Saturday, August 20, 2011

It Will Be a Time as None Before It

I  was working on writing and the heaviness and dread I've been feeling for weeks now about the economy rose up in my spirit once again. I have learned when I have repeated bouts of something like this, it is an indication something is about to happen that the Lord wants to let us know about, so I went aside to my prayer place to seek Him about it.

Times are indeed about to become more than difficult for many people.

(I heard a deep, deep sadness in the Lord's voice as He spoke this to me, and I felt that He has tried to prepare many who would not listen and obey in what they needed to do before this time.)

You will hear of many suicides in the future - suicides of ones who could not part with their wealthy lifestyles. It will be a time as none before it.

The devastation will be great but many shall turn their hearts to Me in this time and come to know Me and I shall help them.

Tell My children to keep their eyes on Me and follow where I guide them and they shall be provided for in this time. Decrease needs now and learn to live more simply and you shall have less distress when you see this happening, My children.

The world's system must come crashing down if My people are to truly return to Me while there is yet time.

I have much to show the world in this time. I have much to teach you also, My children, about My ways, about My provision.

Come to Me now. Seek My face and know Me as your provider.

Matt. 6:28: And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin:

Phil. 4:19: But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.


  1. This is a confirmation of what I heard the Lord saying to me about many suicides because of financial distress. I have felt for some time that very difficult times were coming. About 5 years ago the Lord told me that great dearth was coming on the earth. I didn't really know what the word 'dearth' meant, but after researching it, I found it was an old English word meaning famine. I have actually felt the depression of people as I have gone shopping. We must continue to seek the Lord and repent as never before as we see this day approaching. Thank you for sharing what God has shown you.
    Brenda Fitzpatrick

  2. Brenda - Wow, thank you for sharing that with us and for that confirmation! May God richly bless you and your loved ones!

  3. Dear Glynda,
    Oh my. I was just saying to my daughter this afternoon that many people will not be able to endure this coming econmic upset and that she should not be surprised when many kill themselves. Ugh! Back in April the LORD asked my husband if he was willing to follow HIM and lay down his job. It was lucrative and the position was great. We have been at zero for some time now. We have seen GOD provide in many ways. (We had been unemployed and almost broke on a couple other occasions, but for some reason this one has been the hardest). One of the things I am realizing is how much one can seriosly go without. I've also been having some headaches and I think it is b/c I haven't had as much sugar as I was used to...we are eating what we have/can get. This isn't a wha, wha testimony either. I say this to anyone who will hear, this is not easy!! It takes money to do absolutely everything! (Of course we know it is GOD Who provides everything)One of the hardest things to do is wait on the LORD. HE will be working in the lives of many people, orchestrating so many different things. We should not dare to induce anything we've heard in our spirits that HE will be doing. Like Abraham and Sarah, we better wait for the LORD. I believe YESHUA is wanting to show HIS bride just Who HE Is. The other day, we were going to sell some gold jewlery to buy some supplies (food, t.p) The LORD said, 'No". This was really hard and my husband and I are both doers, fixers, geterdoners! But should we disobey HIM and not wait for HIS command, we may interfer with something HE is trying to do. Ughh. Everyone, listen to HIS voice. It's going to get rough, but we will have these paradoxes of peace/pain, joy/sorrow, work/victory. Stay the course and hold on to HIM.

  4. I have had two close relatives commit suicide in the last year because of economics. People are struggling. My husband and I were on the mission field for several years and so often had to depend completely on "mailbox money" (money we didn't know was coming that would show up in our mailbox just when we needed it) from God. He always provides what you need when you need it, but I do have a few more grey hairs - even though I tried really hard to just completely trust. I know many people in our church today are shaken by much smaller trials than this - I'm praying for them as harder times come that they will cling to the Almighty.

  5. Glynda,

    Josh 3:3-5

    And they commanded the people, saying, When ye see the ark of the covenant of the LORD your God, and the priests the Levites bearing it, then ye shall remove from your place, and go after it. Yet there shall be a space between you and it, about two thousand cubits by measure: come not near unto it, that ye may know the way by which ye must go: for ye have not passed this way heretofore. And Joshua said unto the people, Sanctify yourselves: for tomorrow the LORD will do wonders among you.

