Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Does Anyone Know Why this is Happening?

I wanted to make this post and ask if any of you are experiencing sudden, unexplainable misunderstandings with people you are very close to? I’ve had a couple really freak things like that happen in the past 3 days and my friend Tom has also been experiencing it. 

My experience has been someone thinking I said or did something I didn’t (twice now! And where the evidence makes it look like I did), or people just flipping out on me in a conversation. I’m still inquiring of the Lord tonight, hoping He gives us a word or something to explain this. I’m to the point I’m afraid to have any more conversations, for concern it will happen again.

Then I just found out one of my friends was banned from Disqus, the commenting platform, and the screenshot he shared with someone says JPH banned him!! Pretty sure I am the only person who can ban commenters and I did not ban him. But the evidence looks like I did!  This is all really upsetting.

Is anyone else experiencing this?  I prayed for literally hours today asking the Lord what’s going on with this, so if you have insight, please share it in the comments. Thank you.

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