Wednesday, February 28, 2024


Would very much appreciate everyone’s prayers for my family in Amarillo and Western Oklahoma not far from the wildfires.  One of my great nieces and 3 nephews and theirs are in Amarillo and roads have been closed so they will be unable to evacuate now. Also have a niece and her family in Clarendon which is 60 miles east of Amarillo. I am concerned the wildfires are moving into Western Oklahoma where my other nieces and sister live.

There is also concern in Amarillo because of the Pantex plant there which assembles and dissembles nuclear weapons. 

The firefighters trying to contain these fires also need our prayers – we have authority in the earth to approach God’s Throne in Jesus’ Name, these are the times we need to use it.

Thank you for every prayer, no matter how small.

If you have family in the area of the wildfires, leave a comment or a prayer here and I will also pray for yours!

Here is a URL to a map showing actual location of the fires:

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