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I Am Raising Up Some of You To Lead the Way - REPOST

 June 17, 2011

I Am Raising Up Some of You To Lead the Way

I was praying about the confusion some have expressed over storing food vs. not storing food, etc. and for what the Lord has to say to His people in the radio program this week, and this is what He gave me. 

I desire My people would be fully ready for what is soon to come. I desire they would not be caught unaware as the world shall be. The world does not hear Me, but you, My people, do hear My voice and I desire you would hear Me even more than you do. 

My people, your natural minds tell you to store up and make refuge, yet you know not what is in store so how can you? Yes, I have spoken to some of you and through My prophets but there is more coming you know not of. I desire you would seek Me, that I may guide you into personal preparations for yourself and your loved ones. Only I know which provisions will be of benefit and how soon you will need them. 

Some of you are running to and fro seeking words when I desire you would seek Me, the giver of the words. Why seek ye words and not the One who speaks them when I am so accessible to you? Why is it you trust man more than Me, the Creator of man? You are walking by sight and this is not of faith. 

I am raising up some of you to guide others in how to walk by faith in the times soon to come. You will lead the way, that others may know Me better. 

Learn, My children, learn to trust Me for everything, for the day is coming when you must do this to survive. Study the miracles of My mighty power in My holy word that you may better understand My ways and how to receive provision. Know that I will make a way of escape for those of you who will need one. Spend your time girding up your loins and feasting on My word in preparation to run this race. 

*** At this point I felt strongly that storing up food, etc. was not wrong, nor is the Lord against it, but that He does not want all our faith to be in our stored provisions. He does not want us to trust ultimately in our provisions to save us from what is coming, but in Him. I feel He is saying to know His word and thus know Him and walk close to Him, so we can be led by Him. I don’t think He wants us to be careless and carefree like grasshoppers, but wise like ants, but most of all and more importantly than storing food, to draw close to Him and hear from Him, and to be sharpening our swords so we are ready to slay any giants that come our way.



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