Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Coming Attack on America

Not long after the famine visions in early December 2008, I had another vision. This one was of a nuclear attack. I knew in the spirit I was in an American city, but I did not see the skyline, and I had no feeling about which one it was. It was a pretty tall sky scraper, probably at least 30-40 floors tall.

This was an open vision and when the vision opened up before me,  I was looking at a skyscraper. I was taken in the spirit close to one of the windows up high and inside I could see there was a party or celebration of some sort going on. 

I saw a woman with dark hair pinned up dressed in a long blue sequin dress and a man in a suit talking to her. Many people were around them at the party and they were all talking. Then I looked up and over the building I saw a nuclear missile headed directly for the building and the city it was in. I don't know what city it was, but it was completely dark in the vision I saw, so it happened at night. It was obvious no one at the party had even the slightest clue the attack was coming.

I know others who claim to be unbelievers who have been having visions of nuclear attack on America for the last eight or nine years. The visions are always the same and they come like nightmares to them. I believe God is warning even His chosen who do not yet know they are chosen. In some of the visions, the attack is on a specific city and and the vision is of an airplane falling from the sky, another has repeated visions of multiple simultaneous attacks and complete devastation in numerous cities (3-6) across America that happen almost simultaneously. These seers have also seen the famine that is coming.


  1. Prophetess Eathel Martin has also, seen that Missels are coming to America.

    She said God said to "PRAY THAT THEY MISS THE MARK" and that they don't accompish their mission.

    So, that has been our prayer in the past as well as the present.

    Blessings 2 all N Christ Jesus
    Vonda Brewer

  2. That is an awesome idea, to pray that they miss their mark! I'm going to start doing that, too! Thanks!

  3. That's because it was Gods Idea:o)

    That's what God told her when she asked him about how she she should pray...

    Great Blog and Great Prophecies! Keep seeking God and keep sharing; God longs for honorable spokespersons to represent Him!

  4. I'm wondering about the prayer that the missles miss their mark. Would nuclear bombs be similar to horse shoes? As in, even if they missed their mark, it would still not be very pretty, right? I couldn't help but think - what if they miss their mark by landing in my backyard?! Sooooo....maybe we could just pray that enough people would pray that God's judgment on our country would be decreased or postponed?
    Just a thought.

  5. If God spoke that we are to pray they miss the mark, we are not to pray something else and determine something else that would work more. We need to obey God. Who is wiser than God?