Saturday, December 5, 2015


I am the Light of the World. As the world you live in grows continually darker, you will need more of My Light to walk with Me, and not give in to fear of your circumstances.

I freely offer you all of Myself if you will take the time to seek Me with all your heart. If  you will spend time loving Me, revering Me, and My Mighty Power.

I am all you need in times to come. I am all you need right now. I am your everything today, if  you will only receive Me as all you need.

John 8:12  Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.

Jeremiah 29:13  And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.


  1. Amen.
    I received a similar word to post on facebook today.Glory be to the Lord for confirmation

  2. Thank you for posting makes me very happy. I spend too much time in the dark. I was reading my old journal from this summer and was saddened that I only allowed 10% of the light into my life. I doubted the power and purity of love. Then last night God had been trying to teach me about the purity and healing power of touch. But instead I went into my I'm worthless and I doubt you mentality. I picked up a lie that is familiar to me... I haven't been under such a heavy attack against my body/worth since I was a young girl. I opened the worst demonic door... Just because I didn't want to listen. I get very sensitive when God talks to me about sensitive topics like this..and sometimes I shut God out.

    I know his timing is perfect...and he wouldn't work on anything I'm not ready to hear. He already explainednthe timing/reasoning to me...It's just that I am having trouble trusting that he loves me. I know he does...but through my life and through showing that love daily...that's what I have to keep quoting jeremiah 29:11 for. I couldn't sleep last night because my mind and body were feeling so violated/worthless. I don't know why it's so easy for me to claim the promises for others but then I'm so hard on myself.

    God showed me I was also dealing with a spirit of self-sufficiency which is a religious spirit-doctrine in Mormonism. It's got a strong hold on me...and last time it made a scene was when I was fasting. So I'm learning about how I cannot do anything apart from Christ (love). I've been reading John 15 about how we need to remain on the vine (Jesus-love)/make our home in love. I have to fast and get rid of it for good.

    The light makes me so happy. He gives me so much hope. I really need light. The darkness is making me feel nauseous. I know that abundant life comes from fully submitting to love. God showed me that I've been letting other people's lack of submission to love influence me. That's what I mean by being in an unhealthy atmosphere. Please pray for me...I feel like I've been on a lifelong battle for purity/light. I feel like the darkness is smothering me sometimes. I don't want to deal with this anymore. I want to stay close to God always. I have been getting closer to him and then I back away because it feels like too good to be true. I just want God to know I'm sorry...and I'm just sharing because I don't want to isolate myself dealing with this.

    I am praying that others come to know the light and grow closer to that light. It is the only safe place.

  3. Jesus, You are more than enough.