Friday, November 26, 2021

Something Isn’t Ready

   I was working after 11pm the night before Thanksgiving  when I heard Pelosi and a man talking in my Spirit. She was saying “We aren’t going to make it in time.”  And the man she was discussing it with said “We have to pull him out.”

   I felt strongly they were discussing Mr. Biden, but they continued discussing how something isn’t ready. I didn’t hear what or who the something was, but something or someone isn’t ready for this step of their plan. Then the conversation faded away.

   They’re pushing forward with it anyway, so I think Mr.  Biden may be removed from office very shortly. I was not shown anything about the time frame.

   Normally as Christians we would rejoice over this, but this will not be a time for rejoicing from what the Lord told us in this word:


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