Sunday, January 2, 2011

What's Coming in 2011

The Lord says, “I am beginning a new thing in your life and I am going to do it in a new way. Expect something unexpected.”

I saw that the level of blessings you receive in 2011 will be directly proportionate to how much of yourself you have laid down for Him, His ways and His kingdom.

An abundance of blessings awaits you in this new year that will be a great contrast to the lack of previous years.”

Oh yes, I have promised you much and you say, ‘Where is it, Lord? Where yet is the fulfillment of all your promises in my life?’ Some of you wonder if you even truly heard from Me, so long has been the fulfillment in coming.”

But I say to you now, ARISE, My people, and take your places! Arise, My great warriors whom I have trained in the hard times and dark places. Arise and take your places on the battlefield and fight for My glory! Fight for what you know is righteous! Fight against unrighteousness. Fight it first in yourself, then in your houses, your churches and your schools.”

The Lord showed me in my spirit a great need for integrity in His people. The Lord wants us to walk in integrity. He wants us to deal with wrong attitudes, behaviors and relationships in our lives. I believe the Lord is saying He wants us to prune these things ourselves, not wait for Him to deal with us about it.

For I will have a holy people and I am coming this year to burn out all that is not of Me in your life. Where there is corruption among you, I will expose it. I will leave no darkness unexposed, so repent now!

Wicked shepherds will I topple from the great pedestals to which they have exalted themselves and I shall replace them with the humble. Those who have continually humbled themselves before Me in prayer, in travail and in intercession.” When the Lord spoke this to me, I saw a vision of Jesus overturning the money changers’ tables. This is what the Lord is going to do this year, He is going to drive what is crooked from His temple.

To those of you who call yourselves by My name and continue to live lives of sin, I say this: ‘Prepare yourselves. Prepare to face My judgment in your life for you shall indeed reap the fruit of your doings if you refuse to repent. Some of you will visit hell this year and some of your lives will feel like you are there because of your lack of repentance.”

No longer shall I tolerate sin among My people for I will have a holy bride! I will be God in your life if you are going to call me your God! Do not speak vain, useless words." (I saw in my spirit people who say ‘I’m a Christian, He’s my god,’ but the truth is He’s not your god if you’re not living like He’s your God.

The time is quickly approaching when all must choose Me or the ways of the world. Even now battle lines are being drawn and peoples divided. Will you choose Me?”

I saw more and more the unrighteous standing up and demanding their ‘rights’ and I saw more and more in the future that if you call yourself a Christian, the price is going to go up and up and up for calling yourself by His Name.

{There is more to this word, including a second part recorded on Blog Talk on my Word for 2011 show. To listen to this word in its entirety, click on the Blog Talk Radio button.}

Jeremiah 17:10: I the LORD search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings.

Isaiah 43:18: Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old. (v. 19:) Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.


  1. Glynda I had a Word come to me at the end of october, there would be an attack on American soil. I have dreams and visions. I see the earth split in two and the core is red hot and exposed. I don't know what this means maybe you do. Please email me

  2. I had a word, there will an attack on American Soil very soon. No body believes me, I know 100% its from God. I can email you the details

  3. JMott, I'm not sure what it means either, but I wonder if it has anything to do with scriptures in Revelations that say 1/3 of the earth will burn up?

  4. Yes...I was led to the scripture when Jesus talks about going into the heart of the earth for three days before He was ressurected. Matt 12:40 So the heart of the earth or the core some believe to be Hell. I know the core is very hot. I have found these visions mean something personal, like God will be shaking me or other believers and exposing their core or heart, but these visions i had have also manifested into the physical. Yes I as well got a word in my spirit about an earthquake about a month ago. felt it was very strongly in the S. amercan and central american region, possibly hitting cali as well. Its just back and forth from revival to warfare. I was at a service and saw just showers of gold pouring in the sanctuary. Ive been saved for 2 years, well technically 4, but on fire for God for 2. Has the Spirit been stirred up like this all along or is this a new thing? I sense revival and experience, but also have visions and words of judgement. Its crazy