Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Meat Grinder Vision

I was in worship and a vision appeared to me of something that resembled a meat grinder with a funnel on top. I saw a man go into the top of the funnel and drop down into the meat grinder, and it began grinding. I began to see small pieces of hard substances to fly out of the grinder as it was grinding. I saw that the man was going through terrible pain and adversity, and many difficult situations while he was in the grinder. Then I heard the words, “Threshing Floor.”

I saw that none of the fluffy teachings the man had heard could withstand the terrible pressure of the meat grinder, and they quickly flew away out the top. As I watched, I was shown the people who were in the meat grinder were those who had laid down the most for the Kingdom of God. When the grinder stopped, the man dropped out of the chute at the bottom, but he looked different – he was stronger, wearing very shiny armor, and he was smiling and really happy. I then heard the word, “Equipped.”

Off to the side, I could see others who had laid down less were also going through things. I saw some being pounded by meat tenderizing mallets, some very hard, and some not so hard. They would cry out as the mallet came down on them, but the gentle hand wielding the mallet continued to pound. I knew in my spirit when I saw this that things were being worked out of them by the pounding.  I felt strongly the Lord had something to say to us about what He was showing me, and I began to pray that He would reveal it. This is what He said.

Yes, My daughter, many of My children who have been called to My kingdom work are now on My threshing floor. I am separating from them all that does not please Me, and making them meet for My use.

These are those who have submitted themselves wholly to Me for My purposes, and great shall be their reward, for the works they shall now do shall glorify My son in the earth.

A time of great darkness approaches in the earth when no man shall know or understand all that is occurring. Few will see My purposes in what is to come, only My children who have walked with Me through seasons of darkness will understand and know how to acclimate themselves in that time. In that time, there shall be great turmoil, great need, and much uncertainty. It shall be the darkest of times.

I shall give My children who are walking close to Me eyes to see in the darkness. I shall give them great and mighty revelations that they may survive what is to come. I shall provide for them and protect them and keep all that is theirs, that they may tell others of My great faithfulness.

There is nothing you need do, My children, to prepare for what is coming, for I am able to provide all you need. Walk with Me. Seek My face daily. Do not neglect your time with Me or be led astray by the distractions of the world, for the world cannot save you from what is to come.

Go forth, speak My word. Tell others of your God who is mighty to save and deliver. Watch and pray, for this time quickly approaches.

II Timothy 2:20-21: But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and of silver, but also of wood and of earth; and some to honour, and some to dishonour. If a man therefore purge himself from these, he shall be a vessel unto honour, sanctified, and meet for the master's use, and prepared unto every good work.

Mark 16:15: And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

Mark 13:33: Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is.

Isaiah 55:6-7: Seek ye the LORD while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near: Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.

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  1. Hello. My name is Craig and I'm a 30 year old Baptist preacher by the grace of God. I've been at my first church pastoring it 2 years this may. This post really caught my eye. This year has been very difficult for me so far. I've felt like I've been sick ever since the new year rang in. I currently have a cough lingering from a cold I'm trying to shake. Last month I found out I had gallstones. The pain I've endured from the so far 5 attacks is simply the worst pain I've ever felt in my entire life. I lie on my bed for hours on end in constant anguish. For some time now I've been praying that God would prepare me for what is to come. I firmly believe that I will see the return of the Lord. I've had just 2 dreams about anything scriptural or about the Lord Jesus and both were a dream about His return. Both times I walked out of a house and looked up and there He was. I'm not sure what is coming, but I do think He is preparing me for what is soon to come. I've never feared death, for a while I longed for it, but now I have a completely new understanding of what pain is. The term meat grinder is appropriate. I pray that you will continue in the the grace of God.

  2. Craig, I don't know how you feel about spiritual warfare, but what you are experiencing also sounds suspiciously like a severe attack of the enemy. I have suffered similar attacks since the Lord sent me to where I am in North Texas in March of 2009. Never in my life had I endured excruciating pain for months on end before coming here. It was revealed to me that, because I was assigned to a specific regional area, the regional forces here are attacking to try to stop the Lord's work from coming to pass. It might be something for you to pray about. If there is any way I can help you in any of this, feel free to email me - my email address is in the sidebar - my heart goes out to you going through all that while trying to pastor! Blessings to you, Glynda

  3. Glynda - we listened to this on Blog Radio & really got a lot out of your comments. You mentioned having friends going through faith walks who were TOTALLY relying on God. That is what we have been doing for over two years and sometimes it feels like we are the only ones in the world going through this. We have lost friends & family members because they think we are crazy. Thanks for reassuring us that we are not alone. Thank you so much for all your support and for the work that you do!

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  5. Pastor Lee, I promise you that you are not alone. I have a number of friends who are totally relying on God, some of them literally have to believe for their next meal.

