Saturday, November 7, 2015

Your Calling

Trust Me to lead you into your calling, to My Work in the Earth.

Those of My children who know not your calling, trust Me. Seek My Face with all your heart in worshipping Me, in prayer often, in My Word daily, and I will guide you.

Trust Me.

Matthew 16:24  Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.


  1. Glynda the "t" in heart is missing. God bless.

  2. Glynda, please change "hear" to "heart" in the second paragraph.

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  4. I've posted before , that any revelation I get from God has been after worship , or even during , I do , we are ALL sinners , God has no favourites , and his blood covers everybody's sin , if your not hearing from God , pray more , read the word more , and WORSHIP MORE , God became a man , and choose to die a horrible death for us , for YOU , humble yourself , who ever you are , humble yourselves at the foot of the cross , DO NOT PUT YOUR HOPE IN ANYTHING ELSE , please please don't , christs blood was and still is your ONLY ATTONEMENT FOR SIN ! There's no other pardon! God became a man 2000 years ago , he lived , performed COUNTLESS miracles , walked on water , turned water into wine , calmed the storms , etc etc etc , as you would expect God in flesh to do , he PROVED HIS DIVINITY , and the 1st commandment is to have NO OTHER GODS BUT HIM , all the way through the bible , God warns us of building false temples and proclaiming that this is God , theese are an abomination to him , do not be fooled by man made empty religions that offer NO SALVATION ! It's christs highway , or no way !

  5. I'm no great bible scholar , but I'm lucky enough to be lead by the holy spirt , and I've learnt to rely on that , Never let me down yet , but the religious people of thier day ( Old Testament ) had a forum , they had a stysten , yet when thier awaited saviour came , they rejected him , he was the promised messiah , yet they were so intrenched in a religious system , that they couldn't recognise God in flesh , they had a forum , they ignored thier promied messiah ! Nothing has changed , we still go after false gods to appease us , build false idols , and claim them to be so , God ! I proclaim a STAND , there is ONLY ONE GOD ! God the father , God the son and God the Holy Spirit , 1x 1x1=1 ! Jesus Christ was God in flesh , this is the one and true UNIVERSAL STATENENT , and I REFUSE TO BUDGE ON IT , it's time to make a stand saints !

  6. Wow , just been worshipping ,just got a revealtion , yes I have , ! We are not called to be passive Christians , I am serious , I'm getting this right now , WOW , we are to be like Christ , to turn over the the tables of false religions , yes we are , as Christ turned the tables over of the money changers , so are we , we are called to turn over the tables of false religions , in Jesus's name , we are NOT TO ACCOMODATE THE GOSPEL , I

  7. Not to compromise the gospel , spelling mistake ! I was soon corrected on this , what a great father we have , and he did , so so blessed to have a living relationship , with the living God , and p , s , he does has a sense of humour too

  8. Amen brother Mark, amen! Our God is mighty awesome God. Praise Jesus! Glory to His Wonderful Name. To Him who sits on the Throne and unto the Lamb; be blessings and glory and honor and power, forever!!! Halleluyah!

  9. The Lord showed me my calling. He showed me what I am going to do in the end times in a dream. Before I even told a trusted prophetess that I know my dream she prophesied my calling and what I am going to do for God. I am willing and I am going to be obedient unto God untill calls me home. God allowed me to see what I am going to do for him in these end times in a dream and I didn't even know I was capable of being one of his bold soldiers. Pray for my strength in The Lord saints! Since now I know my calling trials and the devils attacks has been hitting me left to right. God has been showing me dreams and visions alot also. But I refuse to let my Lord down! God showed me Satan coming after me also in a vision. But I got my running shoes on what shall separate me from The Love of God...nothing!

  10. I do want to say something about what was originally posted.
    Comments started about the "missing T".
    How it was written was trying to convey another message.


    John 10:27
    My sheep will hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.

    Blessings to you all,