Tuesday, November 5, 2019


Numerous people have emailed me the last several days asking if they have been dropped from the JPH mailing list because you have not received a word.   

I have numerous very serious personal issues going on at the moment. Sometimes when this happens, I don’t receive any words. I think during these times the Lord holds back words from me so I can navigate what is going on. Or maybe I am so upset over what is happening I cannot hear them. I have been asking but not getting anything.

I never remove anyone from the mailing list unless you ask to be dropped. Sometimes email services change their spam filters and this can cause mailings you receive to go to your junk mail or spam folders.  

You can always verify if you did or did not miss a mailing by going to the JPH website where the words are posted: ( also works right now) and read the word there.

In His service,


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