    Many will indeed walk away from you when you walk at that level of faith, because they don't understand it. When we step out in faith at that level, we are out of the box, and only others who are outside the box (the paycheck system box) can understand what we are doing.

    Hang in there - it gets better!

  6. Comment submitted by Deborah:

    Good afternoon Glynda and brethren!

    I had listened to this message on Thursday, but I usually like to wait until you have posted them so I can read it. I find for me the hearing and reading are important for how the Spirit speaks to me.

    I was reading the comments posted here, and I was thinking about the “out of the box being the paycheck system box.” During the first week of November 2011 Yahweh gave me release from my employer of 6 years at that time. I had been shown by Yahweh, within the first few months I was there, this assignment was temporary. Leading up to this release, Yahweh had shown me; once removed from this assignment, I was being completely removed from the Babylonian system. He started with religion first, then shortly thereafter political and now finally economic. This process has taken 15 years. December 2010, I was told, to destroy my resume and portfolio. I was shown, where he was getting ready to take me, these things would not be needed; I was not even to apply for unemployment.

    Any money I received during the month of November has lasted thru this month of February, with just a small amount going into March, but in the natural not being enough to cover March expenses and beyond. I know this is my “stepping out of the boat, and walking on water, the full provision of Yahweh Elohim.” I know he wants to teach me, HE IS and has always been PROVISION, which is a part of his character and nature, not our jobs, paychecks, retirements, investments, etc.

    As was stated above, the meat grinder is very appropriate as is the meat tenderizer. We are very blessed. The more of Yahweh he wants to pour into us, the more of us has to be removed to contain ALL of him. We are the container, the ark; he wants to indwell us fully.


  7. Glynda this remind's me that when we suffer we will suffer for his sake. Going through the grinder & being purified like gold at the end. Amen! Thank's for sharring your vision with all of us it's very up lifting to all of us that are going through hard time's. Thank you sister. God Bless you.

  8. I def feel like I have gone through a major threshing over the last number of years, everything from an unwanted separation and eventual divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, loss of almost all my friends, family and social support network, let alone the church that simply was not there. Through it all though, I'd say my faith has grown back and is now more dynamic than ever and am thankful to the good Samaritans that came along the way, directed by Him. God seems to have opened up sooo many opps to reach people in the world now. I've seen God move in truly INCREDIBLE ways, encouraging me along the way. Humbling. I've not had to rely on being out of the box, work-wise though.

    This is a needed word -- I see God is doing that in many people in different ways, depending on what they need. In this, we can either chose to accept his working or buck it at every turn if we aren't willing to let go of pride/control. Ty Glynda.

  9. Oh my goodness. I am there! I have been reduced to nothing practically. Relying on Yah for my next meal? That is me! I have been stripped of everything. I am thankful for my brother who has been gracious to me to let me stay with him. 4 years ago, I had my own apartment, job, and everything. Now? I have a car running on grace and my things in boxes in my brothers garage. Somedays I sit in my prayer closet and just cry.

  10. @Deborah I was released from my job of 6 years in November of 2011 too!

  11. Thank you Glynda and others who posted. It really is encouraging to hear testimonies of others going through similar circumstances. I lost my job a year and a half ago. We went through all our savings and now live from blessing to blessing. It is not easy but I know that we still have so much more than so many others. We are being refined in many ways, going through numerous trials. In all of it, we are gaining a deeper appreciation for depending only on Him. He has told us He is preparing us for cold and dark days to come, so we just praise Him for warning us and for preparing us. I'm sure we still have a lot to learn. This site encourages me greatly. God Bless You!

  12. Instead of living from paycheck to paycheck, we should be living from blessings to blessings Amen.

  13. Instead of living from paycheck to paycheck, we should be living from blessings to blessings Amen

  14. In the last 2 years I lost my job and my home and my marriage. my wife ran off and took the kids and didnt tell me beforehand. Leading up to that I spent two years married to a psychopath bent on my destruction.
    I now live in a 2 bedroom mobile home. Far from the 5 bedroom home I had built for our family. But the ability to sleep in peace and not be in a constant state of fear and anxiety is unmeasurably better. And now I have 50% custody of the kids, specifically because of how she took the kids from me without warning or good reason, save for spite. The fury she exhibited the day that decision was rendered was quite telling. Every interaction with her is stressful in every way, mentally physically and spiritually, and from what I've learned about psychopaths, that is by design. Its their M.O.
    I have been leaning on The Lord heavily and now my concerns are primarily for the minds and souls of my kids. I know I need to forgive and pray for my ex wife, and I have been able to start to do so recently. Unless you've lived with or understand the effects of being the target of a psychopath's hatred, its hard to explain, except in using the words "complete, and relentless".
    Suicide was an almost constant threat, but God has freed me of that demon as well. Often times in the past 2 years I felt completely dead and lifeless. Hopeless to the Nth degree.
    Meat Grinder is a very good description indeed. I can't even remember when life was "normal".

