Tuesday, November 10, 2020

40 Days of Testing

Nicole called me today and mentioned 40 day tests. She had been listening to a Youtube video and as she listened to the sermon, it came up in her spirit that the devil wants Christians to give up and stop praying about the results of this election, but that its not over until someone is sworn in. 

We had talked a day or so ago about both of us hearing “It’s not over. It’s not over. It’s not over,” over and over in our spirits. I tried to post that on the JPH Faithlife page but I have not been able to post anything for 4 days now, and no one at Faithlife is answering my requests for assistance.

So I did a quick search about the 40 day tests, and Nicole is right, 40 is a testing number – for very BIG tests -

This from Guideposts.org:

Moses, Elijah and Jesus fasted in the desert for 40 days each

The Israelites wandered in the desert for 40 years (Joshua 5:6)

Ezekiel laid on his right side for 40 days to “bear the iniquity” of Judea’s sins

Three kings reigned for 40 years each: Saul, David and Solomon

Goliath taunted Israel for 40 days before David defeated him

God destroyed every living thing on Earth by flooding it for 40 days

Brent commented on the JPH site under Holding Onto Idols today:

7-2-19 there was a solar eclipse and 490 days later was the election Nov 3rd. There will be another solar eclipse 40 days later on 12-14-20 the day that the electoral college meets to certify the next president and if that were not enough that eclipse will also fall half way between the great American eclipse of 8-21-17 and the next great eclipse over America making an X over America on 4-8-24.

So we think Christians are being tested right now with this election process. Others are likely being tested, too, especially those most affected by the so-called results, when numerous instances of massive voter fraud have been alleged.

The end result does still remain to be seen, and our God is well able to bring forth truth, whether it is what the left is claiming, or it is not.

Pray, saints. Pray, fast and travail if this election grieves you. Don’t talk about it, Do Something About It.



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