Friday, April 15, 2011

You Have Heard the Warning Sound

The doctrines of men have deceived you into lethargy, My people! Awake! Awake and rise up to your posts for many of you shall perish in what is coming soon if you do not.

You have believed the lies of the enemy that there is still more time, that no battle approaches, that the end is nowhere near here, but you have been deceived.

You have believed these things that you may not fear what is ahead, that you might remain in the world following your own desires, but I say to you now the world shall become a snare to you as the hunter approaches.

At this point, I saw a brief vision of a small animal caught in the steel jaws of a trap, wildly trying to free itself, and the large, black form of a hunter who I knew was very evil approaching it.

Repent! Repent of your lethargy and unwillingness to believe My words now – before it is too late for you, for many of you shall be taken in what is soon to come and you know it not.

So many of you are not ready. Would you go to war with no preparations beforehand? Would you walk into battle with no guide? And yet you walk blindly forward to your own destruction because you refuse to believe My words.

Prepare ye well, My people. Study My Word that you may fight your enemy valiantly in the battle soon coming! Do not be found wanting in My eyes for the consequences are grave indeed.

You have heard the warning sound.

Repent and return to your post before it is too late.

Get ready, for the battle is quickly approaching when you shall be made to fight. Darkness is coming. Days of great darkness lay ahead for My people everywhere.

Those without My Word shining brightly in their hearts shall not be able to endure this great onslaught of the enemy for it shall come from many directions at once and be very fierce indeed for he knows his time is short now.

Many of My people are now preparing behind the scenes but many are not even paying heed to the many warnings I have sent them. Soon the battle will be upon you and there will be no more time to prepare. It will be too late then for those who have ignored My words and many shall perish because of it. Many will enter into eternal darkness for they loved not the light of My glorious Word.

I have given you power over every device of the wicked one, but that power is hidden in My Word. It is not your physical bodies nor in your physical preparations. The power you will need to fight this battle can only be found in My Word.

Matthew 15:9: But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.

John 3:19: And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

Luke 10:19: Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

Isaiah 45:3: And I will give thee the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places, that thou mayest know that I, the LORD, which call thee by thy name, am the God of Israel.

Zechariah 4:6: Then he answered and spake unto me, saying, This is the word of the LORD unto Zerubbabel, saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this with us all!
    I truly believe that God is in control, but there is still fear inside me as I don't know a lot of the Word.
    I love the Bible and believe every word of it, I've memorized a few Bible verses but don't know nearly enough. I regret so much the countless hours I wasted running after things and pleasures that were all for nothing. I wish I had treasured His Word more.
    I long to be ready and to stand firm in my faith. Could you give any advise as to what a young Christian should focus on in these end times? Time is so short, I feel so overwhelmed with all of this, any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  2. Powerful words.
    God Bless you, Glynda.

  3. Carolee, My best advice is to find a teacher you really love listening to and then listen to them as often as you can. The word was not opened to me until I had been in the walk about a year and began asking God to unlock it to me. I liked Joyce Meyer so I listened to her constantly for years, and got a lot of good basic knowledge there and then went on to study various subjects for myself, and also to listen to other teachers. As far as I know, I didn't pick up any wrong beliefs in her teachings, and I still listen to her some. But choose someone YOU like, that you enjoy listening to and start there. Also a read-through-the-bible in a year is a good way to get into the daily habit of reading the word. I started with one that was I think the New Living Translation or something similar (I didn't use it for learning scripture, only for my morning readings). On and, you can see excerpts from the books to see which version you like the best. There are many good bible studies available for deeper studies, but I would start with finding someone to watch/listen to and getting a daily reading Bible. Hope this helps you! Glynda

  4. Carolee, I'm sure everyone can say that they have felt unprepared at one point.
    What is impossible with men IS possible with the LORD.
    You might not feel like it's possible to be prepared because the hour is so late, but it IS possible, the Word says it is.
    I will pray for you. Bless you Carolee. :)
    Glynda, what does the LORD mean men are deceived into lethargy? Like...They can sit back and do nothing because they have learned that they will be 'raptured'?

  5. Joshua, People who have been deceived into lethargy are those who don't believe these are the end times. They think there is much more time to prepare for what is coming and the Lord is saying there isn't. The enemy tells them "there's no rush" and they believed him, they were deceived by his lie that they don't need to be concerned about it right now, so they're kind of kicked back just going about their lives.

