Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Protection in the Times to Come

I was thinking today about the apprehension we all feel about what is coming. We know there are some things we cannot do anything about, as all scripture must be fulfilled, but there are others we can affect, and should.

I am going to endeavor to share with you through this blog some prayers and things that I think may help just a little to alleviate some of the apprehension (hopefully not fear) for you. All of these will involve standing on God’s Word in some way. If you start now (don’t even wait until a crisis to try to believe, it’s next to impossible in the midst of all that emotion!) – if you start now, these truths will be engraved on your heart whenever we are facing what we now talk about, and you will be prepared. This is the way I deal with any bad event I know is coming.

You have all heard me talk about Psalm 91 and it’s protecting power over the years, even giving examples I found from time to time. There is no better prayer of protection anywhere. I don’t even attempt to write protection prayers because I could never write a better one than Psalm 91. I highly recommend memorizing it, so you can recite it even without a Bible.

Sound like too much work? You may change your mind when you hear the testimony I just listened to. Let me tell you a little about it.

But no matter, here is the link to the video, which is the BEST testimony I have ever heard about the protecting power of God working through believers standing on Psalm 91!

Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDcBJqWzrT4

So I found that amazing testimony to the power of God working through believers standing on Psalm 91 for protection on YouTube and then went searching for a text version. I found one but cannot share it publicly as it has a copyright notice and there is no contact information for the blog owner on that page to obtain permission.

So here is a link to the website with the text version of that same testimony, if you want to read it – What a testimony!


Now that is one of many testimonies of Psalm 91’s protecting power. If you know of others, please share a link in the comments below so we can all build our faith!

If standing on this Psalm can protect all those men while rockets and bullets were being fired at them, it can certainly protect you and me in what is coming. Psalm 91 is God’s own shield of protection which protects you if you believe.

How to Get Psalm 91’s protection to work for you:  Quote it – out loud – daily is best. You release your faith into a situation by speaking, when you speak Psalm 91, you are releasing your faith for protection based on what that Psalm says. You can also pray it out loud over your children or other loved ones. It works!

If you want to read more stories of how Psalm 91 protected people standing on it, get a copy of Peggy Joyce Ruth’s book, Psalm 91 – Real-Life Stories of God’s Shield of Protection, here on the JPH Print Bookstore Page which takes you to the book on Amazon and helps support JPH at no extra cost to you:


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