Thursday, October 27, 2011

Transcription of the Video Titled What the Lord Told Me is Coming in 2012 and What I've Been Up to Lately

For those who are not able to view videos on slower connections and emailed me, here is a quick and probably imperfect transcription of the video titled What the Lord Told Me About What's Coming in 2012 and Where I've Been Lately.

I made this video to talk about many emails I had received and am terribly behind on answering because the Lord has me writing a book that He has stated must be finished by the end of 2011, or He said He will give it to someone else to write. The three days just before I made the video, He spoke to me every single day and gave me further details on how He wants it written. I actually began writing this book early in 2010 after He sent me several words through others to begin, but I was traveling and had family emergencies and didn't get much done. As a consequence, now I am writing every spare moment trying to finish it by the deadline.

The Lord said that What is coming in the world is far worse than people think it is. He said that is why our preparation has been so painful. He said that the tougher the battle, the more intense the training the soldier has to go through. He said that is why we have had to go through so much, and that we would need every ounce of this preparation.

One of the things that is really on my heart to share with you is this: Don't abandon the whole journey because parts of it are down long, dark and bumpy roads.

I have been through the wilderness experience numerous times and I've learned things along the way in every one of those walks. I am hoping by sharing these things that it will help you in your walk. So many people are suffering now and have lost homes and jobs and had to move in with relatives or move back home with their parents and He told me there's another wave coming in the recession that hasn't hit yet, that apparently is going to be a lot worse. He told me earlier this year that some of those who have gone back to work will lose their jobs again. So that's going to be pretty tough. The recession has been hard on everybody. I'm just like everyone else, I live paycheck to paycheck, I pay rent every month and I have a vehicle payment I have to make. I almost became homeless last year and I can honestly say I have never been more terrified in my life and in January of this year He told me He is going to take me out of my job again and I was completely by that as well. You would think after so many trips through the wildernes, I wouldn't be afraid, but that's not the case. Last year, I just had a meltdown and my faith ran out so I begged Him for a job, but I haven't had the usual amount of favor on any of my jobs in the last year.

I will be writing about all of this stuff in the book. I'll be writing about all the crazy things I went through in these walks and how I struggled to believe Him and how He provided for me. I'm going to talk about how people come against you when the wilderness walk you're on is one where God told you to step out in faith and you obeyed. I have been on those kinds of walks more than once. There are certain things that happen every time He tells you to step out in faith and you obey.

When I was walking through those valleys, I did not have any books about it to guide me and I desperately wished for one.

Because here's the thing. When the Lord tells you to step out, He gives you the faith to do what He's speaking to you. But only to you. So all those people around you didn't get the measure of faith to do the thing He is telling you to do. And as we've all heard, faith is stepping out on something and finding something there. Well, the people around you just see the nothing you're about to step out on and they're terrified for you. It just looks crazy to them. You know because He's given you the faith for it that you're going to find something there when you step out in obedience, but they don't. 

There are other times when you wake up one morning and everything in your life starts falling apart and you have no idea why. Suddenly nothing is going right and you don't know what happened. I'm going to be writing about that kind of walk as well.

The Lord also said Many strong events are planned for this next year and many people will suffer distress. Many people will contemplate taking their own lives in what is coming.
So apparently it's going to get pretty rocky in 2012. Right now (as I posted the video) it is the third week of October, so we're not far from 2012. He said the book will help give them the courage to go on, and not to take their lives. The Lord said This book will increase people's courage and confidence to walk through these things.

The Lord named the book, it is going to be called The Wilderness Companion. I will post something on the Wings of Prophecy site, and something on my YouTube channel when the book is released and I'll mention it on my Blog Talk Radio show as well.

I am also praying about writing The Wilderness Companion Devotional. When you are walking out something really hard, you need encouragement every single day. You fight hour by hour to keep your faith up to believe for provision and to believe that what you're going through is not going to last forever. I think the devotional would be very helpful to people walking through really difficult times.

I would like to complete The Wilderness Companion in time for Christmas, but I don't know if that will happen. I have taken every other possible thing off my schedule, I'm even getting up early and writing before work.

I want very much to be able to help people in this way because it is so hard when you're walking through the desert like that. You look around and you don't know how He's going to provide, but then He does. If you know what to expect when you're in these walks, it helps tremendously and then you're not blind-sided. I was blind-sided so many times by the enemy, the things he would do and the ways he would attack me when I was trying to get through the desert and I would like very much to share what I went through with other people.

This book is apparently very important to the Lord because He keeps talking to me about it. Regarding 2012, I also feel in my spirit the Lord is going to give us words about 2012 (between now and the first of the year). I usually try to release those on my Blog Talk Radio show and then post them on Wings of Prophecy as quickly as I can get them typed up. 

If you want to be notified when The Wilderness Companion is released, subscribe to the Wings of Prophecy email list. I will announce the release date to all who are subscribed, as well as send out a link where you can order the book.

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  1. I am so looking forward to reading this book. Thankyou so much for all the hard work and prayer you're putting into it!!

  2. Glynda,

    I have been reading your blog for a while now (so long don't even remember how I came across it). I've been touched often by what you said.

    This particular post I hadn't read, but did just watch your video tonight and a couple of things really stuck out at me.

    It was not more than three weeks ago I had been praying and talking to God and asking why so many of His children seem to be suffering various things these days. One has financial ills while another is dealing with health issues, another is struggling with marriage and family, etc. etc. This had come right in middle of some personal struggles. For weeks straight it seemed like I would overcome something and something else would come at me and all of it was designed to distract me or make me angry and bitter. It was like out of thin air too. I had been crying out to God about it. He reminded me of a few personal things, but He also revealed the same thing to me, that while some things are a direct result of wrong actions we have taken, most of what we perceive to be tribulation is in actuality training. It is strengthening our faith and putting our spiritual armor to the test to find the weak spots so we can work on them. Some lack discipline, some lack faith, some lack love--in the strength that will be required of us in the coming days. He told me that we will continue to see this because the true battles are coming and we need to be aware. If we are not in training, we will not be vigilant. It did help me move forward and resolve some things His way and it seemed like for the moment that wall tumbled down and I'm resting in Him before the next round of training.

    I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but I did let out a wry chuckle when you mentioned that when we are out of His will, it's a miserable place to be. You are not kidding! Been there and you'd think we'd learn. Thankfully He is merciful and just and continues to teach us as a father and Lord.

    As far as 2012, there are some things coming that I don't think people will believe. I don't know exactly. a dream revealed to me earlier this year didn't say what, only that we are woefully unprepared and that so many will fall by the way and we really need to reach out and pray and pray and love like He does. We need to be salt and light and stand on His Word and His promises and share those with everyone around us. The foundations of what is to come have been put into place long ago and all preparations are ready to fall into place at a mere word from the Almighty God. He longs for us to be sober and alert, prayerful and that we each grow closer to Him and learn to hear His voice over the din of the world so that when the times comes we will KNOW His voice. Time grows short to learn what the sweetness of His voice sounds like and learn to trust it. we need to now discover how He wants us to proceed so we can placed where He wants us to be and not where we think we should be.

  3. Paper Blessings - Thank you for posting! And I don't mind at all that you chuckled over what I said :-)