Thursday, April 9, 2015



Fight to escape the snares of the devil, My child, for he desires you never leave his grasp. I have truly given you all you need to get free, but you have believed his lie you cannot escape from your sin.

Rebuke his lie and be free!

There are great rewards for those who overcome. Overcome evil and do not associate with its likeness again.

Too many of My children allow evil into their homes – into their eyes and ears, and think little of it, but there is a price for compromise with the enemy of your soul.

NOTE: When He spoke this last part, I saw television violence and music with cursing in it, and I saw huge groups of demons coming into a home with both of these.

Be hot or cold, not lukewarm, that your rewards may be full.

1 Corinthians 10:13:  There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.

Romans 12:21:  Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.

Revelation 3:16:  So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

James 4:7:  Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.


  1. Thank you for sharing these words.I will be honest this word is speaking to two different areas of my life. 1) this is exactly what I was thinking about the house I'm in the day/night I was dealing with the rage/fear/drama issues. But I can't directly take away another family members music or stop my sister from watching violent tv. I've mentioned it...and 2) The reason it bothers me so much is because violent tv really disturbed me as a child...I was super sensitive to it and am sometimes teased that I don't really watch tv anymore (unusual for a young person I guess).The enemy started attacking me and presenting lies to me that I acted on at a very young age. I've always felt it was easier for me to be hurt/react and that it was my fault for being weaker then others. I don't see it so much as weakness now, but more as my unique personality. I am allowing God to lead me and change me...the enemy has been trying to tell me I can not get free from my sin and therefor lying to me about how limited I am to take authority and to live out of love/walking in the light.

    I know in my spirit that I can "overcome evil with good" but I am currently having to battle the lies to clearly see what I am called to do. I don't think it's moving right now...I think it's choosing a lifestyle of love that looks starkly different then what I've grown up believing and that will testify and help pave the way to clean up things around me.

    Anyways, I know it's time to act pray that I will be receptive to what God is telling me. I want to do it right.

  2. about the violence does God refers to anything violent like chuck norris action films or just sick iluminati movies like "saw" "silent hill" disney's "brave", "paranormal activity" etc....

    This post was so important to me, now I know it is my responsibility to get free from sin "I have truly given you all you need to get free" and all these years I have been asking God to deliver me from addictions when it is me who has to overcome.

  3. Can I just ask a sincere question , and I'm just being honest and would like someone to answer this , if watching violence attracts demons , and I do not doubt it does , truly I dont , but when we read the bible , especially the Old Testament , there are clear cases of God using warriors , who act violently , So why would God ask some one to do something that would attract demons on his own life ?? Just a sincere question , there are plenty of examples in the bible of God using people who acted violently , David and Goliath is just one occasion , thou there are many more , so if watching violence attracts demons , how much more being violent would , yet at times , God seems to ordain it , a sincere question , hope someone can answer ,

  4. Mark Pierce, That's a fair question. I think the difference is that God's Word is imbued with His Spirit, whereas television, movies and music of the world clearly aren't.

  5. Posted by Permission from an email a friend sent me in relation to the frequency God has been speaking to us:

    Hi Glynda
    It has just accured to me as to why i think God has been saying so much to you for us.
    Not that he cant and dosent speek at other times but i have found and need to look into it more
    that when some of the old testement writers would give the month and the day that the lord spoke to them for us
    that they were on days that already were feats days or would become those days and if you count
    the 3rd at sunset you have givin us a word 6 out of the 7 days of passover. Interesting Huh?

  6. Also one is witchcraft and entertainment designed to seduce you into false beliefs and altered realities and the other written for our instruction and renewing of the mind. It's one thing to watch something for entertainment purposes to feed the flesh and another to see it in real life and stand against true evil. Hope this helps, I've found myself watching even a lot about what is coming and being entertained by it verses moving in Godly fear to warn others and live a holy life. Thanks for your ministry, it has truly been a blessing to me and it testifies to my spirit often.

  7. To:A
    I Know that your in a hard part of you walk with the Lord,But believe me...If you continue to bring youself into subjection to God,You will look back at this time as a blessing. I know ecactly how You feel. God tolled me you are a prophet. And a prophet is not without honor except in his home town (family).This is also the reason you are getting strong demonic opposition. The devil dosent want you to have victory and be free, becaus then he cant work in secret. As a prophet you are misunderstood and feel alone even with friends and family. And I know the only thing you can do is surrender it all to God. Then you can Be filed with His perfect love, and show that love even in the face of regection to every one. God will use you in amazing ways. God bless you...A

  8. TOTTALLY agree , witchcraft and divination is being drilled into the general public through t v , I've tried warning so many about all types of divination , tartot cards , mediums , tea leaf readers etc etc , it's rife where I live , therse people genuinely believe they are contacting a higher realm , well technically there are , a satanic realm , satan loves the occultiists , not only has he decieved them , but satan knows they have opened up horrific spiritual doors on that occultist generation , have you ever tried to tell an occultist what they are really contacting ? I have , thier spiritual Pride comes racing to the surface , you soon find yourself in conflict , no one likes to admit they have been decieved , and satan uses that pride to keep them in the deception , this stuff is ripe all across the t v channels , and generations are lapping it up ,

  9. Ronsferd I agree, thank you for sharing and God bless you! I prayed for a confirmation from God about something else, and had my heart wide open to receive words.
    When I was a little girl I prayed that I would hear God like Samuel. I didn't want to become a Christian until I was older.I thought it meant praying/ reading my Bible daily and I would fail. I didn’t understand love (my parents did not love each other so they were bitter about love).Now I read the Bible and pray so much...not to earn God’s love, but because it is fun ,refreshing, and helps me hear God.