  6. Glynda, Do you run into more opposition than not? It seems there are so many people around us, meaning my husband and I, that do not want to listen to words like what you have written. They do not want to hear the ways of the world that have been embraced by the church are not right because it causes us to stray from a path of holiness. Sometimes it is just so frustrating and sad.

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  8. LovedByHim, It is human nature to want to remain in our comfort zones and holiness is not a walk of comfort. It is anything but, it is denying our fleshly wants and desires for a higher purpose - His Glory. There are many who say the holiness walk is a work, I think it is a natural evolving of our relationship with Him if we are in true relationship and truly love our Savior. If we don't, well, then why give anything we want to do up at all? But if we are truly dedicated, if we truly strive to please Him, then we should want to be as holy for Him as we can, as part of our devotion to Him. So I do get opposition from those types, but all you can do is pray for those who do not wish to see the truth because they have been deceived by comfort, and comfort, if we let it, would make cowards of us all. Thanks for posting, LovedByHim.

  9. Aha! Okay that makes more sense to me now. Thank you for explaining that to me.


  10. Dear Carolee,
    Just as in the days of Elijah and John the Baptist - they were messengers called, chosen, and sent by God - they were called to prepare The Way of The LORD. There is only one Way made by and accepted by The Lord. Study The Word in context with Who Christ is and what it is that He has not only Finished, but what He prospered in: Christ and Christ Crucified. The entirety of The Word of God is in that Context By The Spirit of God.
    In Elijah's day he was called to rebuild the alter of God as wicked Ahab had erected another. All of the prophetic Words in the last moment of these last days pertain to false alters that have been erected by the wicked 'Ababs' of today (that is most of the church even as Christ has warned us by and In His Word) - Look only to Jesus and what He so Faithfully Acomplished for us at Calvary... In HIM and only In Him and His Finished Work can all the Treasures of God be Revealed.
    I pray The Lord Bless you this day and everyday in the simplicity of The Gospel of Jesus Christ and Him Crucified as a Finished Work with Nothing to be added to and Nothing to be taken away,

  11. Glynda, thank you for your new post. My husband thinks this stuff is nothing new, its something we should all be doing anyways. I feel a more sense of urgency than he does, but I think that is rubbing off a little. LOL. I am trying. I am like Carolee, I have read the Bible at least once completely, if Satan is going to go after us and we are to have His Word in us, where do I concentrate more of my time on? Jesus quoted the Old Testament when he was tempted. I am reading Isaiah right now, getting a lot of "I see this today here and that there" which excites me, only because I am excited by the Bible in action.

  12. ska55124 - I'm not sure where to tell you to concentrate. Anyone else have any suggestions?

  13. Hi Mrs. Glynda and ska55124 - If our concentration is on Who Christ is and What He did and all that He Accomplished for us as we read and study The Word, The Spirit of Truth will Reveal The Truths that we Need in each of our lives. It is by Faith that we have The Victory and it is by Faith that we overcome the world.
    I don't believe that it was the fact that Jesus was able to quote the Scripture (in that sense) but that He Understood the scripture in the context of The Will of God and In The purpose of God. Satan himself is able to quote Scripture just as Judas Iscariot, the pharisees, and the scribes were able to quote the scriptures.
    Psalms 103:2 says…Forget Not ALL His Benefits… the only benefits we have came through the cross of Christ. Our Faith must be solely and ever in HIS Cross.
    Colossians 2:6 says, "As ye have therefore 'received' Christ Jesus The Lord, so 'walk' ye IN HIM. The Only way we can Receive Christ is by Way The (His) Cross.

  14. Glynda-All of your postings have been amazing, but these last three especially have really hit home for my husband and me. God has been preparing him quietly for the past 4 years, and the past year we have both been preparing full-time for what God has for us to do during these end times. And recently, God brought us a wonderful new friend to join in the work He has for us. Sometimes it can be very frustrating and Satan tries to tell us that God is not really going to use us. Financially, it has been a struggle studying full-time and Satan tells us we are going to lose everything. Your last three postings have been confirmation to us that we are in God's will and He is going to use us in amazing ways. And He will prosper us in the process. Thank you so much for your obedience to God!

