Thursday, January 5, 2012

Vision of the Wounded Lambs

I felt strongly led to worship late one night this week. I had been in worship maybe ten minutes when a wave of grief hit me in the midsection. I felt the Father’s sadness and tears began to stream down my face as I began to pray in the spirit, asking the Lord to reveal what the grief was from, in case anything in my life should have grieved Him so. I was shown this vision:

The vision opened to a very dark and dirty place. I saw a group of baby lambs there and each was terribly wounded. He showed me in the spirit these are the lost ones, these are the ones no one has carried the gospel to, and that the darkness they are trapped in is of the enemy’s making, and they do not have the knowledge of how to get free, the knowledge we carry. Then I saw an arm come out of the darkness and in its hand was a big club. It began to beat one of the tiny lambs over and over with the giant club. Another arm appeared and began stabbing another of the lambs, one that already had unhealed wounds on its small body when the stabbing began. The lambs were horribly wounded and crying and there seemed to be no one in the dark place with them who even cared if they lived or died, or that they were suffering so terribly. He showed me these are those who are caught in the trap of addictions, and those trapped in abuse. They are the ones the enemy has lied to and kept from Him with his lies. They struggled pitifully and looked so bewildered at what was happening to them. I could tell they were terrified, but they had no idea what to do. By the time the vision ended, I was on my knees weeping, my heart completely broken by what I had seen happening to those tiny lambs when the Lord began to speak.

Many of My people stand ready to rescue My lambs from the darkness but they do not see a way. Tell them I will make a way for them to carry My gospel to the lost. I will move quickly for little time is left before there will be no more chance to save them.

The enemy has trapped them and chained them in the darkness (the lambs). My Bride gorges herself at the table of the world’s delights, meanwhile My people perish for lack of the knowledge of Me and My saving power. (I could hear His anger when He spoke of the filthy Bride. As He spoke of her, I saw a woman in a filthy, torn wedding dress slouched back in a chair devouring some kind of filth and nasty looking things from a big table that sat on the world. She acted like she had nothing better to do and she did not seem to care that the filth was getting all over her face as she ate. She grabbed greedily and just kept cramming the filth into her mouth.)

You are to be carriers of My power in the earth, My people! You are to go forth and preach My gospel to them while there is yet time. You must not waste any more time! Little time is left and they are perishing for the enemy has snared them. (I saw a steel trap in the spirit like those used to trap animals,  and Satan laughing as he approached to strike the last blow while the small animal crouched, terrified, unable to escape what was coming).

My people, you have been called for just such a time as this. It is not by accident you are where you are now. I have called you to preach My gospel, why do you delay? I am about to make a way for you to go into dark places where My little ones are, I want you to obey Me and go. You have prayed to Me and asked to be used, now I am calling you forth. (I saw that the enemy was increasing his attacks against these lost ones, to try to get them into his kingdom before anyone could share the truth of the gospel with them. He is launching major attacks at them – physical illness, finances, mental distress. The enemy is attempting to ‘beat them down’ and wound them through others until they lose hope and self destruct through their addictions and abuse.)

Do not delay. Souls are at stake and My lambs perish because My Bride is busy with the world. They are precious to Me and I desire you would carry the message I give you to them.

Do not delay any longer. Time is passing quickly now and there is no more time for playing in the world, My children. Do this for Me. Rescue My lambs!

John 9:4: I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.

Hosea 4:6: My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

Mark 16:15: And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

Esther 4:14: For if thou altogether holdest thy peace at this time, then shall there enlargement and deliverance arise to the Jews from another place; but thou and thy father's house shall be destroyed: and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?

