Monday, November 14, 2016

Vision of People Running

   Saturday evening I had a brief open vision.

   I wasn't thinking about anything or praying, although I had been praying the past 24 hours very fervently for the protection of President-Elect Trump and his family, as I have had a bad feeling that he was not going to live until Inauguration Day, and that it would be an inside job.

   So I was relaxing for a few minutes Saturday evening petting one of my dogs, and just not thinking about anything when a vision opened up.

   I saw an outline of the United States, and  I saw the people everywhere looking very lost and afraid, like they were in a panic and they did not know what to do. I could see they did not know which way to run (not sure why they wanted to run). They would start to go one way and then stop and turn another way, like they were looking for a safe place to hide or something. And a wave of grief hit my spirit. It was very sad.

   I could not see what had happened, but the whole U.S. was afraid, whatever it was.

   I did not look at the extreme NW (Seattle and surrounding area) or the extreme NE (New York and surrounding area), so I could not say what was going on in those areas, but everyone else across the United States was really afraid and for some reason, they seemed to be trying to find a place to run to.

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