Friday, August 3, 2012

Could You Be Persuaded To Follow the World?

Recently a dear friend asked if I would pray for God to show her why she felt there was a wall up between her and His spirit. I have also been feeling a wall, and asking the Lord if I had done something wrong, or what I could do to fix it. As I was praying about our situations, He spoke this to me:

Everything that can be persuaded to follow the world in this time will.

I saw in the spirit that the test coming is far greater than anything we've experienced before, and much greater than what we're experiencing right now. We will be tested at levels we never dreamed of. He is being more silent right now as each person is offered choices - the world and all its sinful pleasures, or Him. The Teacher is always silent during the test. We are being tested.

As I continued praying, I began telling the Lord how much I missed feeling His presence, and I begged Him to allow me to feel it again or tell me if I had done something wrong. He spoke to me again.

You aren't praising Me enough. When you praise Me, you will feel My presence again.

I realized then that I had in my usual busy-ness, gotten off track in this area.

We are in the time of the separating of the sheep from the goats. Each day, we must choose who we will serve. Those who choose to serve the world or darkness will be given over to the sins they prefer over Him. Those who choose Him will be given more of Him.

Choose carefully.


  1. Glynda, thank you so much for these words. It helps to know where we are in Him and what is ahead for us. “The Teacher is always silent during the test” - of course - makes so much sense! May we praise Him every morning regardless of how we are feeling. Praise is always the quickest way to His presence.
    God bless you in your ministry, Bonnie

  2. We are told countless times, that Hos word is forever, that nothing is removed from the law until ALL is fulfilled.

    If you are not following the ten commandments, you are WRONG! That includes the fourth. I don't give a drap what TRADITION or doctrine of man says about why we don't follow the fourth, but we are warned in the Word that it was going to happen, yet like lost sheep, people follow a false shepherd, and ignore a commandment.

    Remember, it's fading away, but not gone, less you ignore HIM to follow a man.

    The devil did a number on the fourth commandment... What with everyone using Friday nights to party, go out after a work week etc. and Saturday's are cookouts yard work and shopping.

    Fools fools fools........follow the Law and things come together. Lines are being drawn in the sand, are you going to listen to HIM or a man?

    Well I can answer for those lazy.....those that believe that He was crucified on "good Friday" or that He rode into town on "palm Sunday" ...well you keep following doctrines of man, and I'll see you AFTER the millennium!

  3. Thank You!!
    A few days ago I began doing this, and I have seen His blessings come back. This is only confirming, what I had done was the right thing to do. I sit here with tears streaming down my face and my spirit jumping with gladness for this word. Bless you and I am so honored to be able to call you sister.
    May HIS anointing upon you know no end!



  4. Hallelujah! What a Savior!
    I woke up this morning with the very same question on my heart, and concern in my soul. Oh, the LORD is SO faithful to meet us where we need HIM most! Thanks for being His faithful mouthpiece, Glynda. May the LORD bless us all with tongues of sheer delight in Him and praise everyday, no matter what I am feeling in my spirit.
    The LORD bless you and keep you, dear sister.

  5. Good morning Glynda,

    Yes, the Lord is silent during testing, frustrating as that may be. I found it amusing, your mention of the sheep and goats, as I'd brought back an old teaching on "goat religion" in my recent posting.

    Sue and I are at a critical juncture in our faith walk toward the purchase of the farm. Some items that have come up lately are a matter of, " is this God's still small voice?" or is it the ways of the world trying to wiggle in to separate us from God's glory.

    Your post is just a reminder, again, not to fear God's silence, it's for our own good.

  6. Glynda it's so hard in our bizzy live's to stay with the Lord. We must keep him in our heart's & mind's constantly. On my day's off i praise & thank him for every thing that he has givein to me his love & his grace everyday. It's hard to work & think of him everyday. But we must alway's be mindful of him everyday.

  7. Glynda,

    I think I speak on behalf of all of your readers...I've really missed the rhema words from the Lord these past few weeks. But God has purpose in everything he does. I encourage everyone to spend more time in his Word! He continues to reveal understanding and teach us about the last days as we study his Word diligently. (Is. 28:26)

    Only by abiding in his Word do we have strength to refuse the temptations of the world.

