Saturday, January 1, 2011

Those Who Do Not Make Time for God Now

I was praying Friday night, April 3rd, 2009 and I inquired of God as to why so many people tell me they do not hear Him speak. 

Why do others not hear You, Lord? I know You want to talk to them. Why can I hear You but so many of them say they don’t? I know I am no one special.

God answered and said, “It depends on how many things they put before Me in their lives.”

In my spirit I saw a large room. I saw Jesus on one end and a person who believed in Him on the other. Many, many things were between Jesus and the person I saw. I saw Him trying to tell the person something, but His gentle voice could not be heard over all the space and clutter that separated them. They were preoccupied with all the things – He was way down on their lists, though this person professed to know and serve Him. I saw in the spirit that their service consisted of motions for none of their time was His – I saw it belonged instead to their employers, their families, their educational pursuits, their goals and ambitions to succeed in this life. I was given this same vision twice.

To all these things give they their time,” said the Lord. “They have no time for Me – the One who created them and gave them life. And in that terrible day of judgment coming soon, I will not hear their cries – not for them nor for their loved ones,” He said.

“Warn My People, Child! Tell them if they do not make time for Me now and reverence Me as Almighty God that I will answer not their cries in their hour of need! I require more than mere words as their service to Me! I require their hearts to be Mine also! I require first position in their lives, not to be relegated to last like some servant they have no time for. I will have first place in their hearts!”

“They languish in the many blessings I have given them and acknowledge Me not by servicing those I have called them to, therefore I will remove the blessings from them in one day – they will seek Me then!”

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