Thursday, July 21, 2016

Idols in Our Hearts

This episode contains numerous words for unknown listeners. The Lord did not give me a single word, but many, in this.


  1. I love you sister .... just know I pray for you and your ministry!!

  2. Glynda: Your words in your story so touched my heart. I want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. May God bless you and comfort you.

  3. What a breath of fresh air, true transparency is what Father delights in. I'm blessed to have heard your testimony and may the Lord heal all that concerns this matter and bring about great victory to all that is concerned.

    Lifting you and all that concerns you and all Saints of God up in prayer daily and I ask, God willing that you do the same for me and my family as well.

    Maranatha and Shalom my sister.

  4. Love to you, Glynda. May the Lord honor your obedience, courage, honesty, and humility.

  5. I just finished listening to the message. Though it breaks my heart and fills me with tears for you, I am thankful you spoke truthfully. I knew for some time that something was wrong. I mentioned it in a prior email before, but I did not know why. I only knew you had fake smiles on prior UTube videos, but I did not know why. I can always tell a true smile of joy over a fake smile. This issue you had to find out for yourself. The Lord was not giving me enough info to tell you ahead of time. Please forgive me if this seems hard, it will also help others that are in the same situation, otherwise I would not place it on this web site.

    We all have sinned and fall sort of the Glory of God. I have sinned myself more times then I can count after being saved. I have repented of those sins and learned a great deal of the ways of the Lord. Sin is not ok, great or small, it's still sin. I felt you went into tears just after you released this message. But maybe I'm wrong? I want you to know that you and Jerry are not alone in this. We are all praying for you. Just as it is written; "the prayers of a righteous man avails much".

    One of many things the Lord has taught me over all the devils attacks on me, is to cast "All my cares" on Him (Christ Jesus). Jesus can carry far more of our burdens on himself, then what we can. He nailed all them to the Cross. Tell this to Jerry as well. Take all your pain and discomfort and lay them at the feet of Jesus. No longer are you or Jerry to carry this yourself. Jesus will carry the pain for you, so you won't have to. Trust in the Lord for He knows the End from the Beginning. He knew all this was going to happen ahead of time. He already forgiven you, otherwise you would not be hearing from the Lord anymore. The anointing is strong on me today so I'm sending this message because it's heavy on my heart. All is not lost, trust in the Lord and know He has a plan for your life that will touch many lives.

    May the Lord grant you and Jerry peace and joy that surpasses all understanding in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.

  6. Sorry you are in pain, sounds to me you are just tired of being married to someone you can't live with. I don't think you were in adultry since you prob did not share a bed with him. So are you suggesting all people that are not in their first marriage get divorced. Anyway I don't think tearing apart most of the families is what God would want. If you want a divorce fine but don't condem 90 percent of the rest or the women to a life of bring alone and in poverty.

    1. Quite harsh. Shes only being obedient to Gods word. If you listen to what she said you will note that the Lord would allow it but He wouldnt bless it. Gids word is clear on the matter so I wont be claiming what I think but what Gods word states in plain English. Just as Glynda says. Im impressed however that you can think for God. Scripture us His benchmark.

  7. Knowing Glyndas heart as I do. She feels strongly that this is sin for her. If something is a sin in your concience, it is for you. It may be destiny altering for her to stay married. Only God knows that and it is between her and God. The best action for a christian to take is to not cut each other with the sword of the spirit buy to pray and make sure you're ok with God. We can all have Christ in common but still disagree on doctrinal points. However, criticizin another belivers can expose bad attitudes God needs to deal with in ourselves. I can't imagine dealing with this. If you are remarried and feel this is what God wants for you then don't worry about it. If you feel convicted when hearing it, maybe you need to honestly ask God.
    Nobody is perfect, that's why God uses us. We must all strive to be gentle and meek and work out our on salvation with fear and trembling. The intent behind the sermon was how she was deceived into the marriage not to say others need to do the same.

  8. No I don't feel convicted . I felt I was in sin before the second marriage living with someone not married to. I am a supporter of Glenda, she never once in the podcast suggested it was only adultry for her. She thumped the bible at at all of us when she was only married on paper and not a real hardship to divorce in this case. It just does not seem like the Holy Spirit was consulted when she quoted all those adultry scriptures as if God is too little to Wash away our sins from the past. And btw God is our Father not our husband and and he designed msn and woman to be married while here on earth. There are a lot of ministries imploding this Minh and I pray that Glynda does not join the rest of them.

    Like I said before she can get a divorce with our condemning the rest of the women .

  9. Cindy Oakes – If you are in sin, that’s between you and God. I shared my story in case it might help someone else. Never once did I say everyone should go out and file for divorce. I love Jerry, this is not an easy thing for me to do. And if you really listened to that podcast, the word God made jump out of that scripture at me was MARRY – in other words, the Lord showed me the very act of marriage was adultery for me, and for Jerry. If you are married again and feel you are not in sin, that is your business. I shared my story for others who have an open heart to correction from the Lord if they are in sin. - Glynda

  10. Years ago I was a member of the Worldwide Church of God, whose leader was Herbert W. Armstrong. They had the same teaching that you now espouse Glynda. When people wanted to join their Church, and keep the Sabbath & the Holy Days, plus Tithing 3 Tithes, etc.-----they were given a review by their local pastor. If they discovered that they had been previously married and divorced, they were advised they were living in sin.

    They had to make a choice. To be faithful to God, many hundreds or thousands of up to that point happy marriages and families were split up. I know some of them personally. It wreaked havoc on many peoples lives. Many ultimately left that Church ( which later changed its policy so that Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong could marry a divorced woman himself ( he was an aging widower at that point ). He then divorced her several years later when he discovered she had been plotting with another Church leader to have him declared incompetent and take over, etc.)

