Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Just Letting You Know

Just letting you all know, I am going to need to take the rest of this week off, so there will likely be no words, other than possibly reposts and I probably will not be answering emails.

I have been continuing to work while trying to fight off some kind of respiratory illness and a sore throat for over a week and it’s taking its toll. I am very behind on correspondence including thank you cards but I really need to get well before I try to catch the rest of the work up.

For this reason there will be no podcast this week.  

I hope to be better soon so I can get everything done. Prayers appreciated. Thank you for understanding.

NOTE added 11/16/23:

If I rest now and get well, I should still be able to record the All Prophetic Show for next week on Monday. I will be featuring another prophet on the show who has already received over 20 prophetic words for unknown listeners, so it should be a really good show.  If you need a word, ask the Lord now to bring one. I know he is a true prophet because he has gotten words for me again and again on things he knew nothing about that were happening in my life. 

We are also planning to do another All Prophetic show for you just before New Year's. We live in such troubling times, I believe bringing words from the Lord to you will be very helpful.

As always, if any of you have suggestions of things you would like to hear taught on, send me an email. If I am able to teach on it, I will.

May you all have an exceedingly blessed week.


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