Friday, December 23, 2022

An Intense Winter Coming - EARLY REPOST

As a general rule I never repost a word until at least a year has passed, but this one bears reposting. Is this terrible widespread cold the fulfillment of this word? Please post what you think in the comments below. I was thinking about it today and remembered I wondered why everyone would be so cold. Right now, even with multiple layers of clothing on and the heat on, I am struggling to stay warm. It's like I can't get warm enough in such bitter temperatures.  I cannot even imagine what all of you up north are going through. I'm praying for yall!

September 16, 2022


An Intense Winter Coming

I had been having impressions over the period of a week or more of an intensely cold and miserable looking winter. Deep snow, high winds. Cold, cold, and more cold. Dark, heavily clouded skies.

Lord, why am I getting images of an intense winter?

An intense winter is indeed coming, My daughter. Tell My people to prepare to be colder than they have ever been before. Tell them to be ready with extra food and warm blankets.

Tell them to prepare.

Yes, Lord.

Much sickness shall abound in this winter, and much death. Very little travel. Little celebration, though My people shall still celebrate Me.

NOTE:  There was no indication whether this is coming this winter, or when it will come. There was also no indication of what will cause this – whether it is lack of fuel or electricity, lack of money to pay for services, or a broken infrastructure. No indication of whether it is only my country or only parts of my country or others or everywhere. No indication of whether this is the Deadly Winter I was shown in 2019. If I get further details, I will post them.

Here is a link to the word, A Deadly Winter, dated September 21, 2019:


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