  15. To Ska,

    I would concentrate your thoughts and heart on Jesus Christ and Him alone. Those who have read my writings here know that I feel Christ is the way to understanding. Meaning go to him before and over your pastor or priest and church.

    In this world today we have so many denominations claiming to be the true church as we have many versions of the bible claiming to be the true word of God.

    This can leave the faithful believer somewhat confused.

    Step out of your current Christian faith what ever it may be and shed your pre-conceived theology and beliefs as given to you by your church and pray to God in Christs name for guidance. Jesus will hear the pure of heart who seeks Him without the veil pre-conceived theology.

    But be forwarned. Many times you will not receive either what you expect or what you currently desire, and God will work within you in His time, not yours.

  16. I am also really overwhelm by it all to the point of tears. As a fairly young Christian my faith is strong but i cant help but be a little burdened. What is the best way to read the bible, in order? chronological?

  17. YHWSH said man does not live by bread alone,but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of YHWH.this is his name,itmeans YHWH SAVES.He also said that the first commandment is to hear the word,not as is mistranslated law.the second commandment is to live it out,act always on this he did fullfilling it.

  18. soreserved, The chronological is working best for me at the moment, and I also study out subjects of particular interest as needed using a Strong's Exhaustive Concordance (which shows you the definitions of the original language that the Bible was translated from in each case - sometimes there isn't an English equivalent for a word and that can skew meanings somewhat). For my daily reading, I am presently using the Reese Chronological. Apparently the gentleman who ordered the scriptures into this version (mine is KJV) spent many years researching to get as close as possible to when each scripture actually took place or was spoken. One of the things I particularly like is that I don't read a story and then two weeks later I'm reading the same story in another book of the Bible. All accounts of each event are grouped together (example - in the gospels, each gospel's account of the crucifixion is all together when you read through it). Hope this helps you - I know it's confusing. It was to me, too, since I was not raised in church.

  19. Chief and Glynda, thank you for your words of wisdom. Since I moved to this area of Minnesota in July 2009, we have not found a church up here, though we have tried, we werent impressed with the ones we have checked out, so therefore, we havent gone, and I don't feel pressed to find one now either. I do pray in Jesus's name, because I know it is through Him that all things happen. Growing up Catholic, they did not teach you how to pray except the Lord's Prayer and they never encouraged you to read the Bible, so now I have to figure this out myself. I feel i read the Bible superficially, not like those who study and dig in and get deeper meanings out of their reading, that is where i am jealous, definatelly not a prayer warrior, as had poor experience praying growing up. No longer a Catholic, thankfully, but having to learn things now when it should have been earlier in life and had better guidance.

  20. ska,
    Glynda's advice of chonological order is solid. I would kindly suggest starting right at the beginning of the good book. But do not overwhelm yourself. I would pray to God in Christs name before you start reading and ask for guidance and understanding. Then just simply read one chapter at a time. Then contemplate what you have read and pray again for understanding.

    Now this is key. Understanding. It sounds simple and saying it is one thing but obtaining it is another. Above all things get understanding. The many denominations will steer you here and there to obtain their unique understanding but unfortunately most are all different. Your various bible versions will change the word to a degree and might mislead you here also.

    My advice would be to get a King James version. I once was given a King James Bible that was over 100 years old. I compared it to a new King James version and it was an exact word for word copy.

    God bless you and your family in your search for the truth

  21. I think since we are living in the last of the last days, we should study Daniel and Revelation. Daniel and Revelation go together like a hand and a glove. We are living in Revelation and Matthew chapter 24.What do you think about all of the outbreaks of these killer tornado's and mega quakes?

  22. Colleen and all,
    The US govt. with its HAARP technology has the ability to alter weather and earth events. Now I cannot say they actually caused these tornados and earthquakes but all I can say for sure is the PTB can modify weather and other things.

    Now if you are interested in going deep go to the site:
    "Steve Quayle's World: It's a Blast!" This guy is a hard core Christian but he will take you very deep.

    There seems to be something going on with the New Madrid Fault line. Seems the US Navy has a map of what they may be expecting on this very site.

    I would caution all here on end times scenarios. Many are anticipating some end times event but remember Satan is very aware of bible prophecy. I personally believe as Glynda has pointed out the world will be going into some sort of cataclysmic event but, afterwards here is where the Christian will be looking for Christ.

