Saturday, January 1, 2011

Vision of the Great Warriors

Tuesday, July 14, 2009, 9:25 p.m.

I had noticed many Christians around me seem to be getting easily offended or getting “attitudes,” people who normally are humble and loving. After talking to friends who are also sold out to the Most High God and finding out they, too, were experiencing this, I approached the throne to inquire of God if some spirit had been released by the enemy or what we could do about the situation. 

All of us have also been fighting discouragement and noticing our usual joy in the Lord was not present, we also have all been feeling very oppressed along with facing attacks and offended attitudes by Christian brothers and sisters. Our stories were so similar it was shocking.

As I began to pray and to worship, I heard “Repair the breach.”

I began to search the scriptures for what exactly that means and found Isaiah 58:12:

And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places: thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shalt be called, The repairer of the breach, The restorer of paths to dwell in.

As I prayed and asked God what it meant, He began to speak a word to me:

Go and repair the breach, My Children! Build up, build up My church, My holy bride for the final hour has come! March! March, form ranks and FIGHT for MY CHURCH!!! “ 

“Lift up holy hands and pray for My children! Strengthen one another for the battle rages around you in the realm you cannot see and soon will rage around you in the earth.”

“Few are truly prepared for this final hour – strengthen the ones I send to you, lift up the weak, shine as My light into dark places in this final hour! Pray for the lost and deceived for soon they will no longer be able to choose My way over the world’s.”

“Prepare ye for battle my chosen ones! Prepare ye well for the battle will be intense against you in this final hour! My angels also fight along with you in the battle so fear not and cling not to your own lives but be ready to lay them down for the lives of others who do not know Me yet for they will face eternity in hell if they choose not my way.”

“Soon it will end my children, I will come and gather you to myself and this battle will be over. You will be here with Me in heaven, you will look upon the face of My Precious Son and never know sorrow again. Be strong for Me, children! Honor My name in this final hour before you come home – go! Go tell the others about me that they may know Me before it is too late!”

“Gird up your loins! The battle will be fierce around you and the worst has not yet begun. Cover the others in prayer that know Me not and I shall save them but do not stray from the narrow path for other paths lead to destruction in this final hour.” 

“I will strengthen you in coming days, I will visit some of you and manifest myself to you, I will speak to you and tell you what you must do for My Name’s sake. In these final days you shall see more of Me in the earth than ever before and also more of the enemy.”

In my spirit I heard these words -  Opposing forces turning up the heat of the battle ....  

“My hand of protection covers you and protects you until time for you to come home to Me so do not be afraid for I will sustain you in the midst of the evil that you may go forth declaring My Name, My Glory, My Saving Power.”



As I continued to pray, a vision appeared in my spirit.

I saw the earth from high above with many people on it. I saw the enemy’s people and I saw God’s people. The enemy’s people were fierce and very strong – they rushed God’s people and many fell in battle. Each time they rushed, more fell, it was like it came in thrusts. They were merciless against the people of God, an extremely violent force. I saw many fall in the first and second waves, it was obvious God’s people were not ready for this battle, they fell easily - almost without a fight. 

But then I began to see just a few warriors in places across the area who were strengthened. They seemed to have a special strength and wisdom and everywhere I saw them I saw there was calm in their spirits – they had deadly determination against the enemy but they were calm inside, unafraid. I felt in my spirit they knew they would eventually lose thier lives in the battle but they were getting their instructions from on high and God was sustaining them to go on and on – further and further – to accomplish His will and tell others during battle – it was as if they were determined to do as much damage to the kingdom of darkness as possible before they went down. Many of them seemed alone, but they shone brighter and stronger than those around them, it was as if they were made of steel and the look in their eyes was absolute. They were dressed for battle and I knew in my spirit they were prepared for what lay ahead. It was obvious from their royal clothing that they fought for the KING.


At, I found the following commentary for Isaiah 58:12 which explains what Repairers of the Breach are supposed to do:

Isaiah 58:12

"Breach" has a very interesting usage in the English language as it pertains to our relationship with God and the church's present state. Here is a list of synonyms for "breach" taken from The Reader's Digest Oxford Complete Word Finder: "break, gap, opening, rupture, split, alienation, schism."

The first definition for breach is unusually appropriate as far as the situation in the church is concerned: "the breaking of, or failure to observe a law or contract or standard." We have a covenant, a contract, with God, and He has given us a standard, the Ten Commandments. This sounds a great deal like I John 3:4: "Sin [which separates, creates a breach] is the transgression of the law."

The second definition of breach is also rich: "A breaking of relations; an estrangement; a quarrel, a broken state."

Together, these describe almost exactly what has happened to the church as a result of breaking the covenant (as a result of breaking laws, as a result of sin). There has been a breaking of relations with God because of the church's failure, as a body, to live up to the contract that we made with Him.

Spiritually "a repairer of breaches" is one who restores the right way, beginning with himself. He may have no influence or control over what others do, but he does have control over what he does, and when he repairs his own personal breach with God, the breach in the wall closes a bit. It is as if a stone or a brick were added to the wall—another person is again in a good relationship with God.

John W. Ritenbaugh What Is the Work of God Now? (Part 4)


Earlier on July 14, 2009 while in prayer, I saw in the spirit a group of people worshiping at a church. The worship was awesome and they all felt the presence of God in a mighty way. Then my viewpoint widened and I saw that they were only on the very edge of His presence and that they were not actually seeking God, but they were seeking the “high” or feeling they got during worship. 

They were completely missing the One who brought the joy they felt. I could feel that this makes the heart of our God very sad because He wants to be sought and known for who He is – The Most High God and a loving and merciful Father to us all.


  1. Glynda,

    Could you elaborate on who these warriors are that are going down? I am a son and do not fear death. But this does not fit with Joel 2 and other scriptures concerning the sons of God. We are to judge this world, bring down their kingdoms, and establish Christ's kingdom; making His enemies His footstool, and we can't do that going down. It will be a vibrational change and a metamorphasis of our spirit. I can certainly see many of God's non-firstfruit Christians going down for their faith as martyrs. Is this who you are refering to or could you point out what I might be missing?

    Thank you,

    Tim McGuire

  2. Tim, Thank you for your comment, and for your question. As I watched the vision unfold, I really felt that those warriors going down so quickly were those who had not been walking closely with the Lord, and who had been busy in the world instead of preparing for the end times. They did not realize the day or the hour, and so continued on with their lives. Those who stood strong were those who had been in preparation, walking with and abiding in Christ, who had spent years preparing for the battle that lies just ahead for us all. I hope this helps you. ~ Glynda

  3. Yes Glynda it did and thank you for your response!