Saturday, February 23, 2013

Purifying America

Much change is coming to the nation of America, both now and in the future. America shall become a nation of very sudden changes, and many shall not be good ones in My eyes or the eyes of My people, for this nation has strayed far from My ways.

I shall begin purifying it soon, purging it of its great wickedness and dark power to influence other nations.

Sudden calamities shall strike America and shock will be felt around the world.

Prepare now, My people - get your houses in order, for you know not where these events shall occur. I desire that My people would be ready at all times. I desire My people would be found praying and watching for My Son's soon return.

Mark 13:33:  Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is.

Isaiah 30:1-3 Woe to the rebellious children, saith the Lord, that take counsel, but not of me; and that cover with a covering, but not of my spirit, that they may add sin to sin: 2 That walk to go down into Egypt, and have not asked at my mouth; to strengthen themselves in the strength of Pharaoh, and to trust in the shadow of Egypt!  3 Therefore shall the strength of Pharaoh be your shame, and the trust in the shadow of Egypt your confusion.


  1. Glynda,

    Thank you for continuing to be God's mouthpiece even in times of severe trial. Those who cry out in this hour cry out to those who have ears to hear. Those who will see and hear and return and be healed. (Is. 6:10)

    If I understand the prophets correctly, this nation has a little over 3 years remaining. In the Word we see a pattern for this time:

    * Lesser judgments such as drought, pestilence, famine (ie. Amos 4), among others. NOW.

    * Why should I strike you again? You will just rebel more and more.(Is. 1) Lesser judgments cease for a time.

    * A year of peace and safety. The final call for repentance goes out across the land. (Is. 32:10, Mic. 3:8, Isa 58:1) God's people are assembled to hear that message. (Zeph. 2:1) The world is invited to hear. (Is. 34:1)

    * Babylon is fallen, is fallen. Beginning of Tribulation.

    A wicked nation and a defiled Church are meeting head-on with God's severity (Rom. 11:22). To be protected in this hour we must truly repent and be found hiding under his wing. (James 5, Joel 2, Psa. 91) We must cast off all sin and abide in his Word daily, doing those things he commands us to do. Not hearers only.

    Wake Up, Babylon!

  2. Glynda, thank you again, and thank you Drew for your response. I was decieved in possibly unbiblical churches for years and years. This left me so jaded and eventually I was in and out of sin. I am amazed that God has kept me alive. I feel so alone especially for the last year. All I know how to do is try to worship, stay in the word and follow Jesus. I realize one of my major sins throughout my whole life has been unbelief

    Thank you for all you faithful saints!

  3. I can sense an acceleration and urgency in God's movements as of late. Only now does it appear that God is zeroing Sue and I in on the promised land He has set aside for protection and provision during this time.

    Praise God, He is coming soon.

  4. Yes, sometimes throughout random parts of the day it does hit me that something is about to happen to America.

    Whatever is holding us back, let's let it go. Let's live this life completely for Him and His will. It's the least we can do.

  5. Glynda This is what America really needs a swift kick in the behind. For it's sin's of Homosexual Marrage agenda that it's been putting around the world. And it's other sin's. Im glad that the Lord is going to Purifying America soon. We really need it. Even Abortion is an Abomination in the eye's of the Lord. Stay well and God Bless you dear sister. I Love you. I'll keep Praying for you.

  6. I have felt an urgency for the last year to sell most of what I own and to be prepared for something that is about to happen. I sold my house yesterday and have no debts. The more you own, the more the government or others will be able to control you. The more material things you own, the more distractions you will have to keep you away from God's word. He's trying to warn us, but everyone is too busy to listen.

  7. Unknown - WOW, you know you are so right! Thanks for sharing this -

  8. Thank you also for sharing unknown. The Lord has been telling me to sell stuff too, I need to take more action...

  9. Glynda,

    Our solar system is about to enter in the interstellar cloud in which the strong magnetic field could compress the helioshealth due to interaction between the two forces. As a result, there will be a catastrophic supersolar storm and cosmic rays reaching to the inner solar system and the earth probably between now and May 2013.

    According to Opher, heliophysicist - these cosmic rays will destroy the telecommunication systems, power lines, car ignition system, etc.

    Amos 4: 10 “I sent a plague on you like that of Egypt,
    put your young men to death with the sword;
    let your horses be captured;
    and filled your nostrils with the stench of your camps;
    still you haven’t returned to me,” says Adonai.

