we would never hear from you again.

  12. Glynda thank you for posting this and being obedient to our Lord. This was a confirmation for my wife and I this morning.

    I was given a dream last night in which the whole world had changed. I was not aware of what had changed but we (my family and I) were with other believers, in a strange place, the phones did not work, we could not find gas for vehicles. The internet was down and T.V.s were not working. When I went to call my family I got a strange set of tones and a lady speaking in a foreign language. Homes were empty for the most part and those we did see were attempting to sell their precious belongings for food. Most of those we did see were in a state of shock.

    Our group of believers were not hungry. We really did not want for anything but intel. Because nothing worked, I had a distinct feeling of isolation. We felt safe. But knew we needed to move on. I could not find out what happened but I knew one thing for sure, that the world was never going to be the same again.

    At this point I awoke and the dream was still very vivid in my mind, which is unusual for me. After a time of prayer and reflection I knew it was from the Lord but I had little understanding of it.

    Over coffee, I tell my wife about it and she was unable to make heads nor tails of it. Once at work, I checked my email and there was your post. I sat stunned as I read it.

    While we did not see anything truly horrific, the message is now clear. Our live sare about to change, the change will be permanent, and safety can only be found in God.

  13. Memsys, Thank you so much for sharing your dream with us. It is chilling to think about, and yet I feel it is truth. It also matches some things I saw in the famine visions I had the end of 2008. I also saw that I was under protection of some sort (not as in government, but as in what I saw could not touch me or affect me) and what I saw was horrific. The bare cupboards, the desperation, it was horrible. God bless you - please do keep us posted if you are shown more of what is to come. ~ Glynda

  14. Glynda, Thank you for sharing this Word. I, too, have felt the deep moving of the Spirit of God over us. I felt to get on my face to pray for the last week. The last time I prayed this fervently was when our son was in the first Iraq war. I have felt too, that there needs to be a time of repentance. Usually I do the Daniel fast that many do the first 21 days of the new year. But, for some reason, I have felt that I need to do that before this year ends this time.
    It is time to repent. Every time I have prayed this week I just weep.
    It amazes me when the Lord confirms things to us. But when the poster said that about memorizing scripture, that is exactly what I felt the Lord was prompting me to do several months back. I started with Psalm 103 (my fav.) and then on to Psalm 91. I do believe we must hide His Word in our hearts for the days ahead and to have to share with others. I have been especially praying for some of my son's friends who I know have said they are athiests. So many youth have turned away from God. But I do believe that God's heart is that they might be saved before it is too late. I expect to see many come to know Him soon!
    So, whatever is coming next we must have our lamps full of "Oil" and be ready, repentant daily, and ready to minister to others in whatever capacity He sets us in.
    I agree with you that I have this almost overwhelming sense that something is going to change drastically in the very near future. But if we are 'hid in Him', we need not fear. We were born for such a time as this and He will prepare and harden us for whatever difficulties we must face.
    May He protect and bless you and all of us!

  15. wow, thank you. so many confirmations in these posts. the Lord has been leading me to memorize scripture also, psalm 91 being the first. memsys, your dream is very similar to one i had this week. something had happened that had everyone in shock. in the dream i knew that the "something" was going to happen, but was in shock that it happened so soon. we found some food in an abandoned grocery store, and my youngest son immediately started to tear into it, and i corrected him for not praising Jesus first. then we all began to praise Him. after this, i knew that we needed to leave, and felt that someone would be after us, but i knew that God would lead our way and protect us.
    this dream was very similar to two other dreams that i had a few years ago in which there were missiles dropping everywhere. im not saying that this is the event in my recent dream, but they were very similar. also, every day the Lord keeps urging me to be wise virgin, and keep the oil in my vessel by pressing into Him, praying in the Spirit, reading the word, and obeying.
    May the Lord Jesus help and keep us all

  16. I love this post Glynda very good word.

    What I have found out is a group of religious leaders creating a organization called Interfaith, and what it does is bring all religions together as one for an up and coming one world religion, and they are actually fighting against the true Christian beliefs. Yes they will not preach against sin but condone it as God excepting it as a way of life. Deceiving and being deceived.
    Also when we stress the importance of Holiness before an almighty God it is also preaching against sin, but this Interfaith group of religious leaders will tell you, that it's OK to live an unholy life, and that it isn't possible, or even important.
    That is your False prophets folks they have been amongst us for years, but because of this administration in the White House they have come out more in the open. Obama went to a false Prophet's church where they live in sin and never get washed in the Blood of the Lamb.. They don't know what it's like to be free in Jesus Christ so they teach others how to stay bound by the enemy of their souls Deceiving and being deceived..