    The problem is the christian will be looking for the anti-christ "during the cataclysmic event and after the event is when the christian will be looking for Christ.

    Here is where the great deception will appear. The world will be shaken by the events and the survivors will be looking for their savior afterwords. Hence, enter the anti-christ - after the events to appear as your savior.

    So try not to fall into the typical play book that has been laid out for all to follow and that is:

    1. Cataclysmic events brougt in by the anti-christ
    2. Christ returns after these events to save all.

    This is the typical scenario that has been trumpeted by many prophecy hounds and other agencies.

  23. Carolee, I have some fantastic bible studies on CD that I would be only too happy to send to you.
    I found these studies have helped me emensely, as I too worried as you do. My email address is howers at Replace the at with an @.
    We need to be armed with the word of God, and His promises to us will give us peace of mind as we head into the future.
    Cheers Rob.

  24. Chief and Glynda,

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart to the top! I am sure that I will not be the only one who will benefit from this advice! It seems from this post thread alone that many will benefit. I started reading a small book that I had bought years ago and don't think I read, Praying God's Will for Your Life, by Stormie Omartian. I am only half way through and I feel that she is pretty much saying the same, and I can feel that in my spirit too, read through the Bible again, start from the beginning. I believe we have a NKJV and will seek out that translation, she said that once you read through a Bible in one version, read other versions.

    Again, thank you for the guidance, it really was helpful!

  25. ska55124, In my opinion, the words of our LORD and our SAVIOR, should be our focal point, combined with the power and teaching of the Holy Spirit they will transform us into who we need to be in these final days. Remembe that Jesus is THE WORD in Flesh. Abide in HIM. Jesus bless you... grace

  26. Did Noah and his family endure the flood? Did Lot endure the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah? Did Moses endure the Pharoah's destruction of the Hebrew children? Do you believe that all those who have confessed the Lord Jesus will be removed from the earth prior to the Tribulation about which you speak? Or do you believe that He will leave His body behind to endure the carnage to come? I believe in our Blessed Hope and that all who have confessed the Lord Jesus will be wed to Him in the air to make a show to he who is prince of the air. We will then follow Him on horses as He returns to rule the earth, at the end of the tribulation you reference. What are your thoughts?

  27. Did Noah and his family endure the flood? Did Lot endure the destruction of Sodom and Gemorrah? Did Moses suffer the wrath of Pharaoh as the other Hebrew children? Or did our Father remove them all from the suffering and carnage that was to come? Do you believe that He would leave His body behind in a world which will suffer tribulation? Or do you believe in our Blessed Hope, when our Lord will call all those who have confessed Him as Lord Jesus, to be wed to Him in the air, to make a show of triumph to he who is prince of the air? I believe that we who have confessed Jesus as Lord will be raptured out of the carnage that is coming soon upon the earth. What are your thoughts?

  28. Armageddon is coming to the shores of America and the people are watching American Idol. Wake up America and be ready, both Spiritually and Physically. Paul, in Timothy, tells us that those who do not prepare for their families are worse than infidels. Ezekiel 38 & 39 are written to warn us of the war to end all wars and that war is going to be fount on North American soil, not the tiny Israeli state of Palestine where almost none of God's people live.

    The watchmen are sounding the warning - people wake up before it's too late.

    Yahweh is coming for His final judgement on His people and the world.

  29. Kathe,
    You state that "Yahweh is coming for His final judgement on His people and the world." You must mean that God's people are Christians as you state that there are almost none of His people in "Palestine", to which I am assuming you mean Israel. If Yahweh is coming to judge his people, I must state, in love to a sister: you and I have been judged! He judged us on the cross with our Lord. He was judged so that we are not; our judgement is complete: by accepting the free gift of salvation through His shed blood, I am saved from judgement! Praise Jesus! The battle you reference in Ezekial 38-39 is known as the battle of Gog and Magog, a battle at which God (Yahweh) will supernaturally save Israel from its enemies, it is not the end battle of Armageddon, however. Armageddon, and Gog and Magog, for that matter, must occur in Israel, not North America! America will be judged, I agree, but the manner to which you reference is not scriptural. I say this not as judge, but to proclaim that Christ will come to snatch us out of the carnage that is soon to come; I wait for our Blessed Hope. God bless you Sister!