    Some of these people went out and committed suicide, and or lived in mortal fear of God's judgement.

    Glynda, you did two programs on " Marriages Not of Me " ( God ordained ). Were they Words from God, or ????.You said that God had other better suited mates for some of them, to complete their life's mission,etc.

    This program has left me with profound sadness and heartache for both you and Jerry. My prayers are that the LORD will walk you through these trials.

    The Wings Words have been an inspiration to me personally. I thank and Praise God for the eventual return of my daughter Francesca (35 ), as you prophesied several years ago.

    Were these Words from God or a mixture of good thoughts and intentions. I have defended your work to friends, who advise me to just stick with what's written in the Bible.

    I have also been asked, what is Glynda's spiritual covering. Is there anyone you look up to spiritually for counseling?

    I and maybe others are a little confused at this point Glynda. I pray for Yahweh & Yahshua's Holy Spirit to come to our and your help.

    You are in my heart as a dear friend. When you and Jerry hurt, I hurt as well. Shalom Herman in Carmel,CA

  11. I too repented for an adulterous remarriage. After recommitting myself to Jesus in 2014, my life changed dramatically. My second marriage began to fall apart and I didn't know why at first. As I set out to read the Bible, I read one of the passages (may have been Matt 5:32 or Matt 19:9) on adultery via remarriage. I was overcome with a terrible feeling for my soul. I sought God for several months on what to do. One day at work, I went to see one of our administrative assistants about something and there was a newspaper at her desk. I looked through it while I was waiting on her to help someone else if I recall correctly. I stopped on a page with an article about counseling services or something like that and I saw the word "divorce" jump off the page at me. That was my cue to agree to the divorce that was in progress anyway. I was confused about what to do for so long because many people were trying to tell me that to divorce for an unbiblical remarriage was legalism. And these people weren't just my brethren but counselors and pastors as my church. Their reasoning never set well with me. Please don't get me wrong, but I love my brethren and pastors. I struggled with what it meant to truly repent. I thought of it like this: if someone living a homosexual lifestyle went to church, heard a message about the sin of homosexuality and talked to someone about it, they would tell them how that is sinful in a loving manner and they need to repent for this lifestyle. They would have to turn away from it. It's the same for alcoholism, lying, stealing, or any other sin. Yet when it comes to the issue of remarriage, you don't hear many teaching/preaching about it. This message is one that is very hard to deal with, and requires God's Word to be rightly divided and much prayer to know what to do if convicted. For me, repentance meant severing the second marriage.

  12. Before I was even divorced two people prophesied over me that I was going to be remarried. This was to start healing my heart so that I would be ready. Now two years later I am about to be remarried and it is Jesus that is arranging this marriage, not me. He is putting people together for His kingdom work.
    Yes, I have read the same scripture and it concerned me greatly, but when Jesus arranges the marriage then my hands are clean. Also, I
    was not the one wanting the divorce and so my hands are clean there.
    We need to follow the Holy Spirits prompting no matter what.
    Glynda, I don't know your heart and I will not judge you. It sounded like you got married because you wanted to be married and now you are trying to correct your decision. Good, Jesus is getting us ready for what is to come and for those who will listen, He is making sure our lives are pure.
    So, in saying this, no, if Jesus put us together let no man put asunder.

    God Bless.

  13. grateful herman - I am unclear what teaching you are referring to that I "espouse." Please explain. My podcast was simply me sharing what the Lord had shown me for my own life about idolatry, and my reaction to it to do my best to walk with Him with no sin in my life. I did not advise anyone else to do anything except check their lives for idolatry and ask the Lord to reveal to them if they were, in fact, in idolatry. I did not in any way suggest others should run out and file for a divorce from their spouses, but I did suggest we ALL run to the Word of God, which is the authority we are to live by, and check that.

  14. Becky Jennings - Thank you for your kind comment. I do want to say that I was not "tired of being married." I love Jerry and divorcing someone is like going through the grief after someone dies. It is not something I take lightly and if I gave that impression, I certainly did not intend to. It is true being a prison wife is more difficult in many ways. I had said something about that to the Lord that morning simply because I was wondering if there was something I could do to make it better, not because I was "tired of being married." Single life, especially for someone my age, is not easy either. Just wanted to clarify that. Thank you again for your kind comment.

  15. gratefulherman, a few months back and face to face, the Lord said to me Glynda Linkous is from me. In other words, her words are from God. She is the real deal. The Word of God is very clear on marriage and remarriage. It is man who nullifies the Word of God to justify their sin and selfish desires.

  16. Love you Glynda! I just want you to know that I think you're amazing, and I dont feel disappointed in you or that you're somehow 'disqualified' through all of this. I know you love God, and you've blessed so many through your ministry. Thank you for being vulnerable and honest - it gives me courage to vulnerable as well. You're awesom. I will be praying that God comforts and just pours His great love over ya through this!

  17. My prayers are with you and Jerry. I am sorry this is such a sad time for you, especially with so much going on in the world right now and trying to prepare for His coming. I divorced early in my life and in later relationships, as soon as we started talking about getting married, something would prevent that from happening. I didn't develop a relationship with God until a few years ago, but now I believe this was God keeping me from committing the sin of adultery. I completely understand what you are saying about the Lord letting us be misled in a delusion because it is what we want in our heart and we don't really want to hear the Lord say no. I am happy that He has removed this from you and you are seeing clearly now. He is our healer. He will heal your broken heart. He will also heal Jerry's. I praise Him for his love and mercy!