    Gay ministers are also part of this interfaith group inviting Muslims to come to their churches. If I understand the Muslim Faith right they are taught that it's OK to lie to further the cause of Islam

  17. I've been hearing folks talk about the month 11/11/11 and the day which equals the number 33

    I've been a Christian going on 33 years now and I'm still part of the Kingdom of God after all those years


    When I read the words "tell my people to pass before me", it reminded me of a military pass and review affair. The units line up before the Officers stand and at the correct timeing they march around and across the parade field and pass before the Officers stand for His observation and approval and then back to their original position. This is a pass and review parade. This is what I envisioned when this statement was made, a pass and review parade for the approval of the Commander in Chief, Almighty God on His Throne.
    This is David Wolfiert

  19. David, I had wondered what the Lord meant when He said that and I asked Him, 'Lord, did You say pass before You?' and He said yes, so I delivered the word as He said, without understanding myself what it meant. Thank you SO MUCH for clarifying that! It makes so much sense that now, when we know we are called into battle, and when recent words have told us to prepare for battle, that He would tell us to now pass before Him for inspection! God bless you, David. Thank you for posting this! ~ Glynda

  20. If any one is interested in what I posted about an organization called Interfaith, I've posted it over on the forums under
    ((( End Time deception )))
    Interfaith is a group of Ministers trying to create a One World Religion, and their are different web sites connected to this one as well.. They are going before congress all the time to make it a hate crime to preach against sin, or even another Religion like Islam

  21. Hi there,from florida,Thank you Glynda and everyone with what has been shared,wow! I have been desiring to draw so much closer to the Lord this past year. The Lord has been putting desires in my heart to live a life pleasing to Him.Glynda,you had said that It is going to be hard for people later,that have not pulled themselves from the things of this world.Amen! I to have been memorizing psalms91! I want to share a dream with you that I had years ago.I can still remember all the details clearly.I was on a beach,there was a damaged motel on it.I knew that at one time it was a very beuitfule motel.I went inside of it,and I was looking around,feeling sad,and a sense of dispare.I found myself sitting on a beam,the next thing I knew there was a man that walked in and he said to me that everything was going to be allright.The dispare left me and I was filled with such a peace.After this dream the Lord spoke to me and said that man was Jesus!Praise God He is are peace!And in closing I just want to say that I amen what you have shared about the trials that we go through prepare us for what is ahead
    Let patience have its complete work in you that you may complete LACKING NOTHING!! Blessings on you!!

  22. Lori - Thank you for sharing that dream with us. What came to mind when I read it was that a motel is a place where we stay temporarily, that is not our real home - kind of like this world :-) Blessings! Glynda

  23. Glenda,
    I didn't think I was prophetic, yet In January of 2007 I began to have this heaviness in my spirit. I felt that as a nation we were on the edge of a cliff and that we were about to go over. Since then I have been seeking the Lord and drawing close to Him. Through the circumstances of the last few years, I have had my eyes opened to the real world around us. It seems the more I am in the word and pray and place my dependancy on Jesus the more I see. And now I can see the cliff and I can see that we as a culture and a nation are headed towards that cliff and the spead at which we are headed towards it gets faster and faster. I thought for a while that it was important to prepare physically for what is coming, but now I see that it is our spirit man that we need to feed and build up in Him. He is taking us through an incredible journey and the outcome will exciting.