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  1. Glynda,thank-you for bringing this message to us from Father. I have long experienced the sadness and grief that Father mentioned about HIS LOST LAMBS.Father give us the boldness to enter all the dark places to bring your LIGHT and WORD to your LOST SHEEP that they might be saved through your GOSPEL.For those who can't or because of poor health, you can still pray with urgency and contrite hearts that our FATHER'S WILL be done. Pray that the HOLY SPIRIT will open their spiritual eyes and ears and that HE will send them dreams and visions so real, that they will no longer be able to deny HIS HOLY GOSPEL. WE Love you FATHER,SON, and HOLY SPIRIT and we pray that many of your LOST and HURTING SHEEP will be freed from satan's grasp and come to the saving knowledge that JESUS CHRIST is LORD and call on HIS NAME before it is eternally too late. AMEN. Keep doing the will of our FATHER my family and keep praying with urgency and contrite hearts for our lost brothers and sisters. Dave

  2. Show me where I am to go Lord and I will go! Take this veil of confusion from me, help me to understand whatever it is I feel i am missing or not comprehending.

  3. Had just finished a seemingly unfruitful worship and prayer time. Then I found this and the flood gates opened! Lord, use us like you never have before- even the least of us who know Christ as our saviour. Let us be your light to guide your lost lambs home! Your will be done completely in us Lord. Gather ALL of your children home!!!

  4. Dave, I agree with you and am praying your prayer.

  5. Hello Sis Glynda, I was led to Sister A. Chenoa's website that the Lord blessed her with to speak to me of His perfect Divine Will for His flock and this is what was spoken to her from the Father, may the family of Yahweh/Yahshua be blessed: Time to 'Birth This Vision'

    January 5, 2012 - [1.5.12] - 5.21 Am

    I have had people ask me for a 'word' for the new year, but repeatedly, I must say that I am His servant, He is not mine. I cannot turn a 'word' off and on, as though it were mine. It is always the Lord's and only His glory.

    The Lord has many vessels He uses, countless voices... I am but one. The Lord has led me to re-post something from 2 years ago. (Is that not how prophetic words are? When they come from the Lord, all timing is His and His alone.)

    This is NOW the time for this word that He gave me. Be strengthened, be blessed and give the glory to the Lord alone. Bless His holy name.
    A B C
    Birth This Vision

    Revised by the Most Holy Spirit – April 18, 2010 – 2:18 am

    I was reading this piece that the Great Spirit Chief gave me back in January, when His Most Holy Spirit moved upon me and brought it more ‘up-to-date’. This is a most serious and sober time, for we are about to see things that we have never seen or heard of before, both in terrible things as judgment increases and also in outstanding, marvelous miracles (the greater works).

    In both, the glory and power of the holy Creator shall be revealed. Perhaps you are going through this now… perhaps you have already gone through it.

    Do you remember in the movie, ‘The Titanic’, when the ship was perpendicular and the guy and girl were hanging onto the railing as the ship began to go straight down and the man said to the woman, ‘’This is it!’’ ? Well, my brethren, this is that time spiritually.

    The signs in the physical are all around us. The ‘end of this age’ is ‘going down’. One would have to be blind or asleep not to be aware of it. If we have not been purified and sanctified already, expect it NOW…IF we are willing. There is NO TURNING BACK!

  6. Continuation: We are either serious or we are not. This is either our finest hour when we triumph over death (to self, flesh) in victory, or we were never serious in the first place. It truly is our choice. I encourage you; anything and I do mean ‘ANY THING’ or ‘ANY PERSON’ that is more important to us than our most righteous Father, our Great Spirit Chief, our holy Creator, Savior and King, let it go! Let it go now, no matter how much it hurts.

    The choice is ours. We can lose our life to gain it; or keep our life to lose it. It is now or never. Repent, be holy, final warning; the choice and the time is indeed now. Yes, my friends, it is either our finest hour of victory or it is our worst hour of defeat… Hear me well, for with great love I speak this forth.

    Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends [Jn 15:13]

    We must speak the truth to one another; we must lay it all down in love. Is the Lord our friend or is He our foe? The choice we make now will be the deciding factor. Choose wisely, my friends, let us choose very wisely, no matter how much it hurts.

