Just Praise Him Radio

JUST PRAISE HIM RADIO IS NO LONGER ON the Wilkins Radio Network. JPHR was canceled by the Network effective June 9, 2020.  No further details were given, except it was a "decision of management." We are looking for a new radio network to move to. Starting Feb. 19, 2020 Just Praise Him Radio will also be on: (all times are local) WCPC AM/FM in Tupelo, MS at 5:00 pm each Wednesday KIOU AM/FM in Shreveport, LA at 4:30 pm each Wednesday WLMR AM/FM in Chatanooga, TN at 4:00 pm each Monday WNVY AM/FM in Pensacola, FL at 5:30 pm each Wednesday You can also listen to the shows live online at www.WilkinsRadio.com.