  24. c - I agree. America is headed straight for that cliff and the tragedy is that so few understand what is coming, or how fast it will all happen, and how complete will be the fall of it. God bless you - thank you for posting. ~ Glynda

  25. hi glynda this the first time ive ever posted. thanku for sharing ur messages.I would like to share a dream i had recently twice.I was out and about the sun was acting strangely i said to people this is a sign jesus it getting ready to come.days later in my dream i see flame like stones falling all over the place from the sky ,people r running scared panic setting in ,i am telling everyone to sing to the lord to praise him as i am running to find my family when i get to my home not all my family can be there for us all to be together. this dream has left me saddened as 4 of my children do not come to church or live a life commited to the lord .I keep praying they will turn to him before its too late .julie England

  26. Jules - Thank you for posting. I have had emails from a number of people who have seen the fiery balls falling from the sky in prophetic dreams and visions. I have wondered for some time where they were going to come from. Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Blessings ~ Glynda

  27. I too have had dreams and visions of fireballs, and they are always in twos. Does anyone have any insight to what that means? I also have felt that a great change is about to happen. It has gotten stronger this year since the Lord told me that a devastating earthquake is coming, even here where I live on the Gulf Coast. The Lord has been urging me more this year also to prepare myself spiritually. If we are hid in Christ, we will make it through just as Noah was hid in the ark and preserved because he obeyed by faith. Also, if we are faithful to Jesus, He will be faithful to save those we are praying for even though we may not see it happen. thank you everyone for being faithful to share.

  28. I also had a dream a few years ago,but I think of it as more of a vision. I have always dreamed a lot at night but this was not the same. I was just waking up during the night. Wondering what woke me up I opened my eyes to look at the clock to check the time. But, before me, suspended in the air, only a short distance from my face, was the arm of a man as though sticking through the window. This arm was massive in strength and looked like it was made of iron. The hand was a fist and was clenching dried, broken, grape vine twigs. It was powerful. I jumped to the bottom of the bed away from it, scaring my husband who woke up asking what was wrong. He turned on the light and said I was pale and drenched and looked scared to death. I told him what I saw and he showed me that no one could stick their arm through the window which was closed. I didn't sleep the rest of that night and kept saying that something bad was coming. I think the arm meant judgement and the fist holding the dried twigs meant imminent and definite, and the twigs were doom, destruction. I don't know the number of twigs but it was several 7-9 maybe. I think this means a time frame either how long it would last or until it began. This dream/vision was the scariest I have had and I have had some real doozies :)

  29. It is funny that you title your post as such. For about maybe 6 months now A phrase has turned up in my thinking over and over. It kind of just faded into the forefront, of my thinking, then confirmed by things I research or read. Anytime I feel something is from the Lord, I get plethora of confirmation. Anyhow the statement is this:

    Nothing is as it seems, and everything is about to change.

    The Lord has always been a bit cryptic with me, for it keeps me searching and not growing bored. The other thing that has been consistent in the many years walking with the Lord, is I always get the word , or dream, or inclination, many years before the thing comes to pass. Not always, but generally. For example in 1992 I had my first dream that I knew was from the Lord. Very simply walking up a very vividly green grass hill. To my right was a huge angel and when we got to the top of the hill and looked out I turned to him and he to me and he said the Age of Grace is coming to an end. That was it. Very cryptic and many years before the majority of folks are getting the same message. I have never been sure why either.

    I have always naturally been a clarion. I tell and warn everyone if I feel it is the Lord. I stopped for about 8 yrs though until about 2 yrs ago. Now I am much more careful about how I conduct myself.

    I and my family have already had our faith tested (and continue to) but once again I know that it is so that I can help others as they go through a time that in many ways is not so fun. Your words confirm that to me. Among many other things. I have a G+ account with over 500 people in a group. Mostly pastors and people starting ministries. I write a sobering blog 2 times a wk and send to all of them. Mostly about church and that for them to continue to use the same pattern that does not produce solid disciples, they are spinning there wheels. So many of them Glynda fit into your word. Oblivious to what is about to occur. I feel that I am there for a time such as is coming. Anyhow my burden has always been for the truly dedicated, but deceived people that fill the churches. I know the Lord is with me and leads me, but it has always been like a leaf in the wind.

    Praise the Lord for the Word!!!

    Troy Hansen

  30. I truly feel like dust in the wind right now. God has blessed me with a job for right now along with the ability to take care of my family, which I am thankful for. He has also given me the calling to procure specific knowledge associated with what He wants me to do next.

