Sunday, April 17, 2011

Your Time Has Come

I was praying and asking the Lord about a shift in the spirit I felt when I arose from sleep yesterday. I felt something had changed, but wasn’t sure what it was or how it would affect us all.

There has indeed been a move of My spirit during your sleep time. You will now notice time passing for you more quickly as I begin to bring all I have promised My chosen ones to pass now.

Ministries shall spring up quickly now as the wind of My favor blows and provision flows. Rejoice, My children, for now is truly your time to shine – shine for Me! Shine bright! Your light and My light will shine ever brighter now as the days begin to grow darker. Time is passing more quickly now – do you feel it, My children? Soon I will bring you home to be with Me here, but first you must do what I have called you to do. You know the plan I have given you. Put it in to place and begin. Begin now. Work while it is still day for time is short – short, indeed.

My winds of change are blowing now and soon, very soon, things will not look the same. Many of you will not know where to turn as these changes begin because you have not heeded My words to you.

Those of you who have listened and obeyed shall fare well for I shall now position you very quickly to do all that I have promised you I would do.

Take heart, My children. I know this last journey was a long one for you. I know many of your hearts fainted within you as you faced challenge after challenge, but I say to you now – truly your time has come now.

You who have stood in faith on My Word, you who have stood against all odds on the promises I have given you for your lives: I shall now reward you greatly!

John 9:4: I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.

Lam. 5:17: For this our heart is faint; for these things our eyes are dim.


  1. Good word sister 100% Spot on.
    Something every one will want to do is check their foundation.
    What are you standing on? Is it something God told you or is it a traditon of men? These will make the diffrence between those who walk and those who run. Those who rise and those who fall. Many will be suprised who it is who stands in the next few month and years just ahead. Those who all thought were last even counted out will rise and shine as stars in the Kingdom of God. And many will come to their light as they turn the hearts of the children to the Father.The thought they have every day is Father what is the desire of your heart.

  2. Good stuff sister 100% spot on.
    The foundation we have built on will be a deciding factor in the times just ahead. Many will be unwilling to let go of many of the things they believe to be truth. Many that all have counted out will rise up in the times ahead and shine as stars in the Kingdom of our Father. This is not about us it is about Him and what is the desire of His heart. Be sure of what you believe who told you the things you think are truth? Was it the traditions of men or the Spirit of God. Many will be suprised by the answer. Many will fall that all thought would stand. Many will rise up and do great things that all thought were dead and gone. Nothing will seem to be what it is. Truly the world will be turned up side down. Make sure of your foundation can not say this enough.

  3. hi glynda i hope u are well i haveto tell u i had the strangest dream. i was in whiting new jersey and i stopped my car and saw people running i asked a man why is people running and police & fire engines were there he said after the affair that the town had there would be an attack well i jumped over a brick wall and i saw in the sky a hole & around the hole was formed with smoke & inside the whole was fire i looked around & saw everything was scorched. the night before i had the dream i dreamed of the burning bush i recall telling u about it. may the glory of our lord JESUS CHRIST keep comforting u. ur sister in christ jesus.

  4. Michelle,
    I wonder if your dream is not something to do with the coming days now especially since Bin Laden's death.