    The fear (reverence, honor) of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding
    [Prov 9:10]

    He SHALL be glorified… in judgment, in justice, in His people… in ALL things.

    I love you, my brethren, the true Bride of Y’shua the Christ †

    Jan 4, 2010 [1.4.2010] – 4:14 AM

    Peace, be still. You must trust Me. I know you feel you are crazy and I know the outward appearance seems dismal. Yea, but I AM the Lord of the battle! This battle is Mine.

    Yes, there is a cost; go through. Just as Jesus, My Son was ministered to in His garden of Gethsemane (oil-press), so I am ministering to you. Do not look around you in fear and dismay. The blood of My Christ covers you – FEAR NOT. Rise above and see the work I am doing in you. Birth this vision. It is your destiny. First the blood covers, then it cleanses.

    Allow the purging; allow the purification; allow the sanctification. Arise, My beloved~! This is a necessary work! This final process must be for I shall have a holy people, the Bride of Christ shall be without spot or blemish. The fire is indeed seven times more intense, yet My perfect work and My perfect will shall be done!

  7. Continuation: Jan 4, 2010 [1.4.10] – 2:00 PM

    Trumpet sounds! I am gathering My people and demanding love and unity. The final remnant in Gideon’s army was chosen by Me. Now I am making My choices again. Yea, My choices are made.

    I am appointing leaders and positioning all My soldiers, all warriors. Many are being asked to ‘stand down’, while the lowly are brought up and forward.

    Yea, I have given you the victory, but you must go through the battle. Trust and obey. Wait upon Me and I will strengthen your heart – Wait, I say upon Me. Satan’s strategy is to divide and conquer and he believes he has divided amongst you, but I am the one who turns all things around.

    It is I who works all things together for good to those who trust Me and are called according to My purpose (Rom 8:28). Fight the good fight. Fight for your faith, fight for your brethren, fight for your vision. Know that the victory is in My hand and I have promised you victory. All that I have told you is true. Your fear is not of Me, for I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of power and of love, and of a sound mind.

    You long for and appreciate Me working with and speaking to you, yet you want immediate results with others.

    You overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of your testimony and you love not your life unto death. Without faith, it is impossible to please Me, for he that comes to Me must believe that I AM, and that I AM a rewarder of those who diligently seek Me. [Rev 12:11 – Heb 11:6]

    Do not let fear and doubt win. Take authority over them in the name of Y’shua/Jesus, My Christ, your Messiah. When you are weak, I am strong. Cast down vain imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of Me, and bring it into obedience in Christ. Rest in Me. Rejoice in Me, for I have loved you with everlasting love. I know and understand everything that concerns you.

    Remember this well – It is worth repeating. I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. Focus on Me. Look to Me, for I will gather you in My arms, My precious child. Though darkness looms all around, I AM the light that dispels it.

  8. Continuation: The lessons and the tests are most intense, yet they are necessary to strengthen you, for great evil approaches and shall soon manifest in grand measure. You see the signs. You know My signature. I want you prepared and strong.

    This is why I tell you to cast off all fear, doubt and unbelief. I do not do My work around fear and unbelief. These enemies are not from Me, nor are they sent by Me. Do not allow these things to cause you to sin, but rather lift up your shield of faith.

    Sharpen your two-edged sword and use them to come against the enemies of the cross and the enemies of Christ, which are also your enemies, for you are My child. My blood conquers all. Stick to the basics; keep upon the ancient path and follow all My commandments.

    The ancient path is the narrow way; the ancient path is the path that My Christ trod along. He is indeed the One who paved the way. He IS the way, the truth and the life. Few there are who travel it to the end and fewer still enter in at the strait gate. Do all that you have learned through the WORD and My Holy SPIRIT.