    He has also given me hardships. The circumstances surrounding my life are very fragile at this point and it would be very easy for any burden to come along and cause my family to lose what we have and make it very difficult for us to care for ourselves.

    But He has been faithful. He has taken care of us. For every hardship we endure I can also count at least as many blessings He has bestowed upon us.

    I am very anxious these days. I can feel God's judgement in the air. I can feel the storm coming, and I know that without Him I am helpless against it. I am nothing without Him.

    I hear the words of prophets like David Wilkerson and Jonathan Cahn, and the messages that God is sending through Glynda and I know them to be true in my heart. There are other prophecies and visions that describe what is coming as well.

    Glynda, thank you so much for the encouragement you send out to others. People will always need love and encouragement in order to carry on in the midst of fear and despair.

  31. Eric - I know what you mean about feeling the judgments in the air, and also about being at a very fragile place, where if just one more thing falls apart, it all will. I will say a prayer for you and your family today. It is for all of us who must walk through more wilderness experiences like yours that He is having me write the book. God bless you, Eric and thanks for posting. ~ Glynda

  32. Hello all.....blessings!! Timely message dear sister. I had a dream on 11/02/11..... The first part of the dream was personal, but when I walked into my house, I stepped into another realm. I seen a TV, and on the TV was an announcer showing on a map where an earthquake was about to occur.

    He said: There is going to be an 8.0 earthquake from Liecester MA to East Rutherford NJ. ( both real towns, there is also a fault line in that area ) The map had a red line drawing out the earthquake's length. I was immediately taken to a city with rolling hills. I seen many people running in the streets.

    I felt a tremor, then heard a voice say "4.2" Another tremor, slightly stronger, the voice said: 5.4" Then another, the voice said:"6.6" I could see a reporter at the top of the hill reporting. He then pointed out the ashphalt beginning to crack.

    I stood on a huge piece of of ashphalt which tetered back and forth, I was shifting all over the place. ( Shifting sands like your word!! )Then a tremendous tremor, I heard the voice: "8.0" Water came crashing over the hill as I started to slide down, I cried out to the Lord and the water stopped.

    I reached the top of the hill. I looked down into a huge city which was burning and the buildings were toppling into each other. There was a wide ravine filled with what looked like lava coming through the city. I stood in shock as I watched the destruction.....wake up!!

    I felt in my spirit the words "Change through crisis" As I looked up earthquakes in dreams, that was one of the descriptions. So much more to add, but will leave it here. Your word on the show was sobering, and this is a clarion call to all who have been called to sound the shofar!!

    Watchmen, gate keepers, intercessors, stand your ground!! Heed the word and deliver it!!

    " Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it. For the revelation waits an appointed time;it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay.....Hab. 2:2-3.....

    May the Lord be your cloud by day and your pillar of fire by night.....Always in His presence, Dwayne.....><(("<

  33. Dwayne, Wow, thank you so much for sharing that powerful dream with all of us. And thanks for posting!

  34. I had a dream I was standing in a field of wheat last night. An ocean of it. The sun was setting. It was almost like the Lord was showing me just how much time is left and saying, "The time of daylight is almost over." The wheat was blowing this way and that. It was beautiful and wonderfully golden. I couldn't help but think of the passage, "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers few." We must pray for a HUGE harvest before the daylight is gone! I pray to step up and do the work of harvesting. I feel the urgency and like at any moment this "change" you are talking about will be here. Thank you, Glynda for this word. Thank you for allowing yourself to be used of the Lord. Praise Him forever, He who deserves all Glory, Honor and Praise!

  35. Perfect Birth - That is a very powerful dream - thank you for sharing it with all of us!

  36. Hi Glenda I am new to your blog and havent been able to really read everything but I was wondering if you believe in the Pre-Tribulation or what? Just wondering. Thanks

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  38. Summer, If you are asking if I believe we are going to get out of here before the bad stuff happens, no, I don't. But I do believe we will be out of here before God pours out His wrath at the end of the world. I believe the tribulation period is a time of intense hardships and martrydom in all nations such as what we see happening in India and parts of Africa, etc., now. I believe Jesus will return to get us just before God pours out His wrath on the earth. This is what I believe He showed me around 2008 or 2009. If you want to read about the vision, it is one of the oldest posts here on the site, it would be under the posts for January 2011. Thanks for posting - if you like discussing the rapture, check out the forums section. Lots of posts there on it, I think. God bless you ~ Glynda