    I was into the Harry Potter series from age 8-13. In the books are a lot of truths about the spiritual world but they are spoken from the enemies perspective so it's mixed in with lies and is a lot about witchcraft.. From age 4 to recently I had issues with self harm, perversion, violence...etc. I was saved at 13. Most of the attacks were personal & only I knew... I felt lonely. At 4 I told my mom a dream & she reacted so strongly I was afraid to share anymore...At around 12 I opened the door to allow the enemy to attack me with anxiety/ panic so bad that I thought I would die. God saved me through 1 John 4:18 "no fear in love".

    My family has been under attack all my life.. When I was about 3 my uncle committed suicide. I remember being in his apartment and feeling the evil. My grandma says I was the 1st person to ask where he was before anybody knew he was dead. I can't talk about these things in many settings so it’s nice to speak here.
    Apart from my Grandpa (who died when I was about 4) and a few older people who said they felt God calling whole life most people have been hostile and I know often times they do not realize it. I had a few friends, but not really. Passover has always been my favorite holiday (although we didn’t celebrate it), it brings so much joy/peace to me.
    I had a dream about a snake in the house and I was the one with authority to remove it, but I held back. I am to be a light to my family somehow. I’ve had dreams of personal future events, and a few about the world. I have a lot of bad dreams...some because I feel evil in the room and it influences my dream...similar to when I am asleep and the tv or a light is on and it influences the dream. I did quietly pray for deliverance for my brother but I didn't help him turn his life around …so he woke up from an attack...was free for a few weeks and it got worse. I am praying that if I can't help that God will send people. I’m thankful for this ministry helping my discernment.

    I feel unclean. God is telling me I am purified by what Jesus did on the cross... as I type this I struggle with it (please pray).
    Now most of my insight is for a relationship. I feel we are meant to be married, but I am not able to say because I don’t know love as well as I should. We love each other (had dreams before/ after meeting him) we are under construction. He is 22 like me & I've been giving him personal words of knowledge for 1 1/2 years. He takes my words and thanks me. He encourages me/ watches out for me. I don't want to hurt him & feel I need to protect him. His life is under attack too. He is open about his flaws, and is starting to seek God (and is almost there...I haven't said anything about Jesus directly to him, it's just happening)... he is not who I would expect God to put me with [thoughtful, attractive and athletic]. God keeps giving me words about his future/past and dropping his name into my spirit to pray over. We spent a lot of time together, & I felt so much peace. After seeing so much divorce and hatred...I’m sensitive to the idea of being in love. I started avoiding him and it caused problems for both of us, but whenever we are together I feel like we have to always be together…either apart or together.

    I have to learn/grow. I’m careful with my words and everything I said I have thought about for a long time. Hopefully it's okay.

  10. Thank you Glynda for not ceasing to share what the Lord is showing you for us

  11. Word for: Ooh Shalida.
    I feel God gave me insight for you. I feel he is saying: you are walking in circles in the dark—every year so much is the same. You need to step out, break the ritual of your life and walk in the light of love—fully trusting Jesus our savior, shepherd, and friend. He is the God of peace and comfort. He loves you and wants to set you free. Follow Him into the light and He will heal you. Seek Him daily and He will sustain you.

    *1 John 1:7*

    God bless you, and I personally pray it won’t be too hard for you to get free.

  12. "A" wanted to share a word I received a few years back as I was speaking to a local church I was attending at the time. I had been going there less than a year but was close to the pastor and fellowshiped often with him. Basically I had been feeling a burden in my soul almost every other week to stand up and speak to the congregation about the things coming to the lukewarm church and America. I had been recieving a lot of insight into Cain and Abel and was going through some real tough times. I remember asking The Lord at one point " why do I have to suffer so much" and I heard in my spirit " for them ( I was up front of the church looking at about 50 plus church attendees) so that you do not care what they think of you when you get up to speak" I also feel like at another point He said " someday they will kill you (lukewarm church folk) but you will never die" this was while I had been studying about Cain and Abel. I am not saying all who go to church are lukewarm but many are. If you are being raised up to be a prophet I am pretty sure this is the road taken. It is often lonely and misunderstood but totally worthe it as you grow and walk with The Lord. Hope this helps, stay strong and put on the full armor of God daily. Been reading Perry Stones "Getting on your God gear" great read! God bless.

  13. Mark Pierce - There is nothing wrong with your question. I, too, have wondered about things in Scripture that did not seem "right" to me. I always end up back at Isaiah 55:8-9 "For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways, says the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts."
    If God was bound by what seems logical to us, or by what makes sense to us, He would not be God. As Glynda reminds us, where God guides He provides. When God guided David to eliminate Goliath, God provided David with all the protection he needed.
    God knows our intentions and the desires of our hearts and God can not be deceived. Our job is to hear God's voice and obey.
    In Scripture it is clear that God does what He wants, when He wants, and how He wants. There is no set pattern. Just obedience.

  14. Thank you for sharing your experience Micheal Stafford.

    I agree that many in the church are lukewarm. I think part of the reason (in my experience) they aren't being fed the Word in a way that they can take...there is too much religion and not enough hearts being touched and changed. The Word is taken out of context or spoken out of season and people feel like simply hearing the Word is enough.

    Anyways about loneliness. That is a tactic of the enemy because prophets have lots of love for people who don't love them or even know them. I realized that when I cry over/think over issues in other countries/locally that it is part of that love. I haven't fully given in to the heart God has created in me...but the empathy for other people is still very obvious. The way to deal with that is to thank God for who he has put in your life and being thankful in general. His presence is beautiful Psalm 16 is what came to mind. Especially this verse,Psalm 16:11 (NIV) You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand."

    Being alone in His presence is so wonderful that I often would get upset that I had to be around people. There has to be a balance. His presence is always there during alone time and even around others.

    Stay encouraged.