    Do NOT be moved by what you see and what you hear. Yes, man has been given the freedom to chose, yet I, Who AM Sovereign, I Who AM omnipotent, I Who is omniscient, I Who is omnipresent, I Who is omni-competent am FULLY in control.

    Remember Pharaoh? Remember Paul (Saul)? Pray and trust. Yes, your works do not save you, this is true. However, this is not just about works. This is about obedience and trust. You need not fear, for I am Spirit and I am Truth. My perfect love casts out fear.

    Do you not yet understand? Have faith. Faith without works is dead, yea, you cannot have one without the other. Faith produces the fruit and the works of obedience.

    Yea, a man may say, Thou hast faith, and I have works: show me thy faith WITHOUT works, and I will show thee my faith BY my works - For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also. [Jam 2:18 & 26]

    (Do take note, that the Body of Christ without My holy Spirit is dead also. Look deep into all things. Deeper and deeper still)
    Refrain your voice from weeping and your eyes from tears, for your work shall be rewarded, saith the Lord, and he shall come again from the land of the enemy. There is hope in your end.

  9. Continuation: Be prepared to fight for your destiny, but fear not, again and again, I say to you, that I AM the Lord of the battle. I will strengthen you to endure. Because you trust in Me, I shall move on your behalf. This is My doing and not yours; I will not share My glory with another (flesh) – no flesh shall glory in My presence. Do not look back, but go forward, trusting in Me to move on your behalf.

    And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.
    [Lk 9:62]

    Lo, if I be for you, who can be against? I have seen your sacrifice of joy; your sacrifice of worship; your sacrifice of praise. I have received it as a sweet fragrance in My nostrils and a pleasing sight before My eyes. Set your face like a flint.

    Do you not see how satan plays with you, yet remember it is not a game to him. He wars for keeps, for the thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy. Do you see his strategies now? Ah, but as you trust Me, I shall indeed reverse his work and the shame shall fall back upon him. Selah

    Yhwh: Offer up your ‘Isaac’.

    Self: Father? You mean… my vision… the ‘promise’ that you gave me? I waited all this time.

    Yhwh: Yes, I know. Give ‘Isaac’ to me, upon the altar of sacrifice.

    Self: But Father, I told others of this great promise. They will say I am not true. They will say, ‘ Do not fear that one for the thing they spoke of is not so… they are false.’

    Yhwh: This is not between anyone else but you and I.

    Self: I am undone… my heart, my heart. This is more than I can bear. It hurts…

    (I groan deep within, the travail is true. The pain is intense, the labor is real. The fire is increased; it is indeed seven times more intense. The time of decision…the choice must now be made.)

    (Yhwh, Abba Father, the Great Spirit Chief is silent. His silence deafens me.)

    Self: (bitter tears, deep groaning … in my spirit man, I lift up my hand. I cannot bear to look)

    Self: (great bitter sorrow, complete surrender) Not my will, but Your will Father. My ‘Isaac’ ‘my promise’ is yours… always was. (trembling in my heart...)Take my ‘Isaac’, my promise that you did give me, my Lord and my God (Yhwh) ...

  10. Continuation: When Jesus therefore had received the vinegar, He said, It is finished: and He bowed his head, and gave up the ghost
    [Jn 19:30]

    …for now I know that thou fearest God, seeing thou hast not withheld thy (ISAAC)… [Gen 22:12]

    For I shall have a holy people; a Bride without spot or blemish for the Lamb slain, sanctified and set apart…
    The Lion of the tribe of Judah roars. He is coming~! Worthy, worthy is He!

    original link -

    For HIS glory †
    penned by
    A Chenoa

  11. So glad to hear this message Glynda! I too, have felt like one of those lambs in the grip of one of satan's minions. I sense someone (several?) must have been praying for me, and I look forward to thanking them one day in heaven!