  39. All of this is such a confirmation! I appreciate Dwayne sharing that dream, wow! I so appreciate you releasing these words to us Glynda. I had a vision the night right before 11/11/11 and it hit me like a boulder. I have never had a vision in which I received a time period, so I wasn't sure if I should share it outside of my intercessor prayer group, but based on the the current string of comments I feel like I should go ahead and share. Vision: I was standing in a little coffee shop on the coast of Oregon looking out of a set of double doors that were wide open, I heard "8 weeks" and I new that these "8 weeks" were the doorstops that were holding the doors open. I sensed that after these 8 weeks were over the doors would shut. This was a very sobering vision. The town in which I was at in the vision is Manzanita which means little apple. I have had a feeling about something happening from one coast to the other in our country, New York is "The big apple" on one coast and Manzanita is "The little apple" on the other coast. I feel as though it may be in regard to "The apple of God's eye". Something IS very close. God is sovereign and on the throne, Praise Yeshua!!!!!!

  40. Glynda, I enjoy you message on "Change is Coming". The change I see in my family members and others is not a pleasant one, but one which must take place because of prayers being answered. I am sure your readers can relate to what I am seeing going on. I would like to relate, as an example, the situation with my own earthly father. He has a double portion of three of the deadly sins. The three that caused Satan to fall and eventually will cause the blotting out of his soul and existance. Pride- He was made one of the most beautiful and blessed of all but it went to his head, got the ole "Big Head Feeling". Envy or Jealously- He was given much power by his position of protector of the mercy seat but he wanted it for himself; he wanted to sit on the throne of Christ. Greed- He wanted "all" God's children to follow and answer to him. To dominate and declare his will upon "all"..... Dad will turn on his very own children to get another dollar or another inch of land. Do you know someone like this? I see the "change" happening to him and others. Ones I love and pray for. You see, if you love them and pray for them, God will cause them to humble down and change for the better or their sins and evilness (pride,jealously,greed) will magnify and intensify to the point that they will become exposed to everyone around them and it will cause alienation. It has been coming upon dad in waves for the past three years. He won't humble down. He is 74,goes to church every Sunday, and claims to be a Christian. He talks the talk around certain people, but he doesn't walk the walk. Know anyone like this? His increasing fits of "infantile narcissism" (self-absorbed and childish behavior), has caused most everyone to avoid him like the plague. Most days he is alone and sickly. The "change" is not always a pleasant one. It is a choice though......Mat 16:26 For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

  41. Folks ask the Lord to fill you with all of him so that your cup runs over with his anointing upon your life. Time is short and he is ever closer to the door then we could ever imagine or think.
    The Lord loves you so much and he wants you to have his fullness in your life..

  42. For the past several months, I have felt and sensed an "awakening", like God is prompting me to totally turn back to him, and give up my earthly pleasures. These "pleasures" are only temporary and quick fixes. I have a tremendous urge to leave them all behind. These thing include sin. Gambling, drugs, pornography, boastfulness. I am experiencing events right now in my life. I feel as if I am at a crossroads. These events in my life are painful and I did not know the purpose of them, but it is all so clear now. Be prepared !! Of what is to come !! I have NEVER experienced such strong feelings to turn away from "earthly things" and to focus on God, our father. It is getting easier for me. I feel God has granted me many graces, but this does not mean I am special or above anyone else. I have a felt a tremendous pulling of my heart strings. I have not mentioned to anyone these feelings, I guess I am waiting for someone to say it first, but time is running short. I sense chastisement, but also a wonderful joy to those who love and honor God. I have seen signs in the heavens, as I begged God to show me he was with me, and thought he had abandoned me. He never did. The sun did things that were impossible beyond all cosmic laws. This was a proof to me God cares for us and loves us so much, he does not want one person to die without knowing him. Atheists are really not unbelievers. They simply have not yet felt the love of God. Yes, change is coming. Suffering brings us closer to God, no matter how painful it is. You will understand this later. I have seen, and I have heard the whisper of God for me to turn away from worldly things. Peace.