    BTW, according to Opher the cold dwarf/brown dwarf is in the vicinity of our solar system which caused a one million mile crack on our sun due to the interaction between the two stars. Ready folks, we have only about 3 yrs left to go before the final judgement of this sinful nation like Drew Simmons had said about the brown dwarf in his "Quench" book. Turn to the Lord with all your heart while there is still time.


    Also, the second part of fiscal cliff is coming. Civil war is coming to this nation due to our tremendous debt. Life in America and other nations will be changed drastically due to the natural phenomenon of our galaxy and political climate of our country. RUN TO YASHUA THE MESSIAH NOW.


  10. I am fasting and had a strange dream I'd like to share. I found myself in an unknown place. a town I was not familiar with. My pockets were full of gold nuggets I found. A man asked me for help, so I gave him a nugget, but he then wanted to rob me of the rest. I tried to hide the gold in various places, and the man laughed and said "I see you are salting this area with your gold." I then ran, and soon I saw two black tornados coming from my right. They were side by side, and to my left the same. I had to run, but there was no escaping running through the storm. Inside it was falling brimstone,which fell in red-hot large drops, like lava, I saw, but I braced myself and went through it. I felt a brief pain in my back, but I kept running. I encountered two more men, and I gave them nuggets but they too wanted to rob me. I ran from them and kept running...

  11. I encourage you guys to check this out:

    Best 1.5 hours you'll spend for your life and soul

    Dumitru Duduman - hear his message and you'll see that the Holy Spirity speaks through him

  12. Here is an academic article on soon to come super solar storm.

    Global Failure of ICT due to Solar Storm: A Worst Case
    Scenario Ahead
    Mohammad Talib∗, Tiroyamodimo M. Mogotlhwane
    Department of Computer Science, University of Botswana

    Information and communication technologies (ICTs) devices operate within the atmosphere around the earth as part
    of their global network. They are therefore subjected to all the natural activities that take place in this global space.
    Solar storm activities continue to increase in intensity and NASA has issued a warning that a powerful solar storm
    may hit the earth sometime in 2012. This has the potential to lead to ICTs devices not functioning at all if this
    happens. In this paper a worst case scenario of this storm, if it was to happen, is discussed with its pros and cons.

    1. Introduction

    This paper provides links between ICT and solar storms, giving glimpses of a wide variety of research
    and action regarding ICTs and how they can be affected by solar flares. Research in the early 2000
    created a number of potential worst case scenarios which illustrated the destructive power of solar storms,
    including scenarios showing that powerful nations in the developed world could be brought to their knees
    for a decade or more by a storm of large magnitude.
    1.1. Solar Storm and Solar Flare
    A solar storm is an event in which activity on the Sun interferes with the Earth's magnetic field. Solar
    storms occur as a result of events such as solar flares and Coronal Mass Ejections (CME)[1]. These events
    generate a so-called “solar wind,” a gust of charged particles which can slam into the Earth's magnetic
    field in hours if the solar wind happens to be traveling in the direction of the Earth. The collision can
    generate quite a light show as a geomagnetic storm erupts, and the storm can last for several days under
    the right conditions.

  13. 22.2. Solar Flare Prediction
    In order to predict a solar flare two areas have so far been investigated: the observations analysis
    aimed at understanding the flare process, and the practical operations of gathering and interpreting
    relevant data for making the flare forecast[11]. Despite rapid progress, flare physics is still far from
    attaining the exact and quantitative understanding of flare processes required for accurate prediction but
    there is a prediction for 2012. Current methods of flare prediction are problematic, and there is no certain
    indication that an active region on the Sun will produce a flare.
    From August 28 until September 2, 1859, numerous sunspots and solar flares were observed on the
    sun, the largest flare occurring on September 1. A massive CME headed directly at Earth due to the solar
    flare and made it within eighteen hours — a trip that normally takes three to four days. On September 1 –
    2, the largest recorded geomagnetic storm occurred. The horizontal intensity of geomagnetic field was
    reduced by 1600 nT as recorded by the Colaba observatory near Bombay, India. Telegraph wires in bothand causing fires. Auroras were seen as far south as Hawaii, Mexico, Cuba, and Italy — phenomenon that
    is usually only seen near the poles. On March 13, 1989 a severe geomagnetic storm caused the collapse of
    the Hydro-Qu├ębec power grid in a matter of seconds as equipment protection relays tripped in a
    cascading sequence of events[3]. Six million people were left without power for nine hours, with
    significant economic loss[6]. The storm even caused auroras as far south as Texas[4]. The geomagnetic
    storm causing this event was itself the result of a CME, ejected from the Sun on March 9, 1989[5].
    Since 1859, less severe storms have occurred in 1921 and 1960, when widespread radio disruption was
    reported[2]. In August 1989, another storm affected microchips, leading to a halt of all trading on
    Toronto's stock market[10]. Since 1995, geomagnetic storms and solar flares have been monitored from the
    Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) joint-NASA-European Space Agency satellite. On February
    26, 2008 the magnetic fields erupted inside the magnetotail, releasing about 1015 Joules of energy. The
    blast launched two gigantic clouds of protons and electrons, one toward Earth and one away from Earth.
    The Earth-directed cloud crashed into the planet below, sparking vivid auroras in Canada and Alaska[7].

