Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Winds of Judgment

A time is coming soon when My people shall need each other as never before. I shall teach you the true meaning of ‘love thy neighbor as thyself,’ My children, for circumstances shall turn dire suddenly and require you to reach out to each other in order to survive. But I shall use those circumstances to bring many souls into My Kingdom.

Use the time now to get to know others around you and to prepare yourselves in My Holy Word that you may minister to others when that time comes.

My children, America has long defied Me and rebelled against My commandments, and My people cry out for judgment. This judgment will come and it will be as severe as her turning away from Me has been.

Know that the winds of judgment have begun blowing and more are coming her way. I have long shown mercy to this nation, but I am a Righteous Judge, and its wickedness continues increasing.

Mark 12:30-31:

30 And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.

31 And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.


  1. Amen. Lord let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

    Though it greatly pains the Lord to have to do this, it must be done in order that ALL scripture be fulfilled. As hard as it is for me to write this, I know that sometimes the only way to get lost souls to truly repent is to get them to a place where the only one they can turn to is Christ our Lord. God's judgment is necessary in order to bring as many lost souls as possible out of the devil's hand. God is love, but He is also just and He is fair.

    The world needs to see that true Christianity means to love one another even as Christ loves the church. The faith is all about having a relationship with Christ, not a religion. America has just started to enter it's darkest hour. I won't share what's about to happen unless the Lord tells me to because I don't want believers to fear, but rather turn to Christ in true repentance and trust in Him.

    Be strong in the Lord and obey His word and you will find peace for your souls during the hard times that are coming. He loves us all, but we have to choose.

    Forgive me if this comment seems a little harsh, but I understand the Lord.

  2. An apt and timely Word confirming what we have seen here. Sue and I have finished the temporary work at one church He initially sent us and over the last couple weeks have moved us to the place He established for us to work and develop just what has been pointed out.

    True from the Word a year ago, His Words were few and far between over the last year as He worked individually with the folks He was moving. But now, things are ramping up again as the POTUS has, now publicly, declared he is going to do what he wants with or without approval. In 2012 God declared that the current POTUS is His chosen one, but only to establish the judgments on this land.

    God bless you two for your faithfulness in delivering His Word.


  3. Amen Glynda! FATHER gave my daughter a dream: Things are about to get really bad, STAY IN THE LIVING ROOM. The living room is where you will be 'alive' and of course the living room is the ark which is JESUS.
    I will say it is vital for HIS people who know better, to repent. Ask FATHER where you are not pleasing to HIM, where you have sinned and start forgiving and loving. Love overcomes! And yes be there for each other.

  4. Pray, read the Gospel and keep the Faith in God's Mercy, prayers can change nature's laws.
    If something it's going to happen to US what about Europe?
    There are earthquakes undergoing everywhere, especially in Italy, Greece and Mediterraneum sea.
    P.s. About Potus, which means Obama, you can organize something down in the streets if you don't agree with his decisions. Don't waste time waiting for the elections. Did you see what French people did in France with Le Manif Pour Tous? Get back your dignity with your own hands and start singing IN GOD WE TRUST.
    Best of luck!

  5. This is good news. Those elite goyim that would rob us, they will be brought to poverty. It is nice to see that these thugs would, suffer with the rest of us. May God judge them. Those that would scam us through our ignorance. Great word. Those elite shall perish forever and ever. Thieves shall have their part in the Lake of Fire.
    Great word. May God destroy those crooks.

  6. I have to say I would much rather see God SAVE the crooks and robbers, since non of us can say we are without sin, and I am surely grateful God saw fit to save me. Lord, I pray for Your mercy and grace on the unsaved everywhere, regardless of their sins, that You would have mercy on them and roll back the stones of unbelief from their hearts and save them, Father, and then use them for Your glory. Amen.

  7. Love the sinner, but hate the sin. All have sinned and fall short of God's glory. We are all in need of Christ, our savior. God loves everyone and is patient with them, not wanting anyone to parish but for all to repent through Christ our Lord.

  8. Love the sinner, but hate the sin. All have sinned and fall short of God's glory. We are all in need of Christ, our savior. God loves everyone and is patient with them, not wanting anyone to parish but for all to repent through Christ our Lord.

  9. You got a case. We all have our problems. It is just that when the nation gets judged, it seems that us goyim (cattle) are the ones that suffer, and the elite are laughing in the back room saying, "we really scammed that sucker". And the average citizen is the one that suffers, while these elitists occultists "get away scott free".
    All at our expense.
    I hope that cosmic disturbance happens soon.
    The elite will be groveling in their underground bunkers suffering, hungry, thirsty, inn pain. We will not escape this damnation coming to us. I certainly don't want them 'false promising' elit banksters to escape.

  10. @ todaynow,

    Those that offend you so greatly are the very ones, appointed by God, to help bring about the judgment on this land. Have no fear, those that don't repent before it's too late will not escape, that's a guarantee. And though they may endure some of the effects of the final judgments, many will be "enjoying' their time right up until the Lord's glorious appearing.

    Fortunately, your will, my will are not God's plan. He is sovereign, he will prevail. Be mindful of Proverbs, not to gloat over your enemy's demise lest God turn from them and the punish fall on you. Also remember in Luke 9:54 when the disciples wanted to call fire down from heaven (note: that the disciples knew they had the power to do so) on the Samaritan village Jesus rebuked them.

    Our job is to seek and bring to Christ the lost, even banksters (my brother is one of them) all the way until Christ brings us to His home.

  11. godsfingers - well put. Thank you for posting. ~ Glynda