    I have completed Isaiah and began posting Jeremiah. Hint to the wise: The Old Testament prophets are even more relevant to our day than the book of Revelation. Revelation teaches us about the second half but the prophets reveal how the Tribulation will begin.


  8. This is exactly how it has appeared to me also but I do not get to experience the same kind of "presence" of which you speak. Mostly it is like this all the time for me--I have to know God is there because His Word says it-its a no frills life, serving and serving. This isn't to complain but Jesus came as a suffering servant so we are too. What is coming in the days ahead would deceive if the soul can be "tickled".

  9. @Keeperscircle I agree the Sabbath is important, but I do not believe our failure to uphold the Sabbath is why the nations are under judgement, but because of our failure to love. If we loved God with our whole hearts and loved one another this world would be a much, much better place. And we would remember the Sabbath and observe it as we should.

  10. I can attest to the test going on. Right now, I'm probably failing. lol. I'm exhausted, weary, and heart broken. Again. I've prayed to keep whatever is coming at bay for more time, now I'm at a point that I can't hold anymore.

    I'm beyond my own will power, and I'm reaching the limits of my faith to stay the course. In short, I'm sick of getting beat up, beat down, and mangled for standing in the gap because so few are stepping up to the plate.

    Keeperscircle is the second I've run into the past 2 weeks that has delivered the Sabbath word to me. For those who must work on Saturday, as I often do, the point is to keep Him and those you love foremost in your mind. It is a time rest from work and focus on Him, those who matter, and meditate on His Law/Word etc. He sees our hearts and judges accordingly.

    The divide is already here. God help us all. God bless!

  11. I'm not saying people should do anything.
    Nor am I sayin the sabbath is a reason for the nations judgement or whatever. I do not care about the nation, it is going to be wiped. I care about the individuals and the FACT that we are TOLD to obey his commands.

    If you are not adjusting your life to follow them, you are choosing something over Him.

    Do not le your arrogant and pride demon show it's face to challenge or defend against these words, keep your mouth shut, look into the mirror and figure out what it is YOU have to do.

    Adjust yourselves before Him.

    Don't give excuses, it shows you greater hold value over something then Him when you make excuses for any reason why.

    Adjust your lives.

  12. come to me all ye who are weary...His yoke is easy, burden light. So how/why'd it get so heavy and hard? The Vine is flourishing, full of good nutrients and waters...

    mind set on Him and things above..or doings/ministry/efforts and other things more related to this present life? Love Him above mom and pop, gather with Him daily, follow daily, get fuller, fill, flourish, sow to the Spirit daily, He flourishes why shouldn't we?...doings happen as a by the by event, Him is everything, Him. Easy, not hard, Him.

    put aside encumbrances..what's an encumbrance? can good things of this present life encumber too? set mind/heart on Him and things above, things eternal. Prophecy/ministry gifts will end one day..what's eternal then? Bear much fruit, fruit as in accomplished deeds or things I can touch etc or eternal fruit, love joy peace...against such there is no law.

    peter and john said lets go see who we can bless so went to the temple and blessed a man born disabled, or said lets go pray, worship, love the Lord..along the way a man asked for help..doors opened, not the focus, but following Him, loving Him, doors happen. If a vessel/vase is placed where you want it and facing up to you and you pour into it it'll over flow, as long as it faces up to you and doesn't move across the table..sometimes they tip over as if their alive on their own and I can't pour into it anymore til I right it and get it facing up again..anyway it overflows as I wanted but it doesn't know that, it just remains where I put it facing

    if a vessel purifies itself it's fit for the Masters use also, prepped for every good work.

    I too have my family to save..born not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh nor the will of man, but of God. John said a man receives nothing but it is given to him from heaven. One plants another waters, God causes the growth. Apart from Christ I can do nothing, the Vine teems with life and all goodness.

    just some thoughts. Abide in Christ Jesus the cherished Vine, joy, strong stuff joy.

  13. Good words Sarge.

    From what I have come to understand the sabboth day is every day--Hebrews 4.

    When we stop striving and fighting against the LORD's will, we stop "working". We enter into the sabboth rest of our souls. His will be done, not ours.