Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Many of My people are crippled from the enemy’s attacks on their lives. They are confused, thinking I am to blame, yet it was not I who opened the door to the enemy.

My people, I desire you would be healed in your body, mind and spirit. Give your wounds to Me and allow Me to teach you about My healing power, for I am a great and mighty God, well able to heal My people.

Exodus 15:26  And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the Lord thy God, and wilt do that which is right in his sight, and wilt give ear to his commandments, and keep all his statutes, I will put none of these diseases upon thee, which I have brought upon the Egyptians: for I am the Lord that healeth thee.


  1. Please pray for God to strengthen me and give me courage. Pray that I will find out what his plan is for me and that I will receive deliverance soon.

  2. Please pray for my son, Jim, and my little sister, Cherry, to return to the Lord. Please pray for my brother and two sisters and their families to find Jesus.

  3. please pray for me

  4. Oh my Lord and God, I do not blame you at all for my mess. You always blessed me; it is by my own hand that I have suffered but I don't understand why I've seen thousands of your children delivered and restored in an instant and no matter what I've done - repentance, prayer, etc. I'm still not? I feel abandoned..

  5. Thank you!
    I have been reading the healing companion and my back pain is healed before I've even finished reading it. Praise the Lord!!