    I have been given dreams of other believers, and of their stories, as they 'fight the good fight' of faith. They have been a source of comfort and companionship for me, (as well as warnings,) which I have needed, being without a church that preaches the pure word of God. I've been sensing it is time to begin sharing them with others, for as you've said before, the hour grows late, and I know that I am not alone. To have them be an encouragement to even just one other soul, would make it all worthwhile! I am trusting the Lord will bring the testimonies, to whoever He wants to read them.

    Thanks Glynda, (And for all those who support you in this endeavor behind the scenes,) for standing strong in the faith!

  12. This is sad. We must not be afraid to minnister gace to the hear's. Many people are suffering without God in there life's. The whole world is full of lie's. Satan will try to stop God's people from going out to tell the lost the gospel. We must fight back with the lord's word's that the lord God gave to us as his children. Be not afraid of what's to come be strong. Amen!

  13. For Opinion: please don't feel sad that you don't get 'a word' or feel useless. God needs humble hearts like yours to pray for others. We have all been saved through Grace and for some of us it took a lot of prayers to get us there. Praying over your family, your town, county, and nation can bring many blessings and much fulfillment to you. Read the Word of God and let Him fill you with His Power and the Peace of His Presence. You do have a ministry, my dear. Be blessed and know that the Lord loves you very much.

  14. This touched me very deeply. I sometimes hate that I get so busy. Sometimes out of necessity to try and pay bills and get my car started again but I try to witness when I can and give money to missionaries. We all have to stop making excuses and be who God truly called us to be: Christian Missionaries to a lost and hurting world.

  15. I get like that sometimes, less now but yeah not having anything to say or not knowing led by the Holy Spirit in everything. yeah pray for people as they walk by, maybe also an opportunity to teach your kids to pray and advance in considering others. also found that sometimes with me it was due to fear, didn't want to be embarrassed or something, came to my attention when moved to witness to a complete stranger out of the blue yet nothing given to say, but felt strongly to go over there and open my mouth, felt like this was also a test, a chance to learn something, was afraid/felt dumb, but went over there and stuck my foot in my mouth(which is exactly as I put it in a thought before the Lord, ok You want me to go over there with nothing to say, ok I'll stick my foot in my mouth if needs be), and I asked, have you ever heard the gospel of Jesus Christ, (in america? so thought it was a dumb approach) turns out this guy had never heard, which dumb struck, what to do now with a person who had actually never heard? it was then that many things came to me and turned out well, seeds planted. so learned not to fear nor think ahead of time always about what to say, just do what led to do and yes often is just pray also. we plant, we water, God causes the growth. God's word goes out and does not return to Him void but completes the purposes for which it was sent. and praying as led is a part of many works, pray always. sometimes we plant, other times we water what another has planted, sometimes we get to lead them in a prayer for salvation in Christ!

    that was before all the media we have now and my church at that time didn't have a street outreach, turns out some just do that similar approach! lol. So the thing I learned was satan was trying to keep me down and I needed to confront my fears and sense of embarrassment, man-pleasing or wish to be thought well of-status etc. Now I can be a fool for God freely(but I'm not) and realize the whole world may say that but it's the Lord's opinion of things that matters and the world is truly perishing and satan has blinded/chained many to think many things about the gospel. But as with this message, a dark place where lambs are chained, and a light shone in the darkness. a lamp is lit to be placed on the table to light the room, so let our light shine that all can see. the world may rail against the gospel but it has exactly the power of chain breaking that they need and as Jesus said-they don't know what they do, and the life we now live we live for Christ and no one in Christ is useless, that's a lie of the enemy designed to keep us down in many things. if you've ever hiked up a river it gets smaller and smaller til the source, and it seems now very small in comparison, but without that small source and the other small feeder streams adding to the river down below, the river won't exist. Each has a purpose, we created in Christ for good works which He has prepared beforehand that we should walk in them and in Christ we've been given all that pertains to life and godliness.

