Thursday, May 10, 2012

America, America

Oh America, America, why do you fight for what is wrong and abandon those who speak what is right? So shall you be left desolate in the day of your judgments.

You claim to know what is right, yet you do what is wrong in the darkness of your chambers. In your heart is only blackness and no mercy shall be shown you in that day.

I shall bring another, great and mighty, to tear you to pieces. It shall crush you under its feet and trample your beauty, and you shall be no more.

You refuse to show mercy and so shall you be refused mercy in your time of destruction.

Woe to you who call evil good and good evil, and who seek your own glory at the price of others' heads. So shall your own head have a price among the nations and you shall be hunted and destroyed.

Prepare, My people, for the end of America looms near. She has many enemies who secretly want to see her brought down, and so shall it be done, for the Lord of Hosts has spoken it.

Isaiah 5:20:  Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

Jeremiah 13:10: This evil people, which refuse to hear my words, which walk in the imagination of their heart, and walk after other gods, to serve them, and to worship them, shall even be as this girdle, which is good for nothing.

Matthew 5:7: Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.

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  1. Does this mean war with Russia & China bombing and invading us? Just wondering. May God spare His true believers.

  2. The Lord has been very patient with US but as He said through many of His Prophets for the last 40 years or so, if there is no repentace then judgement. I think everyone knows late David Wilkerson or Chuck-JOHNEL Youngbrandt, they have been warning for so long that it seemed as it would never come, but the cup is now full and His righteous judgements must come on those will not repent. But God will make America a wilderness and therein He will hide the faithful from the face of the dragon. Glory to His Name!

  3. America & Russia have changed places. See the following for a defense of the Faith in an increasingly Holy Russia:

    For Fox Mulder, if it is a war against Russia alone, and the Russians invade and win, even though many of the liberal freedoms that America now has will disappear, you might find that conservative Christianity of the Orthodox kind, who support many of the ethical and moral values that you hold dear, may well replace the gutless wimps and church liberals that now masquerade as "christians" in the US.

    Remember, Putin, for all his faults, is not afraid of showing his Christianity by Communing in the Orthodox Church.

    Have you ever seen Obama (or for that matter Mitt R) unselfconsciously and without desire for media attention, attend a conservative, orthodox Church and take Communion therein?

    It was Putin that authorized the spending of millions of State roubles to restore Churches destroyed by the Soviets. The Cathedral on page 1 of this .pdf is just one such example of thousands - both cathedral and parish centre alike.

    A liberal America is sure to fall, and if it becomes a colony of Holy Russia, this result may therefore not be all that evil! And so this coming war, so eloquently foretold by Glynda may well have this upside.

    China's participation will merely have the goal of recovering the $trillions that America owes to China. And remember, even though it is still a communist country, there are more committed Christians in China than there are in the entire North America north of the Rio Grande & the Florida Keys.

    Fox, and others, God may well spare His true believers, as you so fervently desire, but the outcome may well be different to that "prophesied" by many Protestant Pentecostals and hence be "unexpected" to them . . . but at the same time, will be right in the centre of God's will.

  4. Hi Glynda - Listened to this live last night. Awesome! I am so glad that God has opened your eyes to what is coming. He has warned Lee of this for several years. I am thrilled that you see this government and country for what it really is. I used to be SO PATRIOTIC until I learned the truth. It's been this way for hundreds of years. People get angry when I don't support our government leaders or military, but I just can't! I know God will protect His own!

  5. Yesterday i had a fighting match with someone online that it's not ok to have Gay Marrige. It's wrong. And it's sick. And i also believe that it is sick for Homosexuals to adopt Children. Well i told them that Marrage is between only a man & a Women. But they got mad at me but i don't care at all. Glynda i have gotten rid of any thing even my thoughts of lust. Now i don't have those spider dream's anymore. Thank You Glynda & God Bless you.

  6. I truly believe in this as I too, have been seeing it coming for many years. Especially yesterday with Obama supporting gay marriage and refusing to help Mr. Chen in escaping from the Communist Chinese in his support of life and the right to life for China's babies.

  7. the post about the orthodoxy of Russia is true. When you look at Christian churches that are actively pro life and standing STRONG for righteousness you see Orthodox, Roman Catholic and most of the fundamentalist and spirit filled Protestant Churches. Yes, there are problems like the priest abuse crisis in the Catholics but those priests are being cleaned out by the strongest two Popes ever. In the mainline (Presbyterian, Methodist, Lutheran etc) all you have is increasing liberalism and the Episcopalians ordaining gays and women, etc. It is easy for anyone filled with the Spirit to see that the Lord is raising up a remnant of righteousness for these days.

  8. i agree about putin. he sounds more american than our government. i heard several of his speechs on european news, speechs NOT covered here. He hates our government. God WILL judge this country. however, i believe that this government will persecute us violently first before any invasion comes. yes, prepare for war.