  14. 3. A Worst Case Scenario
    If a solar storm hit the Earth, it could throw the entire Information and communication technologies (ICT) out of gear that would lead to complete paralysis to communication and other related equipments and their usage. This would also throw out
    navigation systems, crash stock markets, ground aircraft and cause power cuts. Transformers could get
    wiped out, meaning that whole continents would not have electrical power. Communication systems and
    power systems worldwide could be wiped out for months at a time. Something this large would cause not
    just a localized but rather a continent-wide power outage. Food riots would break out, governments could
    collapse and there would be no cavalry coming to the rescue because the cavalry would also lose its
    power and ability to communicate[9]. Lawrence E. Joseph, a disaster expert, states that these solar storms
    which will hit in 2012 will potentially effect power grids, satellites, and cost trillions daily for the world.
    He has written a book, “Guilty of Apocalypse: The Case Against 2012”, in which he says that the year
    2012 will be “pivotal, perhaps catastrophic, and possibly revelatory, to a degree unmatched in human
    history”. Frequency of solar storms is expected to increase beginning summer of 2011 until 2017.
    If a super solar storm slams into the earth, this no doubt will trigger an international crises and Martial
    Law[9] will follow soon afterwards. There is a provision of such Martial Law in the US when the country
    has been facing some national or civil crisis. So if you are in the Unites States, whatever you do, you want
    to make sure you not only get home once the super solar storm starts, but you want to make sure that you
    continue to stay at home until after the solar storm is over and only after Martial Law is over as well. The
    solar storm could last for weeks or may be months. In that case you need anywhere from 12 to 24 months
    of supplies.

  15. 4. Some Remedial Steps
    There are remedial measures that need to be adopted like protecting eyes, wearing relective clothes and
    repositioning any instrument that uses batteries. The following remidial measures are specific to ICT
    Use a UPS on your computer and TV
    Install lightning and surge arrestors
    Use power strips on computers and TV’s
    Wire solar energy systems to voltages lower that 150 volts
    Go off the grid

    able to withstand radiation coming from outer space. This is not rocket science; we know how to do it
    and the technology is already there—it's just a question of political will.

    5. Conclusion
    Solar storms will continue to take place and due to that the impending solar flare in the years ahead if
    not today is going to cause a big destruction on the earth for sure. What has been done, so far in the ICT
    area, cannot be undone but in future the preventive measures can be taken – satellites can be sent offline
    during big flares, power grids and communication networks can be shielded against electromagnetic
    radiation and so on. But it is not the end of the world, for sure.

    [1] G.A. Smith. Radio Exploration of the Sun, D Van Nostrand Company Inc., 1967
    [2] S.F. Odenwald and J.L. Green. Bracing the Satellite Infrastructure for a Solar Superstorm, July 28,
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    [5] Earth in Space (American Geophysical Union). March 1997,9(7): 9–11.
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    [7] Plasma Bullets Trigger Northern Lights Jeff Haperman, NASA Science, Science News, July 2008
    [8] S. C. Warwick, J.W. and J.T. Dennett. Solar Flare Prediction, Colorado Associated University
    Press, Colorado, 1986
    [9] Solar Storm Wrning date of access 23rd April 2011
    [10] L. Dayton. Solar storms halt stock market as computers crash. 9 September, 1989, Vancouver,
    [11] M. Yoshimori. Symposium on Current-Loop Interaction in Solar Flares. In: J.I.(ed.)Toyama
    University. 1994, p.45.

    However, most important of all is to trust the Lord God.

  16. Hi Glynda, I believe you said if we knew of anyone else having these same messages, etc to let you know. Here is a link to a man I met once & he has alot of different posts but this one in particular is a vision he saw about America.