  30. Where to start in the Bible? Well, if going chronologically, I suggest a teacher such as Chuck Missler of Koinonia House (1 800 K House 1 to order tapes). Many have recommended we start with the Gospel of John. John talked about Jesus as God, His divine nature and our life with Him once we become aware of His presence.
    My husband and I spent 12 years on the weekly tapes called K-Rations from Koinonia House. 90% of where we learned Bible was there. We had been in churches which neglected this in depth analysis. I am cut off from fellowship now that I am a widow. I realize by now that many churches disagree on some topics, and it's distressing to know...but I put my faith in Him Who will make all things clear.

  31. ska55124....
    I would consider end time study/preparation secondary. Any Christian's primary focus should be about preaching the gospel to the lost, especially considering there is little time left. You'll find the best info for that in the epistles of Paul.

  32. I am currently memorizing Psalm 91. This is a good place to start your memorization.

    As for studies, I also like Chuck Missler. You can get his podcasts for free through Itunes or through his website.

    The other person I really like is Rabbi Kurt Schneider (discovering the jewish Jesus dot com). He has a 30 min show on TCC and daystar tv. He is a Messianic Jewish believer, so he does believe Jesus is the Messiah.

    And PRAY without ceasing!

  33. Thank you Jase, I talk to as much people as I can who will listen, every chance I get, even to my own kids. Even though they say they are saved, as they are teens, every talk we have, I try to bring in the Bible, always pointing to the Bible or referencing the Bible, only so they know that I really mean it when I say that the Bible is our authority and Truth. As Chief has pointed out, really need to check out Steve Quayles site, that is where I learned about Glynda, so it can't be all bad. lol ;)

  34. I know I have been prpared for something.God has been teaching me in his word for 15 years. He has also given me deep understanding of the spiritual forces going on in the world.I was called out of the churches years ago although I had tried to find one.I would leave feeling I didn't belong.Carolee. The most important words in the bible are the words of Jesus (Yahshua).Ask him for understanding.He said the holy spirit will teach you all things and bring to remebrance things I have told you.The holy spirit is your teacher.

  35. To ska,

    I believe that the book of John and the Psalms are a great place for ones heart to be conformed to His image. The book of John because you get a deeper richness of who Jesus was i.e.; "I am the bread of life" and "I am the way, and the truth, and the life" Also for Psalms you can see David's heart poured out to the Lord (A man after God's own heart) and would ask the Lord to help you make Him your treasure.

    Also wanted to mention this was a great article, it is important to be found in Him (Matthew 25) to be ready when He returns. Some one mentioned Psalm 91 (powerful assurance) from God's word to those who take refuge in Him.

    One last thing to mention here, I would ask that you search the scriptures for yourselves about the timing of His return. There is nothing in His word that points to pre-trib rapture and one would only need to look at Jesus returning a 2nd time not a rapture and then His 2nd coming. There's going to be a great falling away that is to take place and that can only be those who believed to be Christians who now because of persecution and tribulations turn away. Please look at (Luke 21:32) that generation that sees these things take place will by no means pass away till all things take place. We are called to be over comers, His church will be purified and will do great works on the earth before His return. Proverbs 10:30 "The righteous will never be removed, but the wicked will not inhabit the earth. Just like in the days of Noah, days of lot, and when God told the Israelites to put the blood on the door (Isaiah 26:20-21) God Bless!

  36. About two or three weeks ago, the Lord told me in a dream that His return is imminent, this He said to me as he was picking me up and causing me to fly upwards into lightning.
    I 100% believe Him to be totally serious and forthright, He has never lied to me before in dreams and every dream He has given me has always come to be. His triumphant return is upon us be sure of that.

  37. To fptr217, thank you for your comment, in regards to the pre-trip rapture, there are plenty of arguements that say it does exist, check this article out:

    however, it doesn't matter when that happens, just know that it will happen, and we must be ready for it. I pray that it will be soon.
    God Bless!!

