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What is the Enemy Attacking in Your Life? - REPOST

March 23, 2016


What is the Enemy Attacking in Your Life?

The Lord reminded me this morning that the enemy always attacks what he fears most in us, and He said this is what has been happening in this most recent wave of attacks.

If you are suffering in this wave of attacks, you can defeat them by discerning what he is attacking.

For Examples – Find Your Gifts Below (NOTE: These are only examples, he may be attacking other areas as well)

Gift: Witnessing/Your Testimony - If you are anointed to witness for Christ, he will attack your credibility – by getting you into sin. NOTE: He also will try to distract you with strife or offense if you are strong in witnessing.

Gift: Intercession - If you are anointed to pray and intercede for others, he might try to distract you from prayer, cause strife with family members so you can’t focus on praying, or attack your faith in God to answer.

Gift: Teaching &/or Prophesying - If you are anointed to teach His Word or prophesy, he might distract you with financial difficulties, strife with family members, or family members getting into trouble or going through crisis. He might try to distract you from studying the Word and praying, or try to make you doubt what you hear from Him. He will attack your faith for sure.

Gift: Helps - If you are anointed to help others (the anointing of Helps), he might try to distract you by highlighting the ways you yourself are in need, or place thoughts in your mind that the people you are helping are somehow “unworthy” or helping. He might attack the sources you receive funding or other helping resources from.

Healing - He will attack your body, again and again. He will attack your faith, because faith is the very basis of this gift, and he will attack your credibility, by luring you into sin.

Gift: Pastor - If you are a Pastor, he will definitely attack your credibility by trying to entice you to sin. He will try to distract you from prayer, study, and ministering to your congregants. He will attack your funding sources and try to make you look bad to your congregants by planting judgmental thoughts in their minds.

There are many ways he can attack us, but Jesus has already defeated every single one of them. We need to find out the reasons behind his attacks so we can cancel them. Example: Is he attacking your gifts or your ministry? Is he attacking you personally, or attacking your family? You need to determine what is being attacked so you can cancel the attack itself and render it powerless by the mighty Name of Jesus.

1 Peter 5:8  Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

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