    sorry, rambled there. let's go shine and break chains as led by the Lord! another way of getting the Word out is online, I'm noticing many are coming out of the woodwork and speaking the Word online too. but don't get caught in endless debates and strivings over words which doesn't edify the hearers etc and a fountain brings forth fresh water, not fresh and salt water, a mouth that blesses the Father doesn't then turn and curse anyone which I notice online more then in person happens. Like in this message and so many before let's purify ourselves and bear much fruit of the Spirit, know us by our fruits.

    draw near to Him, His Word is alive and the Spirit will bring to our remembrance all that He has said to us, He is the door, and He opens doors-of opportunity to work and more-which none can close, and rejoice always. the fields are ripe!

  16. Hi Glynda,

    I’ve been checking your website daily for a few months now and listening to your blog radio. I believe you are an anointed prophet, walking according to the pulse of God. Thank you for your obedience to Him.

    The Holy Spirit has been coaxing me to share a dream from a year ago on the day an earthquake that happened in New York was felt all the way down here in Towson, Baltimore, Maryland. I had the dream about 2 hours before we felt the tremor.

    I dreamed that I was with friends when all of a sudden an announcement came on the radio saying an earthquake just happened in “The Valley”. We stopped talking and I asked no one in particular “What valley? In Maryland?” I remember being amused that the radio announcer heard me and he answered “Mississippi Valley”. A second later, he said “The Ohio-Mississippi Valley”. He proceeded to say “Pray for all the people who are there – there will be a tremendous loss of lives and property”. I then saw myself standing somewhere in ‘the valley’. I looked and I saw that the ground was split. I saw water seeping in through the break and filling it fast, even making the split wider . I somehow knew the split extended all the way down to the gulf. End of dream. I was still in bed between 6 and 7 AM – it was a weekend - when the real earthquake shook our bed and woke me up.

    Later, I searched the web for this place and the maps showed it in the middle of USA where the New Madrid fault lies.

    Thanks much and many blessings,

  17. I had a dream, perhaps it was the same night. I was in a worn-out shed next to an old barn. The windows were broken, open to the elements. There was quite a bit of old straw, not yet matted down. I stepped casually into the shed, and stepped on something round and soft. uh- what was that? I looked down and realized with horror that I had stepped on a tiny chick. Had I killed it? I didn’t mean to; I didn’t know it was there. Oh, I’m so sorry.

    As I stared at the straw, I realized I could not take another step or I would step on another and there, another. The ground was filled with them, half-buried in straw. Many were swollen, deformed and hairless. Tiny, dirty and silent. I wondered why they were so quiet. They stirred a little when they heard me rustling through the straw, opened their mouths to speak but no sound came out.

    There was a small cage with 2 miniature calves in it. They did not have the strength to stand, and even if they could, the cage was too small for them to do it. They were trapped in a prison and could not get out by their own effort, even if they did have the strength.

    What were they doing here? Who had brought them here and left them? What are these, Lord? I asked.

    He answered, "These are the lost and forgotten around you. They are dying of thirst- thirst for My Word. They are weak from hunger- hunger for the food only I can give them. They need to hear about me. They need you to speak to them, to feed them My Word.”

    A young, golden-brown colored goose, still downy soft, waddled slowly up to me. I gently stroked its chest. It closed its eyes and stretched gracefully into my touch. I felt life stir.

    For want of true love, they all wither away and die. Your Love alone, Jesus, is what can restore us to true life. Your love through me.

  18. This is yet another confirmation of what the Lord is stirring in our hearts personally and saying. My husband and I are seeing the devastation and have heard the cry of those in bondage and "forgotten" we go to minister Jesus and pray for the sexually trafficked on the streets at night in Oakland ca. They are in so much pain and bondage so many lies but when Jesus breaks in the cold menacing streets change and so do they! Those being trafficked are the little lambs, those abused at homes are the little lambs, those that i go share Jesus with at the recovery houses, streets, emergency rooms- little lambs all bound by lies- it's only the LOVE and truth of Jesus that can break in- we must be mindful of our own hearts stay in our word stay in fellowship and deny ourselves so we may bring them Jesus in spirit and in truth= We are being trusted right now with His truth

  19. Glynda, Thank you so much for this. I cried as I read it. I have been feeling the same way and praying "for all." OPINION - if God does not provide the opportunity to approach people as you would like ( the two teenage girls), say a prayer for them, for God to draw them to the Light. That way, you are helping them...