  38. Thank you Glynda, for sharing the words of the Lord.
    I am submitting my comment in confirmation to your word.

    On March 18 of 2009 I had a dream. In this dream there was an old rugged cross upon a hill. The hill was dark as if burnt, and yet my eyes were fixed upon a sunset. The sunset was the most beautiful sunset I had ever seen. The dream awakened me for a moment to say how beautiful the sunset was. As I lay back down to sleep, I heard these words--the time of grace and the gentiles are about done.
    I immediately awakened out of my slumber only to write the dream and its words down.
    Today I looked back at that dream, and thought about it.
    In light of things that are being presented today, I want to say, that since we are living in these times, why are people not happy as they look to the sky to see their Redeemer drawing nigh?
    Though these times are dark, there is still time for the Good News of God's wonderful Kingdom to be preached. A Kingdom of which we are about to embark on, as the end of the ages are at their climax.
    For the past couple of days I have been hearing the song --this is the dawning of the age of aquarius.
    I do not know what this means, except that the word aquarius means water carrier.
    Again, as I looked at the description of the dream, my eyes were fixed on this sunset, and yet it was beautiful. Even thinking about it now, I want to pull it back that I might see around it, or what is going to come up behind it, because if the end of grace is nigh, then comes the Kingdom Age, and with it Gods Glory.
    The dark hills of the cross, I am sensing are they which were mans righteousness and all that is not of God is burned up.
    Then the words "about done" stood out, understanding that one could be half baked/done, or even undone, as if to give an understanding that it would be fully cooked, and somewhat we have been in the oven of trials long enough.

  39. Tina, that is beautiful, it really really is.

    The phrase "About done" said to me that we are about done, it is almost over. So your oven analogy is actually correct, the bread is about done and almost ready to come out.

  40. Glynda and All: Just a comment to make, all the tornado's that have diluged the south, the south is known as the Bible belt, yet sustained record amount of tornadoes and storms, then from the website, Extinction Protocol dated 21Apr11, more tornadoes hit yesterday, part of the news was this: "According to the National Weather Service in Lincoln, high winds reportedly managed to blow some rail cars off the tracks in Christian County’s Taylorville, where a deluge also left flooding that include pooling water a foot deep on some streets"

    The name of the county just rang out to me, per Glynda's blogs, God is trying to get His people's attention, getting them to repent and turn back to him. I hope and pray that what they are experiencing right now does that, or woe to them, and all of us everywhere else that is seeing them get hit with record busting storms.

    Just a thought anyhow.
    Thanks and be God the glory!

  41. Wow, ska - thank you for sharing that with us !

  42. Hi Glynda, I just came across your blog tonight. I usually don't put comments on other people's blogs, especially if I don't know them but I too, was led by God to start a blog (just in March). He recently started giving me dreams and visions and specifically told me "You must share these visions." I had another dream a few nights ago. Some of these comments remind me of it. I posted it on my blog if you would like to check it out.

    I am excited to have found your blog and read what God's giving you! Now more than ever, His people need to stick together and encourage one another to be strong in our Lord!

  43. I agree with you, Stephanie! Thanks for sharing your blog link with others so we can all check it out!

  44. You are not alone
    i too love Gods word HIS prophecies
    yet my husband who is Christian dont think we need to hear about the return of Jesus Christ
    i have tried so many times its like dragging a dead horse to water

    next month i felt in my heart to teach our home church in Australia about the return of Jesus
    and beging prepared

    please pray for me
    God blee you
    remember before you were persecuted Jesus was first persecuted

    Yours is a blessing from God

  45. Jesus has to return IN His people BEFORE He can return in person, & this is what's about to happen. Jacob had 2 brides because Jesus has 2 brides- the whole thing is prophetic. There will be 7 'fat' years, then 7 'lean' years. There has to be a 'tribulation' period, because there are people who demand a world without God. They have a free will, & they deserve to get what they want (including lukewarm Christians). While the Apostle Paul told us that salvation is the gift of God (free- based on who you ARE), he also warned us repeatedly about what you DO. In other words, being raptured is not automatic- you have to be 'counted worthy' in order to go in it. For those who are ready, this is the greatest time ever to be a believer; all the greatest prophecies are about to be fulfilled (miracles, healings, deliverances, & yes, prosperity). We are going out with a BANG, & the world is not ready for it. His people will indeed be "glorified" (1 Corinthians 2:7). You can read my notes on it on my Facebook page: Paul H. Kirk