Tuesday, June 18, 2024

How To Use Your Old Christian Books and Extra Bibles to Help Win Souls

I used to have one of my Mom's old Bibles on my desk in my office in Arkansas. I would look at it and feel guilty that it was not being used. It was smaller print so I did not use it myself, it just made me happy to remember my Mom by having it. One day, I thought of Love Packages. My Mom was a devoted saint of God if ever one walked the earth, and I knew she would not want any bible of hers collecting dust on a desk somewhere, so I wrote a note in the front cover about the wonderful praying woman who had owned that bible and, boxing it up with some other books I had already read and needed to get rid of, sent it on its way to Love Packages. 

I smile every time I think about how my Mom's bible is out there helping win souls. I know that is what she would want. She was always trying to lead people to the Lord.

If like most Christians you have accumulated stacks of old bibles, Christian books, and Sunday School or other literature like Decision magazines, don't throw them out!  There is an organization that will take those and send them to countries where many people cannot afford to buy a bible or Christian book. 

What you no longer need may help bring souls into the Kingdom of God and you will be laying up treasure in Heaven.

If you are willing to pay the shipping cost, you can ship those to the following address. There is a list of what they accept on their site. 

Love Packages

200 Union St

Butler, IL  62015

When I was moving from the townhouse in Princeton, Texas, I shipped several boxes of Christian books, etc. to this ministry. Most boxes like this will ship via USPS Media Mail (read the rules first! for around $30-$35. I shipped regular file size boxes of books for that) 

They estimate that every book or piece of literature they ship overseas is read by at least 20 people.

If you have old bibles, Christian books, Christian magazines or children's Christian books collecting dust on a shelf or in a box somewhere, I hope you will put them to work, too, by sending them to Love Packages. So many people around the world cannot afford books and bibles like you and I can.

You can watch a video where the founder of Love Packages tells how God started this ministry on their website here:


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