    We, as American Christians have not passed this way up until now, not in generations, but God has. If we are passing through the river(s) of death (the picture of the Jordan), the Lord will be before us. As Joshua (a picture of our Lord Jesus) says, “Sanctify yourselves: for tomorrow the LORD will do wonders among you.”

    Brian McClafferty

  6. Question" Did any one here, hear about a preacher being found dead from a drug over dose that is some what well known?

    Kim Clement recent prophecy is calling for seven years of plenty then the hardship will begin.. I'm not saying he's 100%, but it could ring true because he Prophesied about another Texan becoming our next President, and that this man would proclaim Jesus openly. Look at Rick Perry" he's from Texas.. Now I'm not saying that Perry is 100% either, because I don't trust Politicians especially the rich,, because I honestly feel that if there is a Rapture we will see some of these rich preachers looking up asking why.. Some of them truly trust in Riches.. It would be hard for me to believe if one of them came to me, that owned malty million dollar homes and had lavish cars, and cars they didn't need, plus all these other expensive toys,, that would look me in the eyes and say that they didn't love money.. Sorry, I'd say they out right lied to me..

    Like I've stated in the past," I would never say that I'm even right 100% because my name isn't GOD, because He is the only one,one 100% right when it comes to passing down judgment on others.. Like the Scripture Say" Pray that you might be worthy enough to escape these things that will come upon the earth..
    To listen to some people, they already feel that they are worthy enough to escape.. I guess there is no need for them to pray now is there : ) Nope we all very well pray and trust our Heavenly Father to get us to the next level

  7. Escape most likely means accident like David Wilkerson (consider Isaiah 57:1)... or maybe a rock falling on your meteor showers.

  8. Wow - as I was reading these comments and thinking about the prophetic word, I realized that I was trusting in getting a job. I've been unemployed for a few years, and every interview I go on seems to net the same results - "We think you'd be bored in this position." or "Your salary history is too high for our budget." How can any job be more boring than unemployment? I say I'm open to whatever salary they can offer, but that doesn't seem to matter. I repented before G-d as I read these words; for trusting in the ability to work and have an income. I do want to work; but I am trusting G-d to bring His perfect job to me in His timing for His glory. Thank you all for this good word.

  9. It's going to be a bumpy ride folks.
    Get ready. Trust in HIM. Jesus will direct our paths.

    God bless everyone on this site.
    In Jesus name.

  10. Well just maybe Cindy that just might happen, you might be lucky enough to get your wish.. There is a lot of born again spirit filled believers that see these things in the word of God, then there are others that place them selves above the rest with their beliefs.. Pride cometh before a FALL

  11. Those who have not amassed a large worldly life will not miss the first round of loss. Those who have been preparing in the Word of God will recognize things and can help others identify the valuables of God which cannot be "lost".

  12. A Smith Wigglesworth quote

    Some people like to read their Bibles in the Hebrew; some like to read it in the Greek; I like to ready it in the Holy Spirit."

  13. Mazie, You are right on target with your statement. That is putting it all together in a nut shell for the times we are now in. I love it! Oh, and by the way Bub; You say you have the holy spirit,but what I'm seeing doesn't bare fruit. First, insinuating I should get run over by a big truck (in our Forum discussion), and "here" insinuating that Cindy is wishing for a rock to fall on her head! Good gracious man! Do you think that is the way christians should be talking to one another? Just because someone doesn't agree with your "escapism doctrine"; doesn't give you the right to tell them maybe something bad is going to happen to them. Maybe you need to do a reality check and spend more time trying to comprehend what you read in the scriptures. If you do indeed read them???

  14. Acts 7:59-60 is where Stephen was stoned to death for his testimony. Some might think this was an "escape" but the others would know that Stephen inherited the Kingodm of God through his laying down his life.
    God enabled Stephen as no human has the ability in himself to sustain life threatening injuries and in the midst of it pray for his enemies. This is truely "when we are weak, He is strong".

    My concern is the extreme lack of knowledge among Christians which will lend to the falling away by those who become offended by Jesus Christ.

  15. Let's finish strong Glynda. Let's yearn for that crown that He has laid up for us. Deliver many from the fire! Let's bring as many out of the darkness as we can and into the Kingdom in this last hour!! Thank God for you and obeying God with this site!!

  16. MC your Listening to that voice again : ) He's whispering to YA..