Thursday, May 7, 2015

Crash in the Heartland

I was relaxing listening to something on television about an airplane or airliner as I was about to go to sleep on Wednesday night, May 6th, 2015, when I began to feel a forewarning rising up in my spirit. I have not seen any vision with this, but it did make me think of one I had years ago, I think it was 2009 or 2010, that I had talked to Vonda Brewer about, where I was in my truck traveling on Hwy. 183 near DFW Airport and I saw something horrible take place. I saw a Southwest Airlines plane fall from the sky. They have a very vivid color scheme, and I happened to recognize it, having flown them before.

I saw it had been "cut" in five places, and what was so horrible is that I could see the people falling to their deaths from the plane. Everyone on the freeway was pulling over and stopping, and screaming when they also saw it. Vonda felt the vision was a sign of "cuts" coming in the Southwest, or at Southwest. I never found out what that vision meant.

Yesterday evening, I got this foreboding in my spirit.

"Crash in the Heartland," and it is somehow related to Kansas. I don't know if that means it happens in Kansas, but I think it may mean that. I kept hearing American Airlines. I think it may be one of their planes. I heard "mechanical malfunction."

What was worst about this is this particular crash seems to be carrying a larger than average number of children, like they were going to a special event some place, and this results in great mourning.

I also saw a glimpse of a "youngish" man - I would say in his 30's, with dark hair. I felt he was trying to help, or save the children in some way.

This crash, if it happens, results in a very great death toll, and a very large number of them are children.

Please pray, Saints.

In response to many emails, I want to clarify that this crash has not happened yet - that is why God forewarns us, so we can pray against these things happening, or ask that they be lessened.


  1. Glenda,
    This makes me want to cry! We know the LORD will do any thing to bring people to understand that all things are in HIS hands!

    Does this make HIM some kind of sadistic GOD? No. HE works all things together and HIS grace is immeasurable.

    What about the millions of precious unborn babies that have been murdered in this country? Did HE give them grace to endure? And for what purpose is their death? Well many moms and dads and grandparents have come to know the LORD after an abortion. (I know, I was a counselor at a Crisis Pregnancy Center). And on the other hand, our country is 'filling up on sins'.

    For those that know Christ as King, we must stay surrendered and humble to HIS calling and will. Many things are being and will be stripped away from all of us!

    I pray this does not happen. I pray if it 'is' HIS will that every person on that plane comes to HIM as Savior. I pray that everyone related, comes to HIM.

    You are right we need to be praying all the time!!

  2. I am agreeing in prayer.

  3. Praying that all those who lives will be lost if this plane crash happens will be saved in the Precious Blood of Our Dear Lord Jesus Christ and their Families. X

  4. OH Lord please. Please save the children please

  5. Glenda- This may be a little out there, but I've been thinking about what Vonda said about "cuts" coming in the Southwest. Jade Helm 15 exercises are being held in several southwest states between July 15-Sept.15. These are supposed military exercises. Perhaps, something about the plane crash is related to this time period.

  6. My daughter is going to England and Ireland next year, I don't know what kind of plane she will be on but I don't think it would be flying over the Kansas area, should I keep her home.