Sunday, October 23, 2011

What the Lord told Me About What's Coming in 2012

Lately I've been working on a special project the Lord assigned to me. Many of you have written to me wondering where I've been. On my YouTube channel, I have received many emails asking the same question and I am weeks behind trying to answer all my emails.

Today I posted a video explaining the project and some things Lord told me about what's coming in 2012 as He talked to me about this project.

You can find the video here on the Wings of Prophecy site - click on the new tab labeled What the Lord Told Me is Coming in 2012.

God bless you all.



  1. Glynda, I am grateful for this. I have been in somewhat of a wilderness for the past few months, spiritually speaking. I have had to "set my face" towards holding onto the truth that my Father loves me & will never forsake me, even though I can't feel His presence as closely as in past times. This wilderness has shown me that I am still prone to whining & complaining, so it's good in that these things have come to the surface & shown me my Faith isn't as unshakeably strong as I thought. Painful lesson for me, but important. Thank you & I'm looking forward to your book.

    God bless you.

  2. Courtney, My treks into the wilderness have also shown me my faith is lacking and I also have a tendency to whine :-) And yes, it IS painful :-)

  3. This is not my writings but I felt it went along with our busy lives

    It may seem like an oxymoron, but sometimes we are so busy going after Him that we fail to wait for Him. As Isaiah 30:18 declares, God moves and acts on the behalf of those who wait for Him. They give Him time, and He responds.

    No matter what happens in our relationship with God, what level of gifting we have, where we feel God has placed us in His body, the influence we may or may not have—we need to keep our gaze on the more important thing: God Himself.

    Throughout our lives, there will be times when God calls us to hard work and other times when God calls us to rest; in both seasons, He is here. Where are you? Learn to hear His voice. Seek Him out. Let Him touch you. Practice the presence of God and grant Him the desire of His heart

  4. I needed to post this in it's entirety

    Several years ago, when Streams Ministries was still located in New Hampshire, I started hearing footsteps. Some of the time, it would be my editor coming into my office to tell me I had a phone call or something else, but at other times, no one would be there. I would hear someone enter, but the office would be empty.

    Well, this is strange, I would think.

    The Busy Body of Christ

    All of us have experienced different seasons of busyness in life. I don’t mean periods of time when we are swamped for a week or two; I mean entire months and years of busyness, when we don’t have time for God because we are trying to do things for Him. In this story, I was in one of those seasons. I had not slowed down in a long time.

    One day, I was in the office by myself. I heard someone come into the room and assumed that my staff had returned. I was on a roll, so I kept working, figuring they would tell me what they needed.

    But no one said anything. The steps stopped right behind my chair, and the next thing I knew, I felt arms around me. The physical presence was so real that at first, I thought I was being hugged. But when I looked down, nothing was there.

    I began to weep, overwhelmed by incredible love and compassion. Conviction dropped over me like a blanket. In a moment, I knew the Lord was showing me that I had gotten too busy for Him. I wasn’t giving Him time to touch me.

    No Substitutions

    We can have phenomenal experiences in God: visitations, translations, transportations, trances, dreams, visions, etc. We can learn to recognize His voice and have angels bring us messages of profound revelation. We can have extreme prophetic gifting and direct the courses of nations. But none of these things can act as a substitute for Him. Doing what God has called you to do is an excellent thing—but not when it takes His place.

    Obviously, walking in our calling is very important, but we can’t ever forget why we are walking in our calling—why we wanted to take this road in the first place. Our focus can easily shift from God Himself to being busy with what He has given us to do.

    Practice the Presence

    Around the time of our move to New Hampshire, it seemed like everyone wanted a piece of my attention. I felt constantly pulled on. I love people and I want to help them, but that day in my office, I felt the Lord was letting me know, “John Paul Jackson, you’ve gotten so busy working for Me that you don’t have room for Me to touch you. You don’t make time for Me to touch you, like you used to.”

    The rest of this has already been sent.. You don't need to post this if you don't wish to, I felt he had a nice message to give

  5. Dear Glynda,
    There are lots of us doing what you have been doing.Preparing us. For the last 35 years in my Life. And everything you said is our life too.
    I have also been told by the Lord how people will take their lives because of what is coming. I also know people who are fighting the Lord while he is trying to prepare them.
    Yes people think we are crazy!
    But God has not forsaken us.
    I broke my arm on my birthday this year . Roller skating with my children and grandchildren. Along with the broken arm came a prophetic word and Almost $5000.00 in medical bills I can t pay for. So I am waiting to see what God has up his sleeve this time ! I am with you says God. I will never leave you or forsake you! Keep writing the book.
    I will pray for supernatural time and timing for it.

  6. Glynda, we pray for the LORD'S Provision,Inspiration, & Protection for you, especially at this time! The enemy does NOT want this book written and published, because he knows it will help God's people to rise to the challenge of waging spiritual WAR against him and his demons.
    The Church of the Living God has always advanced on its heartfelt FERVENT PRAYER. America & the World desperately needs a new army of Prayer Warriors & Intercessors to stand in the GAP, & pray for Divine help and the LORD'S MERCY in the days, months, and years ahead! Do WE really CARE about what happens to our families and neighbors when the LORD'S Judgements strike us? Jesus certainly did when He WEPT over the future fate & destruction of Jerusalem. Oh that God's Holy Spirit will stir our hearts, & bring revival to the end-times remnant who call themselves Christians!
    Glynda, God has told you He WILL provide for your needs, and those whom the LORD calls as fellow laborors in this Harvest field will help to make this possible. Your work has been a Blessing in my life, and I will continue to support it! May God inspire others to join in this important ministry!

  7. Thank you, Herman! God bless you ~ Glynda

  8. I was wondering how did I comment on here, but I believe this was from a while back : )
    My facebook page was just hacked into today and I had to make corrections