Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Celestial and Atmospheric

Please excuse any typos or formatting inconsistencies in this post. My internet isnt working so I am posting via my cell phone.

I desire My children would continue trusting Me as the events I have ordained for this time begin happening.  For this reason, children, I tell you these things - that you might know when they occur, it is the hand of your Father in Heaven that does them.

In this time, many celestial and atmospheric happenings will occur. Planetary happenings will occur that will terrify many.  At times it will appear all life on earth will be exterminated but My children are safe in the palm of My mighty hand. Fear not.

I long ago foresaw the coming evil and wickedness of men and I planned these events to draw their attention and to show them they cannot control what I created, and there is no help for them but in Me.

Col. 1:16
Gen. 6:11-13
John 16:4

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