    Its not God's greatness or abilities I doubt. Its me. It never occured to me that all of this was happening to forge me into something. It just seemed like I was being shredded to pieces because of who I was.
    Thank you for being faithful Glynda and to the others who have posted in this section, thank you for your testimonies. Yahweh Sabaoth is Great and will and Is delivering us.

  15. Hi,
    My name is Lois. This particular posting speaks so deeply to me. In retrospect I see the gracious hand of God from my infancy until today. I have been through many situations and circumstances over the years that God took me through so He could teach me that His power makes me His overcoming child. satan has tried and failed my whole life to sift me. I live in victory each moment God gives me. I was delivered miraculously from alcoholism at age 27. God spoke to me clearly to get help that day or I would die. I wasn't serving Him, I was drowning in a bottle and smoking cigarettes to the point I'd set my alarm so I could wake up to smoke.He set me free from those also... spoke to me again and said not to purchase them because I wouldn't smoke them. He was right! I was without hope, no idea what I could do with my life that would bring satisfaction and peace. I experienced homelessness, living in my vehicle. I was broke, depending on the charity of others, I never asked for money or anything, they offered first. I learned in church about a personal relationship with the true and living God, and He taught me to depend on Him, to be obedient, to forgive when I didn't want to. All the education, moves, employment, friendships, relationships I tried to get God to sanction but He let me know they weren't right...He brought me to where I am today. Along the way people I loved died tragically and I suffered. God granted my request for a husband after I waited 25 years... he was 75 and I was 53. He had serious health problems and some dementia. He passed away after just under 3 years of marriage, during which time I became ill with a fatal condition that I'm being doctored for. I have lost 52% of my lung capacity, both lungs are scarred and they are progressively dying, I'm on oxygen 24/7 and homebound as I can't tolerate much exertion.I am letting go of everything, giving stuff away, so there won't be so much to sort when I transition to heaven. I rest assured I'm being held in His hands for His purposes. My focus is on His Word and when there is an opportunity to share encouragement to others I do it. Trust and obey to be happy in the Lord, in everything, give Him thanks. He really, really loves us who are His children, I am living proof He is real. Thank you Glynda for your dedication and obedience to share God's Word He gives you.Fight the good fight of faith and keep to the course headed for heaven, victory is for those who endure to the end.

  16. Meatgrinder, yes... This very word has come to my mind the past year or so. The LORD led us to the Boston area a year and a half ago, and it's been a meatgrinder for me ever since. The battles have been extraordinary, please pray for my wife and I. Jesus has been doing mighty works, but I still can't help but recognize how poorly I've done. I know it's Satan's scheme to draw me into my flesh with these battles, and when it seems to count most Jesus crushes Satan under my feet. Still, there are times when I seem to flounder spiritually.

    I have asked Him to release me from one of our ministries, as it's more than I can bear. I'm struggling with this task, and rather then be transformed I seem to simply struggle. I fear I am in a snare. Please lift me up in prayer. The LORD knows what I speak of. The frustration, stress, pressure, and my inability to set it down at His feet have been overwhelming. Please go to our Father for me.

  17. The meat grinder can be very beneficial for the one using it because you can determine how you want to make your meat. In other words, you can decide how much fat, choice meat, etc. you want in it. It's very relative in this word how it applies to the Lord as our Creator, molding us into His intended creation, for His purposes-to be more like His Son & not subject to the fallen nature (what wasn't intended due to disobedience). I want to also mention further, the use of the mallet in pounding the meat intensely. A mallet is also used by a judge in court. And, as His children we are to be judged by His Spirit thoroughly, or sorted out. Afterall, the Lord is Judge, & one of many purposes of the Holy Spirit coming into our lives is to teach us of God's judgments & how they apply to refinement into a holy life unto the Lord & not a life of sin & death. If we ourselves do not understand His judgments are right & have purpose for His goodness when understood correctly, than we will judge incorrectly (by the flesh) instead of by His Spirit, in love & righteousness. These are foundational & crucial dealings that have to be worked out in our own selves, in order to truly overcome in Him & by Him. The work of the flesh is being pounded out or separated from the works of His own in us. This is in order that He alone may be glorifed in all things, in the final outcome. Be grateful & hear what the Spirit says to you as you go through His great working in & through your lives, for His glory alone to be revealed in Truth.

    John 16:8-15

  18. Thanks for your blog radio show talking about your book The Wilderness Experience. Just hearing briefly about it has helped me understand my similar experiences. I'm sure it will many people and much needed in these times.

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