Sunday, February 5, 2012

I Will Give You the Keys

I  was in prayer about a type of ministry I desire to see spring up in the place where I live when the Lord began to speak to me and show me some of the reasons why He called me to the city He called me to move to here in Texas, when He spoke this word to me.

My people do not realize the importance of the places in which I have placed them in this time. They know not the plans I have for them for they are busy seeking about them for provision, provision which they need not search for if only they will seek My face instead.

My people, the enemy has deceived you into thinking you must make your own way in this world when I have a better plan for you. I have placed you where you are for a season, for a reason, and that reason will be revealed to you if you will only seek Me for it.

If you ignore My plan for you in that place, My blessings will not flow readily to you and you will miss some of what I have for you. Seek Me for your purpose. Seek Me about your destiny. Seek Me, for I shall be found by you and I will reveal to you what you need to know. Do not go seeking others for this knowledge, but seek Me and trust Me to tell you in My ways and times.

You feel empty and lost because you are not walking in My ways and reasons for where you are. You feel alone for I have you alone so you will more readily seek My face.

Seek Me, for I shall be found by you. Do not look to the world for your answers. Do not seek out people to give you the reasons but seek Me, your Maker, for My plan, for only I know truly what I have called each of you to do. I, only, hold the keys to your destiny.

Seek Me, and I will give you the keys to unlock your destiny in Me.

Psalm 46:10:  Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.

Eccl. 3:1: To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

Jeremiah 29:13: And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.

Matthew 7:7: Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:


  1. Glynda,
    The Lord brought my wife and I to Florida 41 years ago and it has been a long lonely journey for us. We have walked to a different drum beat than most of those around us. Even now we see things that most other Christians don't. We have been called mentally ill by family members and generally misunderstood by the body of Christ. What you posted in this post really rings true for me and I have been seeking God for His purpose for us especially in this place weare in. I shall begin to seek Him more. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Glynda!Your word was very encourging!The Lord spoke to my heart this morning before I got on your site.He spoke to me about seeking him to start a ministrie for mothers.Motheres that are first genaration christians.And an one who is having a hard time with parenting.I amen what you were saying about not looking to the world for getting your needs met.But to seek God alone.The Lord has led me to psl.62 many times.He is are salvation,our glory,are refuge.I have had many struggles as a mom.I have tried finding help going to many churches,and Christian counslers.I have read lots of books on parenting.Nothing has helped much,if anything I came across alot of rejection.Time and time again The Lord kept drawing me to seek him alone!He is faithfule,and I have and still am receiving his help and peace.I want to encourge others out there that God is big enough for every need.Have a blessed day!

  3. Glynda, did you get specifics about what he wants you to do there now, in your town? I'm quite sure you've been seeking him about your purpose ad destiny, and actually I suspect many of us have. What I'm struggling with then, is why does the Lord here keep asking us to do this as we already know we are and many of us do. What I at least feel I need are some specifics of what he wants me to do beyond the seeking so I know I am exactly doing his will.

    With that said, I understand too that this goes out to a broad readership too. I suspect a large number are doing exactly what God asks us to do here though and are just wanting and waiting for the next step.

  4. Sister Glynda,
    I think this is one of the very most powerfully anointed words God has given through you. That is because not only does God want to position us for His blessings, this is a spiritual principle. I do pray that God's people will hear this word spiritually. To seek God's place because that is where ALL of His blessings will be. As we seek His place first, His purpose first, His desire first, EVERYTHING we need plus DESIRES will be there. It's having His focus and being divinely aligned to His perfect will in our lives. I encourage everyone that reads it to stop and pray, "Father, where do I need to be, that will position me to your perfect will and the fullness of your blessings?" It reminds me of a scripture that says we are to pray for our community because when we pray for it's peace, we will be blessed there.
    Thank you, God's servant, for your faithfulness to pray, to hear, to guide God's people. God values you and needs you so much. I value you very much too! Helen Davies/Dallas,TX.

  5. Glynda, hello there and hope your book is getting along good. I felt this word speak specifically to me and I am sure there are many who feel the same way. I feel very alone, even if my husband is christian, we are not on the same page, he doesn't see the signs all around us. He is blinded right now I think and that is frustrating to me because that leaves me feeling alone with no one at home to discuss things with, because he won't listen or thinks i am crazy.


    Thank you Glynda for a hearing ear and an obedient heart.

    Five years ago my wife and I (in our mid fifties) were ready to move on, of our own accord,
    south from Wisconsin to maybe Missouri. Some where we wouldn´t be constantly bombarded
    by the liberalism and hedonism of the Madison area (aka Moscow of the Midwest), to a place
    where we could talk about God to someone on the street corner without being mocked or
    derided ( I guess, here, only a liberal college education is a sign of intelligence to them).

    Instead, to our surprise, God had a different plan and we obeyed and moved northward. We
    didn´t know why only that God was calling us and leading us to a specific church. That act of
    obedience opened our hearts and souls to cleansing, healing, and an invigorating spirit.

    God then began His plan for us in my music ministry and teen ministry. Mind you, I didn´t
    choose teen ministry. God placed me there and placed an increasing burden for teens and
    the short time we have to minister. As such the ministries have blossomed. He didn´t provide
    me with a job, yet we have subsistence.

    People, as I posted before, understand that the time is short. God has put you in a specific
    place, as this message confirms. Truly seek Him and what His work is for you to do. We no
    longer have time to seek what we can do for the future comforts, God has that under control.
    Seek Him for what your work is now. Whether a ministry, such as the Lord has put me here
    for a season, or making yourself open and available for your friends and neighbors in a
    ministering spirit. Have you cried out because your job is terrible and you want relief, perhaps
    there is a colleague at work that God wants you to minister to, or one that hasn´t started yet.
    Maybe you don´t like where you work and God won´t help you move away, because He has a
    purpose for you. And, first and foremost, neglect not your family.

    Are you uncomfortable where you´re at? Seek God´s Spirit and His plan and will for you. Act
    in obedience and He will lift you up and strengthen you. Put bitterness aside.

    Where are you? Where has God planted you?


  7. Thank you for this message!
    Like ska said, I also felt like this was speaking specifically to me. Even though I feel lost, God has a plan for me. :D
    Bless y'all!

  8. Posting this for a friend:


    Ditto, to all of what you said, especially the husband part. And when I go to the Lord about it, He tells me that above all, my husband and I need to have respect for each other. When I sense that we don't, He's told me I am to go P.U.S.H. pray, ie: Pray Until Something Happens. (Usually a softening of hearts.) Sometimes the fault has been mine, (contempt over what I see as his refusal to open his eyes and see the times we are in,) and other times it has been with him, (thinking I'm crazy.) A painful subject for all concerned, and I sense, especially for our Lord, as He would love to see us both working with each other as one, doing His will.

    I used to believe that the battle was between my husband and I, but recently the Lord has shown me that in many of these cases, it is the work of evil spirits trying to whisper into one of our ears that has influenced me or my husband, in our attitudes, thoughts, or behaviors.

    "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places…" – Ephesians 6:12

    I have posted on my blog what happened to us with this, in case you're interested in reading more:


  9. Wow, I feel as if that was written just for me. I didn't imagine that others were in a similar position. I am alone most of the time working from home and have so few freinds. Now is my time to seek His will in my life. Thank you Glynda for delivering the word of knowledge.