Tuesday, July 19, 2016

No Area

Are you ready for all I have to bless you? Are you indeed ready, My child?

Have you purified your life, that I may pour My power and My blessings out through you? Are you sure? Have you removed wrong relationships, bad habits, wicked attitudes? For I cannot bless any area you have not purified.

Any area you refuse to conform to My Image in, I cannot work through.

How much I bless you is up to you. Be ready.

Colossians 3:5-9

5 Mortify therefore your members which are upon the earth; fornication, uncleanness, inordinate affection, evil concupiscence, and covetousness, which is idolatry:

6 For which things' sake the wrath of God cometh on the children of disobedience:

7 In the which ye also walked some time, when ye lived in them.

8 But now ye also put off all these; anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy communication out of your mouth.

9 Lie not one to another, seeing that ye have put off the old man with his deeds;

John 15:5  I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.


  1. please pray for me
    I need prayer

  2. You know Glynda I had a thought just now. I would love it and I am sure many others too if you would do like a teaching of these words, you know break it down into a more understandable word. Reading this word seems pretty clear but how do we know what God means when He says "wrong relationships, bad habits and wicked attitudes"? Some people who are in "wrong relationships" are married and can not leave whether it is due to children, money, health related issues, or maybe the Lord hasn't lead them to leave. "Bad habits" may be sinful as doing drugs, drinking, and other addiction type behaviors. However "wicked attitudes", what does that mean exactly? Attitudes can be based on emotions and feelings and may also be connected to the way a person thinks, and may also be tied in with strong holds placed on the by the enemy. Other than the typical scripture that talks about taking every thought captive, how is a person to overcome all these issues in order to be used and blessed of God? Thanks and God bless you!!

  3. Prayer request Open doors to go to California..protection wisdom discernment blessings, breakthrough in finances I need to find and rent my own place again, a more professional job, godly wife

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  5. @Joy of the Lord: I believe the messages are meant to tickle us individually to get into closer relationship with the Lord, by way of seeking to know how it applies to the individual who might be prompted by some statements in the message. You know, the Lord seeks our individual relationships to reveal more clearly to us His plan for our lifes. So I think the messages are meant to lead us; since many people with different issues read them. Thank you.

  6. Thank You Glynda...I appreciate your Message's & Ministry in Service To King Jesus & The Body of Christ...I will Meditate on this today,intensely&Darien has been prayed for Prayer Filter in Place there along with Prayer Amplifier.(Deuteronomy:28 Blesse's & Curse's Read) & Amen +++ Pray for Deliverance & Dominion:Psalm 103 ( Message (The Double~Blessing there)AMERICA:name means "KINGDOM"=New Jer-USA-Lem...GOD helped ME formulate beginning with the # 7 in the Spring of 2013=Psalm:119 v.164)Embrace & Cling to "King JESUS" Now.Habakkuk:name means One who Embraces & Clings to his God even if his Nation should fall.MIDNIGHT~HOUR was in MARCH 2015 (Message's given there to ME on March 5th (#5 Means GRACE) & Another Watchmen on MARCH 8th (@8 means "JESUS)During the Civil Rights 50 yr. Celebration there.And HE also gave ME a "VISION" of HIS HUGE SWORD with HIS Big Strong White Hand on it&it was Headed Deep "SOUTH" & I already knew it was going to "SELMA" Alabama October 2014...It Came out of the Eastern Sky between Virginia&North Carolina&it was Pointed Deep "SOUTH" The Message there was Stay to the Right Sheep Pen Side of HIS SWORD=Do not GO Liberal Leftist with Oprah & Co.or "Viola"(Liuzzo)& Co. either.It=DECEPTION there( I know all too well)It =Goat Pen Side.Read GENESIS:5 v.1(HE had ME read this to share=NO DISPUTE there)The Book of Adam's~Generation's.WE are ISRAEL=The Lost Sheep !! Read Matthew:15 v.24 (Parable there) HE did OPEN HIS "DOOR" to other's in this World but&however WE= the Chosen Apple of HIS EYE BELOVED&REDEEMED(Meaning ADAM given Dominion in Garden of Eden)One's.SELMA:name means GODS' HELMET (I looked it up) Message there IS Tighten~Up the Helmet of Salvation in the Body Armor of GOD=Ephesians:6 vs.11~18 Amen +++ HE gives ME so much (like you there) HIS STANDARD=WALL (VISION HE gave ME in 2005=Giant WALL of Protection)In My Minds Eye it IS HIS MIGHTY~FORTRESS) IS now going Up around HIS REMNANT Ones around the World since March 2016 (Message given to ME then)HE gave ME another VISION there too.I was a little Child on a Stepping Stone Pathway HIS Bright White Light Shinning down on ME there while DARKNESS ENVELOPES this EARTH.Darkness was all around ME.Message there IS Stay IN HIM & HIS LIGHT=Talking One Stepping Stone Step @ a Time.2016 Big Year & Pray about 2018 (HE dropped those 2 year's in My Deep Spirit Realm in 2014 after The SPIRIT of ELIJAH came to MY Home & My Town..I called Upon it to Come here & Great thing's happened & I asked it then to GO all over the GLOBE Seeking HIS LOST) Amen More message not enough Time.Except to say Get water"DUNKED"Submerged Acts:2 vs.38-38 & Matthew:28 vs 16-20 Amen (Infantile & Sprinkling Do Not Count=Must Be Age of REASON)My Town with Be SPARED HIS WRATH & I will have PLENTY for Myself & PLENTY to Share with Other's too=HE told Me & Told ME not to DOUBT HIM in anything HE showed ME or Told ME since 2014 when HE rescued ME from the Very Claws of the Devil !!!! Isaiah:49 vs 15 & 16 there HE IS MIGHTY to SAVE US :) Matthew:5 v 8 My favorite Beatitude.And #17 means VICTORY=Hebrews:11 v.1="FAITH" :)
    Philippians:1 v.6 Confidence in Christ JESUS/Suzanne:name means Lily of the Valley here=A Born again ISRAELITE Daughter of the KING/Watchmen/Intercessory Prayer Warrior/& Now Daughter of "SOME" Prophecy Praise HIM & HE showed ME Invisibility too !! MORE COMING: "KEEP~MOVING" Saint's (Message June 17th 2016)GOD Bless those Who Bless HIM & HIS SHEEP Amen :)

  7. @ Edward Yorke, thank you for your comment. I do understand these words may only be intended for certain individuals as they read them but they can possibly be words that we can all take to the Lord for further insight and understanding. Thinking that I may be married to the wrong man bc it was done out of my own will instead of God's will long before I gave my life to Christ makes me wonder if God is wanting me to leave my husband. When I read words like this I always get confused and I know God does not give us a spirit of confusion but that of a sound mind. That is why I asked that question. I just wished there would be more explanations with these words to help people such as myself better understand what God is really saying so that we can better know how to approach Him in prayer concerning words such as these. Glynda used to do more of this on her you-tube channel in the past but now that she has move to "Spreaker" she no longer does it. I truly miss those days and wished she would do it that way instead of doing it on "Spreaker". Thanks again and God bless.

  8. Joy of the Lord - You are right, I have not been making the word videos for awhile now. I actually got busy and have been going through some things and forgot about them. I was not sure if they were very helpful, so your comment helps me understand that they were, at least to you. If I can find time, I will try to make more of those soon. Thank you for posting your comment! ~ Glynda

  9. Glynda, I too enjoy your words as well as the insight God has given you about them. God bless you sister!