  20. Glynda I was listening to this teaching for the second time tonight. I think it's profound and would be very helpful to all who listened...

    Restoring the Foundation:

    From GardensFromGraves

  21. Glynda, the Lord always uses you to confirm what He is speaking in my spirit. I've been praying for those that will be His for a while now. He has truly laid the lost on my heart. Now after reading all the comments, I believe we need to pray for boldness and for opportunities to arise to share Jesus, pray for, and love on those He is drawing and calling. We ARE the bride, we know Him, we need to pray for the boldness that the disciples had after seeing Jesus resurrected. They were no longer hiding from the Pharisees, they were bold, running into the streets, shouting for joy that Jesus was risen! They ran straight out into their enemies' midst, preaching the good news!! So let's pray for that boldness, that faith in Him to protect us, that trust that He will give us the words that someone lost needs to hear. Let's not be ashamed of the gospel of Christ! We need to remember to step aside and let the Holy Spirit speak through us, it's not us or our words, but HIS! Peace and blessings to all who read this. Come Lord Jesus, when the last soul is won, and not any sooner, though we long for that day greatly! Until then, we have much work to do.

  22. Amen!!! I have been feeling the same grief in spirit, especially regarding my friends still trapped in a spiritually deceptive and abusive group. May the Lord set them free by His power!!!

  23. This has to do with what Glynda said about the stabbing of the lambs...

    About four years ago I was sleeping deeply when the phone rang-around two in the morning. A voice on the phone was that of a man wanting to report a D.W.I. That sounded odd to me and my number was not close to that of the police. The man seemed very peaceful which was also strange.
    As I was about to return to bed I one of my dogs Rachel growled. Now Rachel growled when someone was outside talking and she would bark if they were actually in the yard.
    I went to the front door to look to see who was outside the house talking. I heard a woman yelling "He's stabbing me, he's stabbing me!" I then heard a man's voice saying, "Hold her up, she's falling down". Now, I could not see anything but I had my husband call the police and when they came they questioned the woman sitting on a neighbor's porch,smoking. This woman said she had had a fight with her boyfriend as to the why of her sitting outside in the cold and rainy night. When she spoke to the police she sounded normal but it was not what I had heard beforehand.
    The house where she was was Glen's house, a neighbor I knew but he was inside asleep. I had seen this woman sitting in her car a few days before and I had prayed for her in a passing way as one does and I knew she was demonized but until the Lord leads there is little else to do.
    I prayed as the Lord lead that those demons in her would be bound and kept quiet until such time as they were cast out, not to manifest nor to return to her.
    The next thing which happened was the wmoan got up, like a robot, and walked down to the front of my house and I spoke to the demons in her and said, "I know the name above all names at which all knees must bow and tongues confess". The woman then, standing in front of my house, bowed down and then raised up and went back to Glen's porch.God told me this was to let me know that should I be tempted to rationalize this away it was not mental illness.
    Shortly after this night this woman left the nenighborhood and I just saw her the other day volunteering at the soup kitchen.
    It was my first day to volunteer and she seemed completely different even participating in the morning devotional.

    A couple of things I will add is I prayed as God lead me to, (a)the binding and loosing is valid and in order to keep the demons from further wreckage until the freshly swept house is filled-matthew 12:45
    (b)the Lord showed me that after this was prayed some behaviors were habit but they would fall away without the demons actively driving them

  24. His wounded lambs are everywhere.

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