  9. About Putin, He is not nearly as bad as western media make him out to be.He may be corrupt like all leaders are but looks out for the interests of his country and is successfully rebuilding it this is the main reason he is hated and demonized.

    The U.S government is evil and he is not afraid to point that out this is another reason they hate him so much because he refuses to submit.

    Russia is taking a stand against homosexuality(which is great) and is being demonized for it while the media says nothing about the genocide of Christians, destruction of churches and christian cemeteries in Libya by the Islamist governemnt(who by the way is made up of terrorist groups) the U.S and its allies put into power.

    Russia recently passed an anti-abortion bill which is good and is being demonized for it by western European mainstream media.

    The anti-putin protests in Russia are being funded by the U.S governemnt using "pro democracy" NGOs to topple Putin of course this isn't something mainstream media will report. Putin still has the support of the VAST majority of Russians BUT the mainstream media does not mention it and the fact that PRO-putin rallies are always several times bigger than the anti-putin rallies.

    Russian opposition leaders at U.S embassy:

    Putin won the election fair and square yet according to mainstream media the elections where rigged. There where webcams at EVERY polling station so the elections could be monitored by anyone but did mainstream media even bother to mention ? NOPE

    The U.S government and its allies are funding, training and arming Islamist terrorist groups in Syria and blaming Assad using mainstream media and the UN as pretext for "humanitarian" intervention(like they did in Libya and blamed the violence of Gaddafi).

    Russia took a stand against their actions in Libya and where demonized for it and now are taking an even tougher stand on Syria to prevent the U.S and its allies from destroying that country like they did Libya and are being demonized for standing for whats right.

    In August 2008 the U.S governemnt ordered its puppet in Georgia to invade South Ossetia knowing very well that most of its citizens held Russian passports and Russia had peace keepers protecting the area. Putin stood up for the Russian citizens in south Ossetia repelling the Georgian attack but the truth was never reported by the mainstream media instead the media claimed Russia attacked Georgia for no reason.

    The present governemnt of Georgia actively works with the CIA in sponsoring terrorist groups operating inside Russia which is an act of war. The CIA was also behind the insurrection in Chechnya.

    Of course Putin is not perfect but he is not nearly as evil as the powers that run the U.S,U.K,EU and arab league nations but the mainstream media will never state the truth.

    The U.S government since the end of world war 2 has been interfering in the affairs of other countries and robing countries in south America & Africa of their natural resources(for the sake of corporations and other special interest groups) and assassinating those that dare to stand in the way using the CIA.

    The country is hated for what the government has been doing in the name of its citizens for decades.

  10. The wickeness of this nation sadly has to be addressed. Sadly alot of sincere but praying believers think that America has just been a little "Naughty" and needs a few swats on the bottom. They really don't want to face the things this nation has done under the guise of "christian" principles. They justify it by saying well look at the other Godless nations and what they are doing. Yes and Yah will deal with them, but because this nation has claimed to serve God almighty and claimed the bible as their guiding force the punishment is more severe.

    The bible says in Luke 12:47-48 47 “The servant who knows the master’s will and does not get ready or does not do what the master wants will be beaten with many blows. 48 But the one who does not know and does things deserving punishment will be beaten with few blows. From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked."

    So those of us well meaning believers that keep comparing our nations sins to other Godless nations must realize we will hold a greater accountability before Yah than the Hindu, Buddhist, etc or nay other pagan nation because we should know better because we have he bible and claim to follow it. We cannot compare the two. When it comes to Yah's blessings we want the lions share, when it comes to the punishments we want the paupers share.

  11. I dont understand the relevence of vladimir putin to the prophecy revealed here.
    This much I do know. america is not mentioned in any way shape or form in the book of revelation as being represented @ armegeddon. Russia IS, but not on the side of God. Vladimir Putin will hardly lead any "charge of the light brigade" in the battle of armegeddon.
    America is not, and has not been, the "good guys" of the world that we all thought, and were taught to think, it was. If you really study the events of the last 2 centuries you will understand what I say.
    Look at how the military and what they are doing across the globe, is glorified in every corner of our media.
    American Christians you had better wake up.
    What we as a nation are doing and have done, is evil. God sees it, and every nation we have perpetrated the evil against, knows it.
    I can write 10,000 words detailing what I have just said, but it is a matter of understanding, not knowledge.
    Christians, America is not what you believe it is.
    The flag should NOT be posted in the front of every church in America, like it usually is.

  12. @DeuxBuckChuck

    Putin is rearming and preparing the Russian military for war with the U.S in response to the constant covert attacks on Russia. He actually stated that the Russian military should be fully re-armed within the next 10 years.

    The day will come that Russia AND china will attack and destroy the U.S so Putin is very relevant to the prophecy. Unfortunately New York is Babylon of Revelation 18:2-10(but applies to the entire country, many have seen visions of this)

    The missile defense shield the U.S is building in eastern Europe is directed at Russia its part of the "Russia encirclement plan" this and a number of other actions has made it very clear that the U.S will seek to destroy Russia no matter what. As a result Putin is already re-assembling the old soviet union win form of a "Eurasian union"(it will be non communist this time).

