Sunday, July 18, 2021

A Priceless Resource - for Those Moving and Others

I wanted to share a very interesting resource for those of you who are moving or who may be moving in the future and maybe even for those of you who are not, to see how safe the area you live in actually is. I have never heard of a book like this one before.

It is called Strategic Relocation, North American Guide to Safe Places. Now we know the Lord knows where all the safe places are, but as a help, this book has a color map showing nuclear war targets for every state + Canada. That’s really valuable information in my estimation, and those maps are the reason I think this book could be important for those of you who are moving, but it contains a lot more. As an aside, it also shows secondary targets and active volcanoes.  I think it would be helpful to anyone who is moving or planning to move to know these things. It is all about keeping safe. It contains a wealth of information for survival and even includes information on other countries for those wishing to relocate outside the U.S. or Canada.   348 pages   $35, paperback only

Link to Strategic Relocation Book (4th ed, 2020)

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