Saturday, December 11, 2021

A Time of Great Mourning - Bonus REPOST

Because of the grief and warnings many are receiving in their spirits, I may from time to time post bonus words or short update posts to keep you informed and encouraged. 


MONDAY, January 15, 2018


A Time of Great Mourning

I had been reading the Word for awhile when I felt a deep sadness rise up in my spirit, and I realized it was from the Lord. Lord, what is this sadness You are sharing with me?  

   My people, a time of great mourning is coming for you soon, for great destruction looms in the distance just ahead. Man has devised war in his heart, and it shall be a great war indeed, as men fight for control of countries.

   This war shall start suddenly and without warning, and it shall come from a small country, but its impact shall be very great. It shall diminish food supplies and bring much suffering. Death will spread quickly and lives be forever changed as a terrible sequence of events plays out as a result.

   There is nothing you can do or pray to stop this war, for it is the beginning of the end, and all scripture must be fulfilled. Pray that your faith be strong, and strengthen it while there is yet time. Pray for those you love for mercy, for you shall see many peoples die in this time, and many you love may be among them. Pray for those you do not know, for salvation and for mercy, for you shall lay up for yourselves a great harvest in doing so.

   Do not fear for what you shall eat or what you shall drink, for I am able to provide for you even where nothing remains, if your faith is strong. Be sure your faith is strong. Ask of Me for great faith and I shall give it you, that you may survive what is coming if that is your desire.

   My children, prepare your hearts for mourning, for this will be a time of much grief. This will be a time of losing many dear to you. This will be a time of great change, such as nothing the world has ever endured before.

   I am with you always, even to the end of the age.



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