    When Israel strikes Iran the Russians will use the chaos and the massive increase in petroleum prices to annex many ex-soviet republics(using energy blackmail or "persuasion" ). Unfortunately this is the only way to counter the U.S encirclement. This is why the Russians refuse to sell Iran air-defense systems because they want the nuclear facilities destroyed.

  13. @DeuxBuckChuck

    I refer you to the below re Russia:

    Russia Is Not Magog
    From THE COMETS OF GOD by Jeffrey Goodman, Ph.D.

    This should lead you to a link with a 21 page .pdf.

    Without copy-pasting large amounts of copyright material herein, I will summarize from this .pdf:

    1) Slavic Russians of Viking origins are most assuredly NOT anywhere referred-to in the Bible.

    2) There is NO ancestral connection between the Scythians and the Slavs.

    3) "Gog" is "guggu" - somewhere in Asia Minor.

    4) The "Magog" of "Gog" is the king of Gog - and is used as an archetype of totalitarian evil

    5) The idea of a "Russian" invasion of Israel is is based on a concantenation of several faulty, suspect, inaccurate and erroneous mis-identifications by a series of Bible interpreters - including as far back as Josephus.

    Jerome is also implicated in this error-chain, and thus the entire Latin west.

    To quote the .pdf: "in the book The Destiny of Nations by nineteenth century Pastor John Cummings, one of those credited with being the author and popularizer of the Bible interpretation that calls for Russia invading Israel".

    Thus the Scofield Bible & Hal Lindsay etc.


    Since the Viking/Slav Russians are Biblically nowhere involved in an eschatological battle on the side of evil, they can as legitimately be still involved, but on the side of Good.

    The posts by judjohns & aia125 are true. It would be the ultimate falsification of so much Dispensational evangelical eschatology if an increasingly Holy Russia were to invade America - as the agent of Yahweh - to punish evil and establish true Godliness in America.

    Where this leaves so much Dispensational eschatology is in precisely the same place as was the Jewish eschatology around the time of Jesus (Yeshua). There and then, the Jewish escatological "experts" had their "end-times" charts with every "i" dotted and every "t" crossed.

    Yet with all this "preparation", they failed to discern the arrival of Yeshua as their Messiah and eschatological hope - and they crucified him for messing-up their tidy "end-times" schemas.

    Glynda & others, let us not be similarly led astray. Let our lamps be trimmed and burning - for at such an hour as ye think not, the Son of Man will come in glory to judge the earth.

    Peace be with you, and may you be found ready for Him when He comes and comes soon.

  14. Just heard "America, America." You are the only other person I've known who has also heard that Christianity and Bibles will become illegal in America. All my friends think I'm crazy.

    I will say, I don't know if this will be "all" Christianity, or just "True" Christianity.

  15. I do not know why any country would have to invade us when we are fast becoming a habitation od demons.
    Anyone read where a man (not unlike the man of Gadera) was naked along side an interstate ramp in Florida eating another man's face?
    Or a mother and wife (Amanda Logue)leaves her family to become a porn star and prostitute then co-commits murder?
    Yes, when people turn away from God and the only light the world has, they become a habitation of demons. This may be your invasion.

  16. Earlier this year, I had a dream that confirms a yes to the first person's question in the comments.

    In my dream, I was looking up at the sun, as if I had heard that something signficiant was going to happen there. Then a voice began to speak with me. At this point, I was sort of floating, or up above the US Map as like part of the globe. The voice said to me,"this is where you need to look." So I followed him with my eyes. I was stunned when I saw a bunch of oblong shapes floating along West coast - Pacific Ocean. I first thought, Whales, but then realized that I was seeing many submarines. Too many to count.

    I asked my helper, the nice man voice about the East Coast, and then from the position up above, the view of East coast was placed with in view. I was submarines there too. I counted 34-38 of them. Oddly, the subs thinned out to none near the top of Florida. On the tip and Gulf, there was nothing in the water submarine wise. The Border of Mexico was clearly a safe zone for Mexico. I saw ememys all through Central and South America. I then saw the many subs in West again. Maybe most North of Santa Barbara and all the way up.

    I saw a fog, like smoke up high over LosAngeles. I asked if it was from a nuke, and the answer was not. I was told, "something like agent orange."

    I knew that Russia and China, and specifically China was on board on the subs. Later, I asked where they could have come from? I then saw several leave with wakes in the water - wrapping up North toward Alaska area maybe.

    I remember asking, Oh God, but how could we not have known. I was told, but we did know. America, in Washington, had hesitated too long. They could have stopped them, but did not move quick enough.

    I left with the impression, that this particular force did not make landfall. The air was toxic. It was not going to be a quick death for people. A slow death and lots of terror.

    I think some people will get on their boats in California